Use your creative power

The structures which we have known
Which our lives have been built upon
Are now crumbling
This has been a gradual process
One that has brought discomfort 
But that is essential for us to rebuild
On healthier values 
And solid ground 
All that we have known Needs to be questioned 
And re evaluated
Nothing is to remain the same 
We must also question ourselves 
And see
What needs to go
And what needs to be rebuilt anew
These days as we review our past
We have the opportunity to see how certain thoughts and acts have created realities we wish we could erase. 
Look to your thoughts as tools of power 
Check yourself out when you complain criticize, hold resentment or any other negative energy. Is this the energy you wish to nurture and propel forward into your life and into the world? 
Think and act wisely Weigh your every word Your every thought
Your every action and reaction 
For your initial thought
Carries energy You have the power 
To choose and create
The energy You wish to direct
And if negative energy 
Has been directed towards you
Or you may have absorbed it
In any way
You have the power
To stop it right then and there
And transmute it
Into better energy 
For the benefit of all
Stopping it from affecting you
And stopping it from further affecting us all
Through you. 
You have that power 
We all have that power 
And if we have learned 
Anything From all the hurt we all have gone through It should be to
Take serious responsibility
For our energy 
And that starts
With our thoughts. 
You also have the power To choose 
The energies You absorb
By choosing wisely 
To the best of your ability 
The company you keep 
The people you interact and create with
As well as interactions and information 
You absorb through media and social platforms. 
Pay attention to your energy 
Every time you have, 
Even and especially, 
Absorbed negativity
Through other sources. 
Leave nothing to chance. 
Be the powerful creator
You were created to be
Use discernment and healthy boundaries 
To enable you to nurture that which you wish to create For yourself 
And for us all

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