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Working with refugees

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Feeling very at the local church, the scene of Nativity made by Eritrean refugees I have been working with recently, is being presented for Christmas mass.Needless to say how emotional they are and proud as I am of them ❤
Working with them has been an honor and a huge Gift ❤
I will be writing about this experience soon.
Much Love ❤


Integrating Light into the dark..

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Recently, in the village I currently live in the South of France, I`ve joined a new initiative that has been taking place,a collective of Artists and Artisans of the village to present their work in a shop in the center of the village for locals, people of the region and tourists that pass by.
I was so excited about this initiative.We talked about promoting recycling, creativity and a sense of community with free workshops etc. For me it was like I`ve been waiting for something like this for a while and I was delighted to put all of my energy into it and offer all the help and ideas that I can.
I also learned that there is a Kurdish community residing here and had the feeling the women might be doing their own handcraft which I have encountered from the days I lived in Turkey.I couldn`t wait to find them and find out so I can share this wonderful discovery with the rest of the group and eventually present this beautiful work to the people of the region for them to discover another beautiful culture.
Spirit led me immediately to a “Chance meeting” with one of these women.. and our contact was instantly warm, enchanting and exciting..I was so happy I had acquired the Turkish language from my time in Turkey and it facilitated this whole encounter..we went back to her home for her to show me her work..her family and friends..presenting me happily as her new was magical..I was fully and warmly embraced..I did not want to leave..
Unfortunately this was not as warmly welcomed by the collective, an experience I find disturbing as evidence of a continual nurturing of separation
It is in embracing the “other” and learning about the beauty that exists in their culture , that we nurture the love and acceptance between us, learning and promoting the good and the beautiful within each so that we can all grow together in harmony.
I have returned to France to heal what has happened for my ancestral lineage and for humanity.  I dedicate my whole life to embracing all of God’s creation in respect, compassion and love and actively try to do what I can to promote this important message of Love. We live to learn and evolve, transforming all darkness into light, that is how we heal our world.

I  believe, as I have stated in my prior post,that this is a crucial time to hold on to your pure truth, to do what you can to promote it, to gather with like minded souls, to gather the energy of purity to be able to create much needed change and the piercing of True Light into dark corners of our existence for us all to heal and create a better world.

I will continue on my own in any which way I can at the moment.
The work of these women will be introduced through my project  Aakhda under Kahliya`s line, just like the work of the Palestinian women which Ive been trying to help.
Exciting collaborations are in store..I feel very enthusiastic about these collaborations..about showing you these beautiful different cultures through handwork and the wonderful dialogue we can have between us.. while I am extremely grateful to be able to walk in life despite my own vulnerability, in a way that I am open to meet the other and as a result experience the most precious moments I could ever dream of..
I cant help but recall a very powerful statement by Franco- Senegalese writer Fatou Diome
“We will be rich together, or we will drown together”
It is time we burst open our embrace all.. we were all created on this earth to co create.. and learn from each other.. ❤

* I would like to add a crucial point.
Everyone in this existence is on a soul journey learning their own lessons at their own pace..If I have decided that what I have encountered with these souls, does not allow me to join together to create and build upon the values I believe are needed at this time..that does not mean that I do not respect their own Embracing and respecting all means exactly that = All..even those who choose not to see at this time.. I may not appreciate their behavior, and I do not wish to join with them, but I send them my blessings for the continuation of their journey, hoping that other experiences that they might witness will offer them the insight needed to evolve.
I remain sincere to my own path and truth delivering the message of unity as I go along hoping to inspire..

Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey
Much Love

Breakfast with my new Kurdish friends..

One of the beautiful scarves/shawls they create with delicate embroidery/lace work , now in shop!


More of their Beautiful work..


Sharing the love ~

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Promoting the message of Love whether through my creative work in Kahliya or through my Peace/Humanitarian project Aakhda, I am always very interested in the personal interaction
Because after all that is what it is all about..when we deliver love between us.
That is why I am always very thrilled to know my clients, I like to know what they purchase the product for, what they prefer, a little about them, if and when they care to share..Making that extra personal contact provides the space for love to thrive

Through these wonderful interactions I get to further ”travel” all over the globe and continue to visit different worlds

Some clients become friends and some friends become clients and at the end there is no is within this space of shared love that I feel honored and complete full circle with my purpose

I received this beautiful message today from Sonja from Germany with photos of her purchase..made my heart sing ~ ❤

“When did I receive such a lovely packed package the last time? thank you Mia for the love you put inside and the special gift!
The necklace is handmade with olivewood and lapis lazuli, the two small bags are from her non project Aakhda
check out and
I’m so happy right now. So much love”

Thank you so much Sonja for your love, the sharing of Love, your joy and your contribution to project Aakhda ❤

* Note:As Ive mentioned before, any purchase at kahliya`s online shop will help enable my efforts towards project Aakhda as I am acting on my own without any supportive funding.










