Tap into your full potential

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We have just entered the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere these days
And we are heading towards a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 2nd.
THE NEW is definitely here for us
Are you on board?
All we have been through recently has brought us to this.
We have been through series and series of events that have challenged us and have brought us back to what is important- Ourselves.
We were created pure, innocent and full of joy and at some point we have endured disturbing energies from others in our environment.
Along the years we have continued to encounter situations in an attempt to heal what has occured to us initially.
Finding forgiveness sometimes takes more time than we care to admit,
But it is essential for our Healing and Evolution.
Recently, after you may have thought you have been through it all
You may have yet again encountered more challenges to help you release more baggage.
This is needed until you are able to totally release the burden.
Along the years the density has been chipped away by each clearing so as to recover the pearl that lays beneath it all – the Real You.
To the point you still carry this density is how much you still need to release
You have done so much releasing lately and you are becoming much more aware of the true value of yourself that you were hiding.
No more.
Its time to reveal your beauty, your light, your power.
All that you have been through has also given you wisdom
Take the lessons
let go of the rest
And above all
See how amazing you are, strong courageous and diligent
Moving through it all and not giving up on your quest for truth.
You are here
Be proud of yourself
You are that much more wise and experienced
And above all, you are appreciating who you Are.
You are realising your value and how important it is not to dishonor yourself.
During this time you are learning to give yourself more, to cherish yourself, to offer yourself care and love and find your truth and your joy.
You are enjoying your own company and seeing how rich you truly are.
You deserve to be happy.
Step into your destiny now knowing that you can supply yourself with all you need.
You can protect yourself knowing to respect your limits and you can enjoy the person that you are.
Learning to take precious alone time with yourself to tune in, rebalance, clear disturbing energies and connect with Divine guidance is a discipline that will serve you well on your journey.
You are finally discovering that you are capable and that you have all that it takes to create the life of your desire.
Keeping faith and positive thoughts, continuously clearing your energy and raising your vibration you are able to step out into the world free and strong
Knowing that your safe haven is within at all times to tune into and be supported by the Divine.
This is such a potent moment.
Spend some time gathering your thoughts on what is important for you and what you wish to create and manifest in your life.
Prepare to put your intentions out to the Universe
You may wish to take notes
You might like to place your intentions and wishes in a nice box cherishing the energy of your intent and asking the Divine to assist in carrying these forward.
Tap into the full potential of Who You Are
It Is Time ❤
Much love
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Important maintenance



The New is definitely in the air
And yet there may still be situations that slightly challenge you
Our work is not done
In fact it never is
We are constantly learning and growing
There may be situations that ask you to look carefully at what is presented before you.
Perhaps there are things mirrored to you
That are worth looking at
Perhaps you need to learn to use discernment
Perhaps you are to see where you still need to work on balance in your life.
Maybe what you need to look at is your self confidence and maybe you need to look even deeper at how you respect yourself and protect your boundaries.
Perhaps all of the above are concerned as they are connected.
It all comes down to refining your recent lessons of honoring yourself.
If you feel confused and/or disturbed, take some precious alone time to figure things out.Detach and look within.Follow the emotions that come up and see what they are telling you.
Do not worry, you are not going backwards, you are merely refining what still needs attention.
It is very important for you to establish a solid relationship with yourself
Knowing what your needs are to maintain your highest well being.
You need to Anchor your existence as you supply yourself with what you need and create certain regulations and barriers so as to honor and protect your needs.
Pay careful attention to your intuition
If you feel uncomfortable
These are signs to pay attention to.
Make sure you do not let others tresspass your limits that honor your well being.
Take the time to see what those are for you so as to create a structure for yourself that respects your needs and so you can then understand what needs not to be breached.
We are learning who we are and what we need.
We are rebirthing and wishing to open up to Life on order to Strive.
We have gone through so much that did not honor us.In order to know how to prevent that in the future, we need to learn more about who we truly are and what our needs are.
Start by taking the time each day to clear whatever disturbing energy you may have encountered and to reconnect with self to be able to hear carefully what is coming up for you as well as listening to your inner guidance.
Ask the Divine to assist you in connecting to your truth, in releasing unwanted disturbing energy and to help you gain clarity for the continuation of your journey.
Make the time each day for this precious alone time.
This is one of the most important actions to offer yourself on a daily basis to take care of You.
You Are Important.
Much love
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Here comes the sun


Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere is here
Energies are sooo potent
If you have been doing your profound inner work to clear out that which does not serve you and heal, you will be feeling this energy.
There is a powerful energy shift supporting your transformation.There are new opportunities opening up for you
As you Align with who you truly are, people and situations are coming in, that mirror your values.
This is so exciting
If you still feel yourself clinging to toxic people,situations, memories or habits, now is the time to totally let it all go.
So much good is in store for you , you do Not want to miss out.
You have been doing so much work and you have been dedicated and resilient, while acting in integrity no matter what was thrown at you.
You have seen it all and every mountain you have climbed, and every additional challenge you went through after you thought you were done, merely showed you how strong you are beyond your belief. All that you have gone through has also brought you full circle back home to self, understanding that all you ever needed is within and finding so much appreciation for who you are.
All that you have encountered that has showed you the flip side of your values, has emphasised even more how much you cherish your truth and your connection to the Divine which has never left your side throughout it all.
Now, more than ever Stand true to you
Nourish your connection with self and with the Divine.
Stay balanced and invest in your well being.
Spend regular alone time to pay attention to intuition and guidance
Stand tall and enjoy your renewed joy you find within yourself.
Enjoy your being, your existence
Try doing new things, talk to new people
Fall in love with life and life will fall in love with you
Let go of your prior deceptions so as not to cloud the sun coming your way.
Dont worry, you have gained so much wisdom, you will know to discern what is good for you and what isnt.
Move forward lightly, gently, joyfully with confidence and love for creation.
All you have gone through was not in vain
Everything has made you into the amazing person that you are becoming
Be proud of all the richness that is you
Be proud of all that was and all that is to come
Open your arms wide open
And embrace the Sun coming your way 🌞
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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20170321_155107 final signd

Today you may still feel some heaviness
We are still in the energy of the full moon
Remember that we are clearing some very heavy energy
Its not easy
It may be energy that you have carried within you for very long
Even if events that triggered this were only recent
They were a reminder to clear it up
And release it once and for all
And yet
There may still be some clinging
To the familiar
Which may have brought some sort of distorted comfort at one point
There is fear of the unknown
Even if deep inside you yearn to
Finally let out your Magnificent self
You yearn for a new chapter in life in which you can fully express your light
Something inside is not fully letting go of the old energy that no longer serves you
Part of this is your fear
Acknowledge the fear you have to come out and fully express your light as well as the fear you have of receiving true love and abundance as a response to your light.
Perhaps you have known jealousy and resentment towards you for being so bright.Perhaps this has caused you much strife in your life and you have chosen to play small just to find some peace.
You were not created to hide your light and doing this, as you can see, has not brought you peace, but only more suffering.
You can hide no longer
You are bursting at the seams and the Universe is pushing you to embrace and express who you truly are.
Give into LIFE
Do not waste your creation away and give away your life.You are witholding your own joy and livelihood from yourself.
You are also here on a higher purpose and fulfilling who you truly are serves humanity with your light aswell.
Another part of what is holding you back is your difficulty to forgive.
Understand those who have hurt you are acting out from their wounded child who has not healed.
Have compassion as you can see yourself trying to heal your own inner child.
We are all at different stages dealing with similar issues.
The ‘Other’ is ‘Another YOU’
We are all trying to return to who we truly are
Pure Love & Light
You are offered an opportunity in another’s evolution to Allow them their own process to heal and find their light.
By releasing them from your anger
Not only do you free them from more burden
But first and mostly you free yourself from a heavy burden blocking your joy, blocking your success, blocking your own evolution.
Release, forgive and raise your vibration to find your light
Own it, express it
And Be who you are meant to Be
Leaving behind all that has attempted to hinder your shine.
You know now who you are
You are worthy
You are precious
And you will no longer deny yourself ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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You are important

