Loss-turning pain into gain

You may be experiencing separations, souls who have crossed over and/or who are about to.
Soul contracts are ending at this time. 
The pain you feel shows the depths of your sensitivity
It is inevitable and important to move through your emotions 
There were shared experiences 
Some of which may even have been bitter but some joyful
Some contracts were full of struggle 
And now you see more of the beauty
That was also present
And tend to hold on
For as difficult as it may have been 
It became your world
The way you knew it
And as much as you wished to break free
And fly higher
You felt bound
These contracts seemed to have designed who you are
But that is exactly the point of their ending 
For this state of who you are
Is not the real you
But a limiting version
And as long as you kept interacting
Within these relationships 
The dynamics have held you down
Unable to accomplish
The higher version of yourself
You are meant to fly so much higher
And expand to your full potential
As you enter a higher dimension
These souls were not meant nor ready
To enter at this time
This is where the contracts end
And new ones will take place for you
To co-create within the heights of your innate capacities.
These limitations in which you were held
Were part of soul lessons 
But you hold within you so much more
Bursting to be activated 
So you can fully express 
Who you truly are
As you stand at the gate
You feel bitter sweet 
You can’t wait to finally fly higher
You’ve been waiting for this moment 
For so long
But at the same time
You can’t help but feel bad 
For those you feel You are leaving behind 
The truth is
They too will be moving onwards
In their own journey
Towards their own enlightenment
And freedom. 
Their pace and journey
Are designed according to their own needs, willingness and capabilities
We all come from the same creation
And we are all headed towards the light 
We are all headed the same way
There is no real loss
We have shared experiences. 
This is the moment
To find and express
Appreciation and gratitude 
For all we’ve shared and learned
The good and the bad
For all of it served us in so many ways
All of it made you Into what you are today
Carrying treasures
You can now offer to others
On the continuation
Of your journey
Cherish it all
This is a moment 
You have waited for
Your life is about to change Upside down
Or rather
Downside up! 
Everything is about to shift
To accommodate and enable
Your full Divine expression. 
Your past
Is a gift
Treat it as such
But free it
So it too
Can shift and expand
Just like you
Dont hold on so tight
To the version of these souls as well
Allow them
To find their way
To grow and become better,
More authentic Versions of themselves. 
Our existence Is fluid, ever changing and evolving. 
Perhaps this chapter seemed long
And seemed to accustom you to stagnancy
But life is about expansion 
And even within this time 
There have been so many
Subtle changes occurring in you
That have enabled in fact
Your growth and readiness 
For this bigger change 
Bless your experiences 
Bless all souls involved
Free them and free yourself
To become who you were meant to be
And blossom 

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