Another chance for peace

These days you may have an exquisite opportunity to reconcile with your past.
You will have to move through your emotions and not block or bypass them
For they are your gateway to freedom. 
You may have thought things were healed and done but the mere presence of some difficulty may show what is still stuck for you. Stay present in this experience and flow with trust this is for your benefit. Somehow you will get to see your perception soften with more understanding, compassion and forgiveness for others as for yourself. 
Something within you will be able to let go more and see how holding onto this has been blocking your life and deterring you from the evolution of your true self. 
It is time to say goodbye to the past and what has been holding you back. It is time to see there has been beauty 
As well as difficult lessons that have taught you so much. 
All of it has been a gift and should be appreciated as such
These were souls who have convened to act out certain scenarios with you for lessons of evolution and now will be moving on. You have a whole new chapter in front of you
And this truly needs to be cleared without any dense residue but in peace
So that you can be fully open to the unfolding of your higher self and vocation. 
Take the time needed to contemplate, move through emotions and resolve this
So you can be free and open to your next step of evolution. 
Offer gratitude to this chapter, the souls involved, to the universe, your spirit team who have supported you through some very challenging times, and to yourself 
For being brave, doing your best, being strong and above all staying as best you could in the light within some very dark moments. 
The Universe salutes you and is happy to take you to greater heights
once your able to dissolve any lingering residue and reach a closing of a cycle in total peace. 

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