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Happy New Year 2012

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*Inspiration Message taken from the book “Soul Inspirations

Dear friends,

WHat can I wish you for this Newcoming year? Nothing better than to be your beautiful we wish for more love in this world..let us begin by loving ourselves ..the more the merrier..fill yourselves with so much LOve…you can but spread your petals and shine your light on the world… Much Love…‚ô•Mia


Surrendering into the unknown ~

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For those who do not know yet..I have closed “Kahliya`s” shop in Jaffa and had my sights set on transforming Kahliya`s experience into one that embraces more fully the values of connecting to nature ..yet unfortunately things did not work out in the new location and I am currently in another transitional pause..allowing myself to surrender to the unknown ,searching for a new location and anticipating with wonder what will come about ūüôā
I am going through a new experience..flowing with the go..and learning to enjoy it..

Kahliya`s online shop has reopened these days and will slowly offer what is possible within this transitional phase..
At the moment we are offering The “Soul Inspiration” Message cards & Book,a joint project of mine with my friend Robert Der Alexanian a very talented Artistic Photographer.

A Unique..uplifting..Gift of Love and Beauty …created by small independant Artists selling their art…what a great way to begin changing our contribution to values of “power”…‚ô•

“Soul Inspirations” the Book and Cards!

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Im so excited to announce this joint venture of mine with my great friend Robert Der Alexanian, who is an amazing artistic photographer! Hopefully soon to have his own site to showcase his beautiful work!

For those of you who have been following my work, you know by now I write poetry some of which can be viewed at my poetry site – Soul Revelations (The link is always here on the right hand column).

For quite some time now I have been collaborating with¬†Robert`s work of beauty, having been so inspired by his images,I would write a poem-message of positive inspiration for the soul..Hence..”SOUL INSPIRATIONS” was born!
We`ve collected 13 favorite messages into a small elegant book, for you to browse through and absorb your daily message!
We have also created these messages in form of Beautiful Cards, currently in a set of 5 chosen cards!



These wonderful inspirational messages are wonderful to keep close for your momentary need of a positive uplifting message,or as a gift to a loved one to sweeten their days..not to mention a perfect gift for the Holidays and a beginning of a Bright New Year!

Both items offered at Kahliya`s Online shop (Link to be always found here on the right hand column).



This year we are inspired to live FULLY in LIGHT* & LOVE

Much Love,

World peace Diet

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 Unfortunately I have not heard about Dr will Tuttle  till recently,but I am so glad I finally did!

I find his work very inspiring,and his ideas ,at the very least ,worth a moment of thought or two..

To me personally His words carry a lot of logic,and  I am always happy to encounter people who dedicate their lives to try and make this world a better place for EVERYONE!

For those interested in the book or details and activities of the organisation :




Live life as it is..

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“This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.


A joy,a depression,a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and attend them all!

Even if they`re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of it`s furniture still,

treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.


The dark thought,the shame,the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.


Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.”

                                            Mevlana Rumi/The Iluminated Rumi p.76

Rebirth of the Earth

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Art quilt by Carol Bridges, titled `Rebirth of the Earth`


“The substance earth is the raw material for everything made

on this planet,including it`s life forms,the plants,animals,

and human beings.

In twentieth-century technological societies,there is little

awareness of the conciousness that dwells within anything

made of Earth, other than the human form.

However,the native peoples of the world have always seen

conciousness indwelling all things. It may be easy for you

to recognize conciousness in animals,even plants,but what

about dirt itself,stones,and human-created goods?….

Each gem and stone is an individual entity with a lesson of

it`s own to teach. And each one is also a jewel in the conscious

living body of Mother earth herself. Mother Earth is a very

luxurious being,though she may appear quite simple on the surface.

her treasures,like your own, are within. They take some digging and

polishing to uncover.

She also has gifts of gold and silver to give you,precious metals,ores,

oils and woods. Most often we recieve these gifts, in our modern lives,

after they have been manifactured into products by others. It is easy

for us to forget Earth`s part in their creation. And it is particularly easy

to forget the aliveness of these things. Native people once understood

that for every process they put a natural object through,they must make

up for its loss of aliveness or conciousness by replacing it with their own.

Put simply, when they polished and shaped a stone,changing it`s former

integrity,they added their loving desire to create according to an inspired

vision. In other words, they put their spirit into each object.

Today we think of artists and craftspeople doing this. But in native lives,

every process was art. A builder talked to the trees and stones requesting

them to give up their forms to become a dwelling. With their agreement,

she would proceed,adding hir love every step of the way. The finished

product was then a living thing, a dwelling filled with life energy. You

can intuitively sense this energy in any handcrafted item.

What about present-day mass-produced items? These are,for the most

part,dead. They have often been taken,no doubt without asking

permission from the Earth, as raw materials in a disgraceful and

ungrateful way. Nothing has been given back to Earth in return for her

treasures,her body laid bare,unloved,unrespected. The materials

are handled by a series of unhappy,underpaid, uninspired workers

¬†ignorant of their role in this crime….

You may have and enjoy all the riches of the Earth.You may aquire

as many possessions as you wish.Your power and theirs,comes only

from loving them and using them with your own high conciousness.

Any object can empower you if you treat it as an entity with whom

you have a relationship. Any object can steal your life energy if you

are unaware of its life process…

Foods are gifts from  Mother Earth, too. It is perhaps easiest here to see

that you end up healthier if you garden,cook,and eat simply and with love.

If you eat highly processed,chemicalised foods from abused soils,your

body must simply give up its life force to them. Youth has an abundance of

life force and the results of a sugar,soft drink,abused animal,pesticided

vegetable diet can go unnoticed for years. But balance will come,either

through human awareness and change or disintegration of the body….”


This excellent text is taken from Carol Bridges` bookThe medicine woman

inner guidebook‘ fully experienced accompanied byThe medicine woman

tarot deck also by Carol bridges.

Carol bridges has been a very important and inspiring guide to me through this

book ,escorting me in many different stages of my journey,teaching me the lessons

of creation and the endless wisdom of Mother Earth.

Globetrotters salute

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                                                 (unknown artist)

I love to travel,

allways curious to discover

New places

New fragrances

New sights

New faces..

I guess one can say

I`ve definitely got ”the bug”.

I have also been an immigrant several times,

and, as opposed to being a tourist,

immigrating to a new country

can be a very complex experience.

One involving the difficulties

of adapting anew, the loss of familiar ground

alongside the thrill of new discoveries.

All in all, it is undoubtedly ALLWAYS

a fulfilling and enriching learning adventure.

Here`s to all fellow travelers out there, wherever you are, 

might be with you!

”…We wanderers, everseeking the lonlier way,

 begin no day where we have ended another day;

 and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.

 even while the earth sleeps we travel.

 We are the seeds of the tenacious plant,

 and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart

¬†that we are given to the wind and are scattered.”‘

                                     The Prophet/Kahlil Gibran

All this talk about travelling has made me want to

hop on my horse and…listen to this old time favorite

of mine that makes you wander…