The full moon energy encourages us to release all that does not align with our highest good.
Honoring ourselves we align with the full pure truth of who we are to create the life that we wish for ❤️
Much love

Filling the illusion of lack with the fullness of who you are


We are approaching the full moon on the 17th
You can already feel the intensity
You may be feeling emotional,
confused, uneasy.
Find your center
so much has come up for review recently
it can no longer be neglected.
Within all of it lies your Truth
This is your chance to uncover it
and choose to fully embrace it
Spend some quiet time alone
And search within
Re-discover You
fully embrace the truth of who you are
no more half truths
no more hiding
no more cover ups.
The pure naked truth of who you are
is hiding beneath the chaos
beneath all that has camouflaged it
its time to come out
with all your power and beauty.
Thank your soul for showing you
All that is not true
All that is not love
All that has shown up for you has come to clean out all your fears and self doubts
And bring you back home
To self
To truth
To pure love
Are you willing to release anything and anyone that dishonors you to become the best version of yourself
and attract to you those who will celebrate with you ?
All the joy
All the abundance
All the love
is waiting for you
on the flip side.
Value yourself more than any lack offered to you
you lack nothing
you are full of richness, of light, of wisdom and of love
you offer yourself fully and honestly to yourself and to others
as you reach this place
this state of being
in fullness
as you acknowledge this
you shall invite the same into your life
no more lack
for you have Filled the illusion of lack
with the Fullness of Yourself
from this place
you are full
you are rich
you are powerful
you are free
you are love
In being in the full truth of who you are
you attract towards you those who wish to celebrate and co-create with you
This full moon supports the release of all that is not your truth
Allowing you to embrace the Full Truth of who you are
Its time to make choices that honor who you are
look deep within and fall in love with you
see your beauty
cherish your uniqueness
your integrity
and act upon it without delay
its time to stand in the fullness of who you are and carry your truth in all that you do, manifesting the best version of who you truly ARE ❤️
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

Breaking the chain


If you find yourself
In a same old, same old kind of challenging scenario
Wondering how you are here
After all youve been through
And all the conscious work
Youve done on yourself
Consider this to be your opportunity
To master non attachment and forgiveness.
The road to self discovery
Is the most precious, sacred road you can take
All your experiences
All your challenges
Are to bring you back to self
Knowing that your source is within you
No matter what comes and goes in your life,
Is liberating
Knowing all you need is within
Your strength, your wisdom, your light, your love
All replenishment is within directly connected to source
We are social beings and interactions are important,
But there is no need for attachment.
Attachment diminishes our own sense of power, our own connection to source.
Further more, Attachment to those who play out abusive patterns are a red alert to heal our old wounds
If we had caretakers who could not offer us stable nurturing, we will repeat this pattern in an attempt to heal this, for this is the only template of love we have ever known.
A total release of attachment of any kind and forgiveness of all those who have wronged us, offers a sense of liberation from the entrapment we have created for ourselves, knowing that deep within we have all we ever need, we can rely on ourselves, we can be replenished by source and the love that we are.
We can allow ourselves to invite true respectful, caring relationships that offer beneficial interactions of positive growth and light.
There is no need anymore to replay the dark and disfunctional in order to heal.
There is no more need to replay in our heads any of the who,what, why, when, details of what happened.
Understand the role of those who came to replay this for you.
See the importance and the purpose.
Let it go
Let it all go
You have come back to you
You have found you
This is all that is important
Anchor yourself within
Find your inner peace
Your inner power
Your inner love
Develop even more your connection with self and with Divine source.
This is where its all at
All of it
From this place
Of purity, of confidence and of self love
You can recreate your life
One of honesty, integrity, respect and love
Knowing you carry within
A beautiful source of richness.
Much love