You may be feeling anxiety, worry, fear these days and a very intense full moon occurring tomorrow may intensify these feelings.
You can rise above this by raising your vibration, breathing deeply, finding that quiet space within, that peace that is always there to accommodate you, no matter what is going on.
We are in a transition phase, there is a lot of chaos and uncertainty until we move into our much anticipated new chapter.
Rather than allowing yourself to be led by the chaos, you can work on mastering your tools of taking care of your own well-being above all.
Finding your peace in moments of confusion is your Masters degree after all your hard work, its your own pat on your back, your trust in yourself and in your spirit team supporting you,
It’s your well earned accomplishment of knowing you’ve been through it all and then some, and you know you will be alright, because you’ve learned to be alright, you’ve learned to take care of yourself and you know that good things are coming your way, for you have manifested them with all your hard work.
Finding peace with what is
Gives you the grounding and vibration needed to attract into your life
That which you wish for..

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