Only Beauty

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Rise higher
Than anything that seems
To be occurring
To you
Take in
Only the beauty
Only the beauty
Nourish and nurture
The beauty
And spread it around like stardust
For that is what
You truly are
The beauty
Of creation

You may ask yourself
After having done so much work on yourself
Are things still not flowing for you
You will need to take a deeper look within
You have been definitely putting in the work
And you have reached so much more awareness which is very important
And yet
Look deeper
How much do you still allow outer conditions affect your vibration?
Or even
How much do you still harbor past occurrences that influence your belief in yourself?
You may be dancing a forward backwards dance merely because of your own energy.
What is your energy derived from?
Mainly your thoughts
You are the driver
What is your fuel?
Are you wishing to do something
And then self sabotage with lots of negative thoughts?
Today and for a few days atleast
Pay attention
To what exactly
You are nourishing in your mind
Are your thoughts beaming with hope,good will, belief and positivity?
Or are they full of doubt fear and negativity?
Do you think this can generate positive outcomes?
Its time for you to be truly honest with yourself about your thought patterns
They may have brought you some kind of comfort and protection in the past
But there comes a point where you need to understand these are really hindering your process of evolution.
How can one move forward with the energy of disbelief weighing on their shoulders?
Dont be hard on yourself
This is obviously hiding fear
Linked to a lot of older dissapointments and pain
But we are here to evolve
We are not meant to remain stagnant
That is against the flow of life
We are here to learn, to grow
To teach from what we ourselves learn
And above all to shine our own unique light
And beauty
Focusing on the beauty
Allows our hearts to swell up
And want to shine only more beauty upon the world
We are the beauty of creation
And we are meant to celebrate it
If you are feeling heavy and emotional at the moment
Dont beat yourself about it
Always be gentle,compassionate and loving towards yourself
That is the only way to truly heal
In love
Take the time needed to rest and process this,so that you can heal,gradually let go
And transform your energy
To be aligned with who you truly are
Breathe deeply
Soak up some gentle sun rays
And some of nature’s natural beauty
And be reminded of who you truly are
Be the beautiful creation of you.
Much love
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