Allow yourself to Feel

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I believe our emotions are very important
I believe even more important is the need to express them, to be able to release the burden.

Sometimes , when we feel we are not able to express them they build up,

and even though we may think we`ve controlled the situation by overcoming and moving on..

The Truth is they`re right there where we left them, battling inside us to be let out in one way or the other, and creating a whole lot of unease if we don`t..

I also believe a lot of the disturbing events we are witnessing around the Globe are a result of emotions that were not dealt with..When we feel hurt or angry and we think we`ve moved on..yet in fact carry it around with us in our energy field and continue the chain of transmitting these unresolved issues to others, it is then that we create this great big ball of destructive fire which at a certain point, No one knows anymore how to put out..or even where to start..

What if..we start right at the beginning?

What if..we begin by owning our emotions?
What if we make a conscious decision of Loving ourselves THAT much, that we are constantly tuned into ourselves and ACCEPT Any emotions that may arise and Give them Total Respect and a Space to Heal?

Once we acknowledge what they are as they arise, and what their source is, we then can search for a positive creative way to release and channel them so as not to create more damage to us or anyone else.
This could be in Arts, plastic arts, handcraft of some sort, many like to feel the materials like clay and create and express how they feel, or paint..or it could be in writing..singing  is great..or in sports getting all that built up physical energy out really helps..or Dance and free yourself if you feel that it is in the physical you can more easily release..or of course going out to nature and just seeing flowing water or any other blessing of nature tends to help..allow yourself to do what appeals to you.. dont feel ashamed to have a good cry as well..letting it all out is a great feeling of release..otherwise..being true to how you feel like dealing is deeply you..and you may even discover hidden layers of yourself!

There are so many ways to express and create with our emotions in order to heal them and release the impact, this time moving on without the destructive burden, free to be our true selves once more shining our light onto society for us all to beam and celebrate in light & love.

Let us start today

Allow yourself to Feel ❤




I Allow Myself to Feel / Mia Leventhal

I Allow Myself to Feel
I Allow Myself to Heal

I Carry with me
The Wounds

Of My Brothers and Sisters
Who Came before me
Who Walk beside me

Offering the Pain

Unto the Light

For Us ALL

To Be Transformed


* Image of Sarajevo, Bosnia.


Mother`s Day Gift with a Message!

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This coming  Mother`s day consider purchasing a gift for Mom that carries an additional value, one that promotes a message of Universal Love & Peace , and that contributes to the well being of other Moms in Palestine!
We are at this time All coming together , understanding how we are all connected, and how by embracing each other we can move our Global family forward united and strong with the power of LOVE !

Join me in my venture promoting a message of love carried within the products created by my Palestinian sisters; those created by our collaboration or those created by myself funding the project Aakhda. All products by Kahliya will always be carrying a message of love in more ways than one, by purchasing one of these products you are guaranteed to receive a product which carries this energy in full intention as well as helps further this important endeavor to carry the message forwards.

Visit Shop 

I thank you for your embrace on behalf of my sisters and myself from the bottom of my heart, and send you all wishes of LOVE 🙂


New Aakhda products!

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I`d like to show off some of the new products from my Peace/Humanitarian project Aakhda! 🙂

Read more about it here


Check out the links underneath the images for more details!


Thank you for supporting project Aakhda and contributing to the welfare of these women!

Much Love,




  Red Embroidered Bookmark




Black Embroidered Bookmark




 Blue & White Embroidered coin purse




Pink & White Embroidered Purse




Black & Red Embroidered Purse

Kahliya`s Reopening!

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Kahliya is very happy to announce the reopening of it`s online shop! Yayyyyyyy!

A reminder of Kahliya`s Journey :

Checkout these lovely products!




And the products of my humanitarian project AAKHDA / Weaving Love




…and stay tuned for more!

See you at the shop!

Much Love