You may be feeling very wired. We have just gone through the New Moon Solar Eclipse plus other major solar events going on.
Find some calm, get some extra rest and support your physical and emotional body with healthy choices.
At this point, it’s all about choices.
We have gone through a long and tedious journey, nearing the end of a major chapter in our life, one full of learning.
At this time you may have opportunities to approach ‘same old issues’, especially in interactions, with a New attitude and witness new results. It’s all up to you
Your choices define your experience.
Just before entering your new chapter
You get to review all you went through and gain more insight.
With this insight you can take more control of your actions and reactions and create from a healthier, more balanced and productive place.
The results may surprise you and, if you take the time to dive into deeper observation and meaning, you may be touched emotionally in a good way.
Going the extra mile to make sure we’re coming from a healthy place and taking into account the perception of the ‘other’, is what creates magic.
Our own balanced energy together with compassion, patience and understanding is what is needed to avoid triggering the other and opens a space for you both to exist, think calmly and act respectfully.
And suddenly you get to witness how old scenarios of ‘tug a war’ transform into harmony that includes us all.
Healing these old issues will seal this chapter and open the way for healthier interactions and contacts that Align with your higher path.
Take this time to take a good look within. Make sure you know who you are and release all the effects of prior conditioning. Carve away until you feel you have reached your pure authentic self and be ready to step into your new chapter holding your own.

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