Your gifts returning to you

We have been shaken
Our worlds turned upside down
All to release that which is false. 
We searched
For answers 
New understandings
New grounding, grip, control 
But Alas 
Even though
We have begun to understand 
A bit about what is going on
We remain very unclear about
What will be
And when.. 
We scurry
For answers 
And more evidence 
Yet Now
We are being asked 
To let go 
Of the frenzy
The panic
The need to know 
And control outcomes. 
We are being asked 
To move within
Into our innate
Sense of peace
And oneness 
With spirit
And our higher selves 
We will have more 
Of our gifts and abilities 
Return to us
As we dedicate
To the path
The more we realize 
The more we release-
The more we acquire
But we need to let go of the yearning
The pulling and pushing
We are to find peace
With what is
Peace within
Connect with the knowing
And the trust
That all is
As it should be
And within this peace
You will begin
To find more understanding 
More becoming
Shift your accustomed Way of searching for answers
And you will begin
To sense more and more
From within your peace. 
Dedicate yourself To this
Bonding within Your higher self
And you will
Find more
Of who you truly are
And what you are here to do. 

Open that box

There’s something you haven’t done in a very long time
Something you may have done once or that you just always wanted to do. 
Something that fills your heart and soul with warmth
Something that touches your depths
Something that is connected with hidden parts of who you truly are
Softer, more gentle parts, more sensitive, vulnerable parts
Something you have felt you had to put aside, hide
Because you felt you needed to protect it
Because you felt you needed to protect you
Because you felt you needed to harden and guard yourself to face your challenges
To face a surrounding, a reality
That doesn’t understand 
And accept 
The real you
And even more so
That softer part
Which is in touch with emotions, beauty, Creativity, dreaming, wandering, exploring, flying
You did not feel safe
So you put it in a box
The thing is
That box holds
The key to your soul
That box holds the most precious part of you
The part that allows itself freedom
The part that fully expresses itself 
The part that goes deep, very deep
The part that is your uniqueness
Your quirkiness
The part that connects you to the universe, to creation,
To the secret of your creation
And to the wholeness of your heart
To pure love
This box
Is where you need to go to
Find your completion
Your breakthrough 
If it is difficult 
Start by contemplating 
What it is
That you hid away in this box
It could be more than one thing
It could also be vague and not specific 
Connect with this more in sense
Rather than thought
Try a walk in nature, Listen to music
A visit to a park
Anything that enables a bit of a wandering mode
A lighter mode that releases
Daily concerns
When you get to connect with your soul
And feel what it’s missing 
Try to see how you can comply
In the smallest way
How can you come towards it
Visit art
Listen to music 
Let yourself fly
If even for a little while
Then move closer
Pick up that pencil, brush, guitar
Dance to a favorite tune
Even just for a minute
Allow yourself
To gently touch upon
What makes you so happy 
Perhaps its been a while
Perhaps it’s been such a long while
You’ve even forgotten 
That it does make you happy 
Gently revisit
And coax it back to inclusion 
Back to life
This is your life
And you are not whole without 
The full connection and expression 
Of your soul
Your soul
Is calling you now
And asking to connect 
So that you can align
With your full authentic self
That will attract
And connect 
With the the full authentic self of others
And create together 
What it is
We are truly here to create

Clearing every inch

We are within the energy of the full Moon.
Any unrest you are feeling is guiding you towards unfinished business within you.
More bits and ends, memories, attachments, traumatic experiences, wounds come up to surface and ask for you to see what needs your attention to learn heal and release.
Whatever comes up now means you are ready to better understand and deal with certain aspects you could not have until now.
The time is crucial to look into these things and move them out of your life completely to be able to be fully open to receive the new
Your energy needs to be cleared Every inch of lower vibration needs to be gone
So that you can align with your true self, your original authentic light print and be ready to accommodate the higher levels of light coming our way to walk into your higher path and interact with like minded souls to re create our world. 
Remember that any judgment you hold towards yourself is also a barrier to this important flow
And any judgment you hold towards others is in fact the judgment you hold towards yourself 
Take a good look at any remaining barriers you are holding up blocking you.
The extent in which you love yourself is the extent in which you allow yourself to offer and receive love from others.
It is the extent in which you allow yourself to align with your creation and life force.
Practicing discernment and healthy boundaries is an essential part of self love
All you have gone through has taught you this lesson well
Yet do not stay stiff and rigid to life or to yourself 
Open and soften your heart
Offer yourself much compassion 
For all you had to endure. 
As you
Many of us had to go through heavy battles and challenges
We are all weary and wary
We are here
We are meant to be here
We were meant to go through all this
To reach this point
Releasing the past
And all that Taught us
What love is not
We collect ourselves
We know who we are
And we step forward Towards
 A future
That we shall build together
On true heartfelt values
Helping each other up
To embrace our full light
And Create Beauty That aligns
With our Higher creation

