Enlighten yourself ~

Perhaps recently you have been hurt, offended, disrespected.
This experience had a higher purpose to shake you out of a situation and an energy that does not serve your higher good, which you may have grown complacent and ‘comfortable’ with.
The Universe intervened to cause you to realign with your truth.
Hopefully you got the message and moved away, but the hurt itself has also served a higher purpose.
If you look within, you will find it triggers a very old wound.
Look at this well.
You are currently able to close the cycle on this if you are determined to.
There’s something in you that is still hanging onto this old story and it’s energy. In fact you can’t really identify yourself without it.
This is where you need to acknowledge this is not who you are.
This was a lesson and you are so much more than this.
You get to rewrite your story and decide who you are according to your truth and values. You get to choose.
You are being asked to release this whole story.
Stand tall
Value and cherish who you are
Love yourself and care for yourself enough to understand you deserve respect from others
And remove yourself from situations that cannot meet you there.
There are always solutions to support your decisions based on truth and integrity, sent by the Universe, even if at first you don’t see them.
Don’t worry about the lessons of others. They are on their own path with their own lessons.
Focus solely on your path, your release and your enlightenment.
Free yourself once and for all from this limiting energy and put yourself on the right path with a vibration that attracts the blessings coming your way.

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