Resurrection of your Unique Sacred Divinity

These days evil is being rebuked
Those who have created and pushed the agenda of hate and created hideous crimes against humanity are gradually taken out of our world.
We are exiting the slavery to false systems that do not align with our highest good.
We are about to resurrect into a new world with the help of the universe and some of the bravest people alive today.
The question that remains is how did we get here?
How did we allow this to happen?
How did we allow ourselves to be lied to and led astray?
When did we stop thinking for ourselves and give over our Divine power?

We have just been through Passover symbolic to the exit of the Jewish people to slavery in ancient Egypt , we are now in Easter symbolizing resurrection of Jesus Christ and soon will be Ramadan the month in which  people of the  Muslim faith fast and ask to purify themselves.

Generation after generation we say ‘never again’ and yet we keep following false prophets, we surrender our Divinity to a herd mentality that leads us astray.
No more
As we shockingly awaken to the Hidden evil being revealed
We must ask ourselves what part did we play in this
We allowed this by dismissing our Divinity, by forgetting the sacred in our Creation, by dishonoring all of Creation.
We fell asleep and let the devil take over.
We are being called to Wake Up.
To Resurrect.
Many of us have had to experience many hardships until now that have shown us all that is not love so that we can see, learn and teach True Love once again.
You are now being asked to Lead the way.
You Are the Healers of this Planet.
All you have gone through until now has prepared you for the Divine role you are to take on.

It is essential to understand that each and every thought can unconsciously contribute to the cycle of violence we wish to avoid.
Watch every lower energy thought you harbor and Nurture within you regarding anything or anyone, including yourself and even those who have caused you harm.
When we understand today the results of these thoughts, actions = Energy that escalates as it moves on, we choose to do all in our Power to cultivate a different Energy, one of Peace and Love to Create a better Reality for us All.
Temptation always played a big role since the beginning of Creation, for we have been given free will, yet look at where it got us..
It is of equal importance that we remain vigilant, aware and protective of any interferance or hindrance to the
Personal barriers of our Divinity, Integrity and Well-Being.

You are an important part of Creation.
With you
In you
Starts the seed
Of that which will be Created in this world.
Acknowledge your Power
Acknowledge your Divinity
Your unique voice of Creation
Let us Unite
And celebrate our unique voices
Our unique ‘Lightprints’ on the world.
Let us treat our Creation, all of Creation as Sacred, Honoring ourselves, our relationships, our interactions and our mutual creative forces with much Love, Respect and Dignity.
We are all here to Contribute and Co – Create.


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