Freeing yourself from fear

You may feel you are coming to your edge time and time again triggering existential fears only to be able to fully release them and find the divine being you are within that trusts itself and it’s celestial team fully
Knowing you are here for a purpose that cannot be evoked by outside forces and you shall not be deterred from your designated path. 
It is at that point you shall feel your freedom and connect with your full innate power to carry forth your divine presence and purpose. 
Your greatness resides in your ability to surrender and rise back up shedding old skin again and again until what remains of you is your pure sacred seed. 

Today much of the illusionary veil has lifted for you
This is a result of your hard work and dedication to the path of light. 
You are now able to look at all things through higher consciousness, through your higher self. 
What you have perceived before as intimidating you see now with a clearer vision of understanding, discernment and compassion. 
You have no longer the need to cling to fear
You know your value and power 
You know the truth and powers of the universe 
You understand all that is
Has higher meaning
You understand 
There is no more need to fear
You release

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