You were created to fly ~

DSC_1292 crp fly sind

I Rise above all challenges
For I was created to fly ~

Caring for my well being becomes an art
An act of beauty
Touching upon this truth, this knowing
I feel the bliss of Creation
This sensation may come and go
But I know where my true home is
Awaiting me with open arms
Whenever I please
To tap into the embrace
With whatever I face
And drink from the Nectar
Of pure Grace
All is not what it seems
Beauty is always ours to behold
When we release the grasp
Of what the blind have sold
We are free
We are to eternally see
The beauty within thee
And scatter pearls of
The gift
For all to uplift
We are here to adhere
And make all clear
There is nothing more to fear
For home is so near

The more you devote yourself
To your connection with your higherself and the Divine
The more you are able to see the beauty of your existence
And pay less attention to any challenges in your way
They lose importance in face of the magnificence you are able to touch upon when you meet Grace
You are reminded each time
Of your true power and freedom
Invest yourself in this bond
In your truth
And you will come to know
That you are unbound
Rise above
And fly
Become who you are meant to be
And make each moment that you breathe
Become the bliss that you deserve.
Much love

We are evolving into oneness!

DSC_1068 crp evolving sind

Check this out guys
We are within a powerful energy shift
That started yesterday
Until the 22.2.2020
20 +2+20+20= 8
The number that symbolizes infinity
22 +2 +20+20=10=1

This is just too exciting not to share!
How Awesome is this?
Can you feel the Buzz? The Energy?
If you have been doing your inner work
You will be feeling this.
This is why it was so important for me to post the article and the video yesterday on understanding our oneness with creation, transmuting any darkness to Light for the benefit of ALL (ourselves and others)
And Sending out LOVE even to those who send us harm.
Our journey is by no means over
But these days, as we may even have felt another deep dive, if we have looked closely and worked within and with our Higher guidance, then we will feel the breaking free energy of understanding our connection with creation and our personal power to collaborate for the purpose of creating more light and nourishing more love.
There is an opening of the veil allowing us to see this more clearly and encouraging us to move forward on our higher path.
This is so beautiful for the Universe speaks to us in so many different ways, if only we wish to listen and Align with the Higher path.
I send you so much love and light
Many many blessings to you on your journey

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The peak of your existence


Its time for you to understand that your ‘enemies’ are another form of soul mates.
All those who come to poke, trigger or even bring malice to you are enabled by the Universe to help you see how much you are more than anything that attempts to limit you.
Of course, you are to practice healthy boundaries and distance yourself from all those who bring you harm,
But there is to be no hate.
Send them Love,
For you are More than any evil sent your way
Send them Love
For they have come to Strengthen and Empower you,
To the extent of your awareness and willingness to understand.
Send them Love
Because they are not aware and are operating in their limited awareness
They have forgotten their light and that they too are Love.
Your true Healing occurs when you come full circle and feel no hate or anger in your heart towards them
Knowing they are struggling and understanding their part in your own evolution.
Any phase until you reach this is fine and is your journey towards full healing and recognition of your Power, your Light and your Magnificence.
Just know that every challenge and every adversary on your path is here to offer you an opportunity for an Exquisite Enlightening Spiritual experience, to the extent of your willingness to see, to acknowledge and to accomodate.
Your life and your understanding of your true inner power will change forever when you are willing to accept the call.
Next time you are challenged
Look deep within yourself and find the one that Knows.
Rise above whatever is occuring
And see how you are so much More
Feel your light
And from this light
Send it towards your adversaries,
Towards the challenge
And transmute it into LOVE
Watch it all dissolve
And understand you have the power of Creation within you.
Much love
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You got this

_20200212_073352 (1) energy creation sind

You may be feeling a bit anxious, a bit low
Wondering where this may have come from
Dont panic
This is just a bit of a curve
As you are on the rise
You have been doing so much progress
And as the the light of your vision comes nearer
You have your old fears come up, lack of confidence and not feeling deserving
Disbelief that your golden path can truly occur
But Alas it can and it is
As soon as you deal with clearing what you have within you that is blocking it
So use this little bit of a downhill as a teeny pause to check out your underlying beliefs and thoughts about yourself
If you have been decluttering and releasing the old, then this might just be what was hidden beneath your ‘stuff’
Time to examine where it came from
And No, do not return to sender
Just heal whatever is within you that welcomed it and transmute it into light for us all as you re ignite the light and power of creation within you.
You are enough
You are deserving
You are a gift of Creation
And you are here to celebrate and share your Light
If you feel the need
Take some precious ‘me’ time
Its ok to feel tender
Always remember, your sensitivity is a gift and serves your higher purpose.
Nurture yourself
Care for yourself
Be gentle
Let this arise from within
Look at it
And say goodbye
As it no longer serves your joy
We are headed towards a New Moon on the 23rd
We are gearing towards some serious movement forward
Tend to yourself
Then slowly get back to decluttering and organizing yourself and your life for Joy and excellence
Much love

