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Re-post : Cream of Sweet Potato soup

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Weather cooling down.. it`s even raining here today…calling for some cozy time snuggled up in the warm and having some comfort food…

Re-posting this so simple and healthy yet comforting Creamy soup..ENjoy! 🙂


For recipe:


Cream of Sweet Potato

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Cream of Sweet potato/Kahliya-logue

 Yes t`is Spring…and oh so lovely to see the sun shining at last! Though part of it being Spring is that it is not alltogether warm yet..and it even gets pretty cool dont go tucking in those sweaters as of yet..! And if I may add,it`s actually still kind of nice to have a warm comforting soup.You must agree that Sweet potato is very comforting! I have already written about a simple Sweet potato(&Pumpkin) soup before,but this time I wanted a more classic pampering creamy version.Except,I dont use cream,nor do I use Cow`s milk.I used Soy Milk,and you know what?It turned out pretty awesome! This version is tremendously easy aswell,so if you like Sweet potatoes,give it a try! Did you know that Sweet potatoes are not only nice and sweet but also highly nutritious?

Ingredients:   (Yeilds 2 servings)

5 baby Sweet potatoes

 5 Champignon Mushrooms

1 chopped onion

3/4 cup Soy mik

1 tbs crushed Dried Sage leaves

1 tbs crushed Dried Zaatar leaves(not mix) /Oregano

Salt & Pepper

1 tbs Cinnamon

*    *    *    *    *

Wash the Sweet potatoes and cut in large chunks.

Place in a pot barely covering with water,bring to a boil,reduce heat and cook till tender.

Blend them with their cooking water,

Return the blend to the stove,add Spices and Soy milk.

Separately Saute chopped Onion and then Chopped Mushrooms,

and add to the cream without blending (I like it this way,did I mention before I just love chunky? 🙂 but if you prefer you can ofcourse blend it all together.

Adjust,spices to your taste and add more milk if necessary.

Simple Sweet potato & Pumpkin soup

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As I have mentioned recently,I don`t get much chance to create as much as I would like to in the kitchen these days,but this is one of those quick simple dishes to warm you up in this cold weather especially if you don`t have too much time to bother..



1 very large Leek -diced/or 2 smaller ones

1 very large Sweet potato/2 smaller ones – cut into large cubes

250 gr (approx.) slice of Pumkin-cut into large cubes

Baharat  🙂 /or Allspice

additional cinnamon




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In a medium size pot – Saute the diced Leek in some Olive oil;

as they soften,add Sweet potato and Pumpkin cubes

continue to stir-fry a bit  then fill the pot with water almost to the top

bring to a boil and simmer ,

add 1 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp pepper;  1.5 tsp baharat; 1/2 tsp Cinnamon ; 1 tsp thyme and 1 tsp crushed dried sage leaves

continue to cook covered on low heat ,eventually adjusting the flavors to your taste,till the cubes soften,

simmer a bit more and thats it!


*Update: I have decided to submit this post to an event named ”food in colors” initiated by Harini of “Tongue ticklers”,and hosted this month by Aparna from “My diverse kitchen”,with ORANGE being this months theme color!

Let`s go ORANGE!