I Own my Energy

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I own my energy
I am the creator of my reality
In every breathe I take
I have awakened to the Truth of my Creation
No one can affect, mislead or manipulate me
As I am the creator of my well being
I am Divinely guided and supported
To make the best choices
Along my path
I tune in regularly
I listen carefully
And act accordingly

We are headed towards the new moon on the 22nd and there is already a building energy of renewal.
Weve been through quite a challenging time and we are beginning to grow in such a beautiful way from all that we have been learning.
We value life more and we value ourselves more.We know that we no longer will allow
Anything or anyone that does not align with our higher good to mislead,manipulate or affect us or our energy.
We know we own our energy, our choices, our well being and our destiny.
At times we may need to pause to heal but that is our choice for our benefit.
At this time,there is a stirring will to move forward, and as if in a push and pull effect, there are moments of confusion and fatigue.Thats ok.
Sometimes you need to pause to heal.
As we head towards moving forward, once again lingering limiting thoughts from the past arise to be healed and cleared.
There is a lot that comes up for review
Sudden memories from the past with renewed clarity.
You may still feel shaky
Your mind may still go back to fear, doubts and negative thoughts
But its up to you to keep putting your best foot forward
Keep nutruring the light
And let it guide you on the best path for you
Always take the higher road
Always choose the higher thought
You can overcome any challenge if you vibrate higher
Look to the positive
Look to the light
At times you may feel overcome by confusion
But beyond this confusion there is always a thread of Gold
Offered to you to behold
You will not find it within effort
But in letting go of the struggle
And relaxing into your self
Into the arms of your angels
Rest or do anything nice
That pleases you and allows you to lose focus on that which disturbs you.
In nurturing the light
Nurturing what you love
Nurturing You & your well being
You will softly be guided back to self and back to the clarity you seek for.
Allow Divine timing.
Much love
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