• Welcome to  ‘Kahliya’
    A Sacred space I share with you.
    My name is Mia Leventhal
    I am an Intuitive Soul Guide.
    I have been on my own Spiritual Journey
    Devoted to Promoting a Message of Love, Light, Healing and Peace for the last 20 yrs
    In Recent years I have been publishing articles based on kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ message cards.
    The cards and the articles offer Upliftment and Soul Guidance aiding you to connect to your  Higher Path.
    The original messages on the cards are messages I have channeled during my own journey and I have been asked by spirit to publish them for the aid of others.
    The articles I write explain the original messages in depth and how they apply to the energies of the moment.
              These articles are not necessarily time specific,
              Feel free to browse and find a message that can help you in any time of need.


              Mia Leventhal

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Mia. I found my way via the link on Charlie Riverman’s (fellow NDEer) blog. The message and reminder about honoring heightened sensitivity and prioritizing the self-care is a timely one for quite a few people right now. Many thanks for sharing a reminder! Blessings, Jamie


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