The Truth of your Creation

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Following the fullmoon
We have been going through a wave of energy designed to trigger our inner wounds of worthiness
There may have been some outer incidents show up for you triggering these and/or just something inside you brought it all up again.
We have been through a long stretch lately
Which has tested our strength and has mostly brought us back to self,emphasising self reliance as well as
Re-examining,re-considering to re-create our lives.
And yet,the exhaustion together with this recent energy is purposely bringing you back to old deep wounds of not being enough,not being liked,accepted ,successful etc
Whatever maybe bringing you back to these kind of thoughts is merely mirroring your wounds and illusions of self limitation.
This could not be further from the Truth
The Truth of your Creation.
You were Created
That in itself means you are worthy of Creation and have value.
You can try and hide from this truth but it remains there until you acknowledge it
Respect it and cherish it.
You were created with a sacred higher purpose to shine your unique ‘lightprint’ onto the world
There is no one on earth that can do so quite like you
We are meant to interact and co create with our light
There will be those who are not acknowledging their own light and get a bit lost on their way,they may be triggered by your light instead of co creating with it through theirs.
Dont allow them to define your worth
They are struggling to define theirs
Allow them to continue on their path to finding their own light.
Dont let anyone or anything define the precious creation that is you
Stop wasting your time and energy on following up on wounds of others
Your light is needed
First of all for yourself
To become the magnificent being you are meant to ,to live in joy while basking in your own light and to shine your light onto us
So that we too can enjoy and learn from you.
So if you feel defeated
Look again
Dig deeper
To find the true you
That is confident
That is bold
That needs no ones approval
That knows your worth
That sees your own beauty
That doesnt back down
No challenge
Is worth blocking the fantastic gift of light that is yours to behold
Deep down
You know
Who you are
Its time to celebrate you
And offer us from your gifts.
Much love

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