Enlighten yourself ~

Perhaps recently you have been hurt, offended, disrespected.
This experience had a higher purpose to shake you out of a situation and an energy that does not serve your higher good, which you may have grown complacent and ‘comfortable’ with.
The Universe intervened to cause you to realign with your truth.
Hopefully you got the message and moved away, but the hurt itself has also served a higher purpose.
If you look within, you will find it triggers a very old wound.
Look at this well.
You are currently able to close the cycle on this if you are determined to.
There’s something in you that is still hanging onto this old story and it’s energy. In fact you can’t really identify yourself without it.
This is where you need to acknowledge this is not who you are.
This was a lesson and you are so much more than this.
You get to rewrite your story and decide who you are according to your truth and values. You get to choose.
You are being asked to release this whole story.
Stand tall
Value and cherish who you are
Love yourself and care for yourself enough to understand you deserve respect from others
And remove yourself from situations that cannot meet you there.
There are always solutions to support your decisions based on truth and integrity, sent by the Universe, even if at first you don’t see them.
Don’t worry about the lessons of others. They are on their own path with their own lessons.
Focus solely on your path, your release and your enlightenment.
Free yourself once and for all from this limiting energy and put yourself on the right path with a vibration that attracts the blessings coming your way.

Awaken all of you

  • Look within
    Which part/s of yourself do you feel you have lost, abandoned?
    What part of you do you feel was not ‘allowed’, accepted, embraced?
    How do you feel you needed to guard yourself and hide?
    This may have stemmed from way back with recurrent experiences along your path.
    Take time out and take a good look at this. In order to move forward in your full authentic self and blossom, you need to recover those parts of you that you have shunned away. Start by making contact. It is possible you are already feeling the stirrings of these, wishing to awaken within you.
    Start by by interacting with your senses. Observe nature more closely, notice the beauty or scent of a magnificent flower. Make contact with a fun loving dog, allow it to coax you into some silliness or allow a little child to lure you into its playfulness. Pick up some physical activity to awaken your body and unblock your energy, even if it’s a mild walk outside to start with.
    Listen to a great piece of music that stirs your passion and creativity.
    Your naivete, creativity and passion are just waiting to come back into your life and make you feel joyful and whole again.
    You are a unique creation of the universe. You have unique qualities and a soul purpose.
    You may feel you were ‘shut down’ in one way or another, but that is not why you’re here.
    You are here to THRIVE and SHINE your unique Beauty and Light unto us all while expressing the Divine Truth of who you Are.
    This experience has served as a lesson to never again shut down who you are. Nothing and No one can take away your Divine ‘light print’.
    We have entered the very powerful ‘Sirius Gate’ open to us until the 7.7
    We are receiving downloads, healing upgrades and much support at this time to recover our true vibrant selves.
    Take time to reconnect with self and feel your soul’s calling.
    Take steps to set yourself free and allow the universe to help you.

Honor and Release

You may be feeling a surge of energy, yet exhausted at the same time.
This is because we have received an energetic boost that is very strong, to push us forward and empty out our blockages, but this strong energy and activity can cause fatigue.
You may feel more vital and positive towards moving forward, which is great. Make sure you’re grounding yourself, resting more to balance out the shake up, hydrating yourself enough and eating extra healthy food.
Take pauses to do deep breathing, centering yourself, meditate and take a walk in nature.
There’s an energy that needs to leave your life. You’ve been guided to work on this for a while now, in phases, according to your readiness to release and your awareness of what it really is.
By now, you already know and have been working on this, but there’s still that little bit of you hanging on.
Make some time to look into this.
Its important to thoroughly understand what this served in your life, how it played out and what was it’s purpose.
You still have emotions attached.
Honor it all, yourself, your role, others involved, the experience and the lesson.
Its done now
You’ve mastered this issue
And let go
Dedicate a moment
And be prepared to fully free yourself of it’s holding on you
You are ready to be
The free full version of yourself
You are ready to stand tall
You are ready to blossom
And receive your blessings
Use this new energy to propell you forward in a healthy, vital yet balanced manner.
You made it this far
You’ve learned a major lesson
Let it go now
And prepare to begin your New fulfilling chapter.