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New Medicine Pouch

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New Medicine/Crystal Pouch Necklace I handcrafted from Vegan friendly Black Cotton and Smoky Quartz Crystals.
Lovely way to carry  your favorite Crystal/Amulet/ Medicine pouch on you as you go!
Rustic Tribal look makes it Unisex , Great for Women And Men alike 🙂
Available here in Kahliya`s online shop

Sneak peek ~

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Back to doing embroidery work..makes me very happy!
Bet you cant Guess what Im working on now.. 😉
Hint: It doesnt seem so .. but it has a lovely Aroma and its packed with Love ♡
Stay tuned! 🙂

Earth Call`th

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Earth Call`th ~
Earth Heal`th ~

Products Carrying Healing Earth Energies by Kahliya
Available in online shop


20160917_180618 earth.jpg











I am Joy ~ New Creation

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I am Joy
I am Bliss
There is nothing
I shall miss
My Life is a Joyous Adventure !


Vibrant & Joyful Sunflower Yellow Floral Print in Lilac Colors
Free flowing Loose fit Drawstring Tunic Dress in Semi Sheer Fine Cotton Voile Fabric

Adaptable wear either Loose A-line or Using the Matching Lilac colored Satin cord wrapped around for a more gathered fitted elegant look!

This Dress is Available at Kahliya`s online shop

Made in pure Joy for you to enjoy!
in Provence France

Another Swirl bag ~

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Another Exciting Rainbow Swirl cross shoulder Bag in Blue and Earthy colors!

Devoted Journey

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9509291 kahliya in turkey 2 - Copy rsz - Copy (2)

I have come across these photos today and was reminded of Kahliya`s first phase as a tiny shop in Turkey about 6-7 yrs ago.
A tiny Building entrance with a staircase was my shop and my work studio planted on the stairs.. I loved my little shop..I miss those days in Turkey..those were the days..good and bad..challenging..yet ever so enriching..Ive learned so much..and I keep in my heart the good forever..
I feel very emotional looking back..and yet it is with me all the time..I have carried my work with me wherever I went..and I have been around a bit…but my world- my work was with me all the time..

Kahliya has been through so many phases.. so many many locations..forever inspired by many..enriched by the journey..devoted to spreading the Message of Love and embracing All of Creation..its been quite a journey so far..through thick and thin ..high and low..eternally devoted no matter where I go..I have within me all of these different cultures,experiences and souls Ive encountered along the way ..I feel Blessed..and Rich within..
I look forward with excitement to see how the next steps of this journey enfolds..

To all those who encounter difficulty pursuing their ventures, I say hang in there, stick to the truth of who you are..and BE..the more you allow yourselves to BE exactly who you are..the more the universe will carry you matter what challenges you will come across , its all part of the journey and does not one bit take away from who you are, even if at times it feels so..rather adds to the rich discovery of the sacred Truth..
Keep on keeping on ❤

“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us. Even while the earth sleeps we travel. We are the seeds of the tenacious plant, and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the wind and are scattered.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
* Special Gratitude to Julie Rust for her exquisite Music accompanying this video

Sunshine Swirl ~

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Here comes the Sun ((( 🙂 )))
Lets Skip… and.. Dance…and Have some Fun!

Im so excited about this Bag
I just Love it!
Theres no way you cannot smile 🙂

Joyful Uplifting and just all around yummy
Hand crocheted in Vegan friendly Synthetic yarn in Rainbow colors.

Made with much Love,
More details in Kahliya`s online shop !
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