Take your Position

  • We are at the very peak of an ongoing war between the light and darkness.
    We are very close to the end, with of course, the light winning and out of frustration the darkness is lashing out with its last shot before being subdued. 
    You may have been feeling the extra dense energy attempting to pull you down. 
    This is a time for you personally to make your final important choices and decisions, to clear out whatever remaining doubts, hesitations, confusions, addictions, fears, lack of confidence as to who you are and what you want to accomplish in your life. 
    This is it guys
    Make your intentions crystal clear
    To yourself 
    To the Universe
    Find a way
    That you feel comfortable with
    But that In a clear
    Non hesitant manner 
    Your unwavering dedication 
    To a path
    To your truth
    The truth 
    Of your creation
    No more wobbling
    Stand firm
    In your energy
    With who you are
    And Where you’re going
    The rest is history 
    Take a moment 
    If you need To reach your clarity
    And create
    Your own kind of Ceremony, statement, act
    Or whatever empowers you
    And sets your intention
    Focus on that
    And you will see the chaos fade
    While you create your destiny

An unexpected gift

Something may occur that may bring up a big chunk of your past
This may open up an old box of pain and/or nostalgia.
Try to resist being totally swept away by emotions and look at it straight in the eye to see it’s message.
It is here to remind you where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and how this does not align with who you have become and where you’re going.
If it has opened a can of worms you thought was closed a long time ago, it has come to show you that you may have closed it shut, but you were logging it around with you wherever you went. It has come to make you realize that and instigate a deep cleanse and thorough total release.
Be brave 
Move through the emotions it brings up
Be incredibly honest with yourself
See what it represented for you
And what was the lesson
Make peace with it
No resentment nor regrets 
See what part of it were you hanging onto
Be grateful for the amazing gift it is offering
For once you finally release this
You will be at last ready to open up to receive your true destiny

Pocket of contemplation

We are within the energy of the new moon.
There is a void, spacey nature to this energy. You may be feeling emotional, nostalgic, fuzzy.
Allow yourself to wander, wonder and ponder.
Create a safe space in time and place, take a pause and let your thoughts and emotions roam.
If you let go of control you may also be guided with new insights.
It is important not to fear, fight, hide or flee from
Unresolved emotions
Rather make them into a friend
With whom You work things out.
Embrace Gentleness, lightness, compassion and flexibility and see old things with new light.
There may be a lot of chaos around pulling at you from all over
Let it all go
Laser beam focus on the light
And allow a pocket of soft contemplation at the moment 
Which will greatly serve
Another important step in your healing and evolution and will prepare you for the next coming step on your journey. 

Dont give into Fear

  • These days you may feel very challenged.
    We are experiencing at the moment 2 timelines. It is up to us to nourish the one we believe in and allow the old to fade away.
    That which promotes fear and control is not aligned with the laws of the Divine and has no place in our world any longer. If it has knocked at your door it has come to allow you to see what you still hold in your belief that belongs to that system and needs to be released.
    Your faith is emphasized at this time and will guide you to the best way to your path of light.
    Believe in yourself, your truth, your integrity and the true values of Creation. 
    The stronger you believe, the stronger you will manifest that which you believe in.
    Your Divine team is with you, cheering you on.
    To celebrate what this life has to offer we need to believe it to manifestation.
    We are one with Creation 
    We are creating anew the world we live in.
    We have come here at this time
    To make this happen with our energy
    Let’s do it