Squeezed to Grow

If you feel you’re being squeezed at the moment, you are meant to grow, not to be squished.
When you get squeezed, it’s because you’ve outgrown a certain situation beyond what it had to teach you and you are being asked to take action to move out of that energy.
We all have been waiting for some big changes to occur..globally and personally.. yesterday..
These changes are on their way
But in order for you to really be ready and manifest your personal changes, you need to shift your energy and match the vibration of your wishes.
Wherever you are right now is holding you back. There is a step, even a small step you can do to shift things and suddenly you will see things from a whole different perspective.
As long as you’re in that holding state in between, you will be feeling helpless but as soon as you take that first step you will begin to ride towards your victory and freedom.
Spirit is whispering to you what that step can be. Quiet down and listen. Even if you make up excuses not to do it, trust that there is an energetic opening but you need to take action and you will reclaim your power.
Integrity is the name of the game in this New Era and anything less will not be allowed through the gate. We are being pushed to act in alignment with our highest truth and those who fail to do so will fade away.
We can no longer entertain interactions that lower our values and vibration.
Old fears may arise and this is all part of the plan for you to face them, outgrow them and expand.
Don’t give up now, you’re nearly there and once you pass this challenge your sense of strength overcoming it will be sweet. You’ve come so far already. Take a good look at all you’ve been through and how much you’ve grown.
You can be so very proud of yourself and all this makes for a pretty cool toolbox that continues to help you and others who will be happy to learn from you.
Perseverance, strength and faith.
Every drop you will have gone through will make sense.


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