Open that box

There’s something you haven’t done in a very long time
Something you may have done once or that you just always wanted to do. 
Something that fills your heart and soul with warmth
Something that touches your depths
Something that is connected with hidden parts of who you truly are
Softer, more gentle parts, more sensitive, vulnerable parts
Something you have felt you had to put aside, hide
Because you felt you needed to protect it
Because you felt you needed to protect you
Because you felt you needed to harden and guard yourself to face your challenges
To face a surrounding, a reality
That doesn’t understand 
And accept 
The real you
And even more so
That softer part
Which is in touch with emotions, beauty, Creativity, dreaming, wandering, exploring, flying
You did not feel safe
So you put it in a box
The thing is
That box holds
The key to your soul
That box holds the most precious part of you
The part that allows itself freedom
The part that fully expresses itself 
The part that goes deep, very deep
The part that is your uniqueness
Your quirkiness
The part that connects you to the universe, to creation,
To the secret of your creation
And to the wholeness of your heart
To pure love
This box
Is where you need to go to
Find your completion
Your breakthrough 
If it is difficult 
Start by contemplating 
What it is
That you hid away in this box
It could be more than one thing
It could also be vague and not specific 
Connect with this more in sense
Rather than thought
Try a walk in nature, Listen to music
A visit to a park
Anything that enables a bit of a wandering mode
A lighter mode that releases
Daily concerns
When you get to connect with your soul
And feel what it’s missing 
Try to see how you can comply
In the smallest way
How can you come towards it
Visit art
Listen to music 
Let yourself fly
If even for a little while
Then move closer
Pick up that pencil, brush, guitar
Dance to a favorite tune
Even just for a minute
Allow yourself
To gently touch upon
What makes you so happy 
Perhaps its been a while
Perhaps it’s been such a long while
You’ve even forgotten 
That it does make you happy 
Gently revisit
And coax it back to inclusion 
Back to life
This is your life
And you are not whole without 
The full connection and expression 
Of your soul
Your soul
Is calling you now
And asking to connect 
So that you can align
With your full authentic self
That will attract
And connect 
With the the full authentic self of others
And create together 
What it is
We are truly here to create

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