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Full Moon Mission

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Ok Guys, were approaching that time of the month again..the full moon on June 20..we still have time..
If we want to shine bright and carry out our true mission.. guess what were going to do? Clean House! 🙂 And I mean that in more ways than one.. 🙂
First of all , literally, were going to Cleannnn our space..our home..and our space of work.
Cleaning not only cleans dirt and makes things nice..but it also refreshes stuck and old energy, and we dont want anymore of that..we are preparing ourselves for a renewal..and the full moon is a great time for letting go of the old and of that which does not serve our highest good, hence stuck or old energy is a no no if we have great plans for ourselves, and if we cant understand why we still feel stuck.
Ive mentioned in a recent post about decorating our space with objects that uplift and bring memories of beauty..well now is the time to let go of anything in our space that brings us down or that carries painful memories..were not going there 🙂
Also anything that we really dont use and is taking up space creates stagnant energy , clearing all of that makes room for the new.
After cleaning and clearing, a nice smudge with dried sage or any other preferred incense to purify the air more thoroughly from stagnant energy. While we do that, it would be nice to light a candle and say a small prayer or setting of intentions to clear our space and life of the past and our willingness to open to our higher good with the new that comes forth.
Now, if were already up to setting intentions and cleaning ‘house’, lets go further into cleaning our tendency of negative thoughts as we know by now they hinder our progress.
It takes some mental discipline, but setting our intentions and willingness is a good start, making a promise to ourselves to start checking on ourselves every time we find ourselves
wanting to move forward with our life but coming up with all kinds of negative inner chit chat..anything that pushes our progress to the sidelines..we dont want to do that to ourselves we? 🙂
Remember also that focused energy can bring manifestation and dispersed energy, a mixed bag of our intention together with fears and doubts, cannot carry out the task ..
This does not disregard the need to honor what comes up for us, especially at this time , or any other, the emotions that come up are to be respected and given space, for us to see , understand and clear the way for new ways and new days 🙂
Ceremonies are a lovely way to set intentions.Creating a scared space with a candle and tuning in to the Divine or our Higher selves and making an agreement to serve the true mission of our souls by letting go of that which does not serve our higher good and inviting all that supports what we wish to create is a beautiful thing to do ❤
Much Love



Prayer for the New Moon Tomorrow ~ Mia Leventhal

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Paying attention to Intention

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Since it`s the New Moon Tomorrow
Its a great time to think about our Intentions and set them in the directions we would like for ourselves 😉

While the time of the New moon is one for setting intentions for what we wish for the next coming month.. it is also essential we take a good look at our intentions on a daily basis..

As we grow more aware of how we are co creators of our lives with the Universe.. an important factor is our Will and Thoughts about every day events..
Sure.. we all wish for good things to happen for us and even make a point in specifying those wishes..but then what is our attitude once we`ve expressed our aspirations..? How many times do we doubt they will actually manifest..? How many times do we fear the worse to occur..?
It is crucial to step back and take notice as this is what we ARE Creating for ourselves..
Take back your power and understand that you are creating the life you wish for.. is it a good one? Is there anything you would like to improve..?
Start Now by planting the Power of your Will into every Word Spoken or Thought within you to manifest what you truly wish for..






I Believe in Magic/ Mia Leventhal

I am Wild
I am a Child
The Universe Smiled..
Have your Desires piled
Let’s have some Fun
The Magic
Has Already Begun..!

Full Moon June 2014 Affirmation, Anchor your Existence!

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This Month`s full moon will be on Friday  13th June 2014  06:11:30 am CEST time


If you have been feeling you are being difficulties finding your