Top priority

DSC_1202 crp wellbeing sind

You may be feeling impatient
Waiting for certain things to come about
It is important to understand divine timing
If you look closely, you have been going through an important process lately and have progressed immensely
That is why this time is not in vain
So much is occuring for you and within you.
You are are growing
It is important that things that need to “arrive” will do so when you are really ready
Dont disregard this preparation time.
The most important thing you will ever learn is how your well being is your top priority
After which everything else falls into place
Learn to love you and learn to love taking good care of yourself
Make this your foundation
Savor your own company
Find quiet
Listen within
Learn more in depth
About what your soul needs.
Fine tune your existence
Focus on what truly matters
Start releasing old baggage, stuff , habits
Declutter your space and your life
Choose that which aligns with your higher vision
Pay attention where you put your energy
Focusing on what you think are your misfortunes lowers your vibration
Learn to love your challenges for they push you to become greater
See where you may be spreading your energy thin and prioritize investing your time and energy into deepening your true interests, projects and values.
Your time is precious
Your energy is precious
Your space is precious
Your well being is precious
And your higher purpose is sacred.
Its time to get serious
And choose
What stays and what goes
Love who you are and what you are here to do.
When you love yourself
You align with the energy of creation
And the universe co creates with you.
Much love

You are Creation

DSC_1068 crp creation sind

We are headed towards the full moon on Sunday. A very powerful positive bold energy can be felt.
You may even feel spaced out by the energy but thats ok, there is a push for you to exit your comfort zone.
Dont block this beautiful energy with your fears, your need to control or your attachment to the ‘known’.Be open for positive change and movement forward.
Allow the Universe to give you a push.
Its time to shed your old skin, shake off old stagnant energy.
Pay close attention to your body
Nourish it well with fresh life force vegetables and fruit.Drink plenty of water.Support your vessel in the best way possible to align its performance with your higher self.
Pay attention to tension stored in your body
Regular stretching exercises can help alleviate and bring back your energy flow.
Also, find a physical activity that suits you that gets your circulation going and keeps you vibrant.It can be as mild as yoga or a walk outside.
Dancing is also an amazing way to raise your vibration and get your energy flowing.
Find what works for you but understand that your body is a carrier of your energy, treat it well and it will serve you well.
As you unblock stagnant energy in your body you will be releasing any residue from old pains and stories.Its time to thoroughly clear your energy.
Remember also that on the flip side of any stagnancy is excitement and vitality
It is within you waiting to burst forward.
All you need is to clean out all that is weighing you down and infuse yourself with nurturing love which in return will reconnect you with your true self to be expressed.
You have come a long way with layers and layers of work on yourself.
You have learned to love yourself through it all.
At the root of all healing is love.You have learned to love yourself to well being.
You may be feeling emotional but in an enriching kind of way
You are openning up with all your senses
Your heart is reopenning to life, to love, to creation, allow it to.
Even if it means moving through old grievances, move through and let go
For the new and wondrous to take their place.
Its ok to be sensitive
That is where there is a deeper experience of life
There is just a need to know to protect your energy,your bounderies
And harness this sensitivity for the positive in your life and for your higher purpose of this existence.
Your sensitivity is precious and sacred, serving an important role in your higher purpose
It is to be protected yet cherished and celebrated.
You may feel like in a dreamy state
Go with it
Give in
Allow yourself some gentle daydreaming
Spirit wants to show you something about yourself anout your destiny
Let it in.
The love you have for yourself and your creation will depict the nature of what you will create.
Cherish who you are and what you are to bring forward to the world.
Your purpose is valuable
And so is everyone elses.
Even the ‘bad guys’ are here to serve a purpose
They teach you the best right from wrong
For you to refine your path to the light.
Respect all
But above all respect yourself enough to nurture and know when to guard your precious energy and when to celebrate and co-create with others.
There will be others from your soul tribe that will come closer at this time for the purpose of uniting force fields to create more light and bring your purposes into fruition.
Know to distinguish with what you have learned.
You have spent a long time learning, healing and preparing
Now is the time to bring the tools you have acquired and the gifts you have within to serve your higher mission.
Thank you for being here
Thank you for enduring
We await with much gratitude and excitement
What you will create!
Much love
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