Identifying unresolved pain to be released

As you release the old, old pain may resurface
You have an opportunity to identify and define the true source of your unresolved pain.
Sit with it a moment, even if it gushes all over
Let it all out
This is a moment of intimacy with your inner child
Listen to its pain, listen to it’s needs
This is precious
Be there
Listen and comfort
It is possible that that which is leaving your life hurts double for the lack and pain it has created
Perhaps with it goes the possibility for it to ever again be fixed and fill the gap it created
Take a moment to acknowledge this
But dont feel guilty about it
Just observe
Know that what is leaving is not meant to fill the gap
It was meant to present a certain experience that teaches all involved.
You, with all the work you’ve done on yourself and awareness can now understand compationately how those who were meant to provide you with love and warmth were lacking themselves. Frustration, resentment, pain and anger turns to understanding and compassion.
You discover you have so much love within you to fill that void, to provide for yourself and offer an open heart of empathy for those who have yet to find their connection to source.
Releasing them with that empathy and wishing them only the best for them to find their way towards the light is how you bring this chapter to full circle in love.
Your understanding Heals
It helps them find healing
And helps you heal.
In your understanding you are connecting to your source,
The well of Divine’s love within you.
Its ok and important to allow the pain to surface
For you can acknowledge
That this may be the missing link
For you to be able to release this chapter
Once you acknowledge
And move through this
Have a good cry
If it comes gushing out
Let it all out
To be released
Then it will be easier
To allow the divine flow
Taking place
Allowing them to continue their journey
And you can now open yourself
More fully
To what you deserve.
You have learned
What this has come to teach you
You have seen
Where being disconnected from the heart, soul and source leads to.
You have integrated
These lessons and have worked on your alignment
Bless those who have yet to find their way
And open yourself to welcome that which flows to you, aligned with your higher good.

As anxiety may arise
I Breathe in deeply
And release the old
That does not serve me
I breathe in deeply
And welcome
The New
That which Aligns
With my Highest Good


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