It’s Time

Its time

I know you’re exhausted depleted and probably think you are lost.. But you’re not.
It’s in this mess that you will actually finally find yourself. After so many battles, left right and center, you will have actually just let your guard down and mask off. There is no longer a will or a need to play any game.
Stripped from all that is false and unnecessary, it’s just you now,
You and your creator
Back to basics
Back to what’s essential
Back to purity
Back to why you’re really here
Back to your soul
Your connection to Spirit
Your soul purpose
The reason
You are here.
There’s nothing left to lose
Nothing left to hide
But to be
And real
That’s what this was all about
To shake you to your core
And Release all that was not
Absolutely pure and real.
All that ‘stuff’ that is not you
Had to go
The old world is on its way out,
Leaving you without the armor, the conditioning, the habits, the excuses, all the things that covered up the true you.
We will have also lost loved ones who have chosen to leave at this grand time of change. So much loss has impacted us and shown us how precious life is and although we are all eternal souls, ever evolving, our existence here at this time is temporary and has value and purpose, not to be neglected.
So it is now
Shake off the debris
Tend to your self care more than ever
For you are precious.
Find your value,
For you are so important.
You have come so far
You have gone through so much
You have held your truth
And that truth
Needs to shine now
You need to shine now
Let go of all that was
Come out of your hiding
Stand tall
And BE
Who you were created to BE
Tie up loose ends
Take care of administrative and technical issues pending
Close up things that are no longer coherent with your Truth
Disassociate your energy as much as possible from anything and anyone that does not align with your truth and values
Clean up your plate
And take the smallest step
To show the Universe
You are absolutely ready
To move into the real you.
You will probably have to move out
out of your comfort zone in some way
And do things you’ve wanted to do for the longest time but did not have the courage
Start small, baby steps
But start
Show the Universe
You’re serious
That you take yourself
Your life
And your purpose
And you’re willing to step up.
You’ve seen
How life can be lost in hiding, in falsehood, in fear.
You can and will no longer
Let that happen
Make all you went through count
Tend to your healing and rebuilding your strength
And take your first steps now
Towards your New True life of intention and purpose
The Universe will meet your energy and intentions and provide for your needs.
We will all meet you there.
Together we will build a world of truth for us all to enjoy and grow in.

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