Radical self acceptance

You may be feeling very agitated and tense.
We are going through a clearing of another deeper level of density.
Agitation within, lack of patience, lack of compassion for oneself first and foremost, as for others, lack of acceptance of self All this is playing out at the moment for you to see what has been lingering within, creating blockages to your blossoming.
If you look carefully into this energy and what it brings up for you, you will be able to see the origins of why you are holding this energy.
You can now also see how harmful it is and how it disturbs your alignment with your higher self and your natural, healthy, harmonious, creative flow.Use this time wisely 
Do a lot of deep breathing 
Anything and everything
That calms you
Soft mild bodywork, stretches, walk 
To release stored tension in the body
Inner connecting
Asking for higher guidance 
And allowing clarity
This too shall pass
But make it worth it
Make it work for you
Delve more into self 
And your makings
Radical acceptance, compassion 
For all that you are
And all your efforts on your path
This kind of total acceptance
That you may have not received 
From anyone else
That you are able to grant 
Yourself today
Will help you achieve the peace
You’re looking for
Losing all the criticism
That was not yours to begin with
You came here pure
With the best intentions 
And that is where
You want to be
Leaving behind
Unnecessary baggage 
Acquired from others
You are returning 
To your purity
And to your truth, Your individuality, 
Your personal unique 
And letting go of this restrictive energy
Will free you
And give you more courage and confidence 
To become who you truly are
And allow others to do the same 

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