Who you really are

Let go of your seeming mishaps, feelings of failure, disappointments, especially in self.
All your struggles had a higher purpose and carried within them special gifts. 
They have granted you with humbleness, compassion and deeper understanding of this existence and the challenges of the human condition. 
All these will serve you immensely in your next chapter. 
You are not a failure, but a soul who has agreed in advance to go through these struggles to learn and grow and consequently aid the human race with these understandings. 
You have come here with a role and so far you have followed through the most challenging yet rewarding part. 
You are about to see and understand why and how rewarding all you went through will be.
Everything had a reason and built you into who you are today.
Let it all go now
Embrace trust and faith
Your life is about to change 
You are about to put to work
All that you have learned
You are not a failure
You are about to see
That you are actually 
A huge success
You have been so brave, courageous
Determined and committed 
You have wavered ‘worldly successes’
For the sake of your truth, your growth
Your faith.
All this has turned you into spiritual warrior 
And you are about to see the fruits of your labor and dedication. 
Lightworkers who have been scattered and sometimes very lonely are now to be united with like minded in their soul groups to strengthen and co create. 
You have worked long years to prepare for this moment
You are ready
Nearing your new chapter 
You have been reviewing your life
As you have been given endless scenes of the past to further understand
Why things occurred the way they did
And what could have been done better for all involved
Much like what happens at the actual passing of one’s life
Because you are in fact ‘passing’
Into a new one.
All is being reviewed, understood 
For the purpose of total Release. 
You are to release
All of life the way you knew it
All of who you thought you were
All of this persona you have acquired based on your circumstances and your attempt to adapt as peacefully as possible to your surroundings.
Now you can understand why this stage has taken a while and why it needs to be thorough
For your willingness to release comes in stages. 
To the extent you are willing to release
Is the extent you are willing and able to align with who you truly are. 
Seeing this will get you further ahead
And deeper in your quest. 
Take time to evaluate 
What is truly important to you
Who are you really
What are your true dreams
How would you like your life to be
And what you feel is your life purpose
Ask your angels for clarity and higher guidance
Leave room
For signs, messages to appear 
Create space for free-flowing 
Day dreaming and imagination 
A limitless space in which true soulful inspiration enters. 
That will be your guidance 
For your dreams
Who you truly are. 
Let go of all the limits and critics
All that bounded you to ‘reality’ 
And give room to nourishing
The true reality
Of who you are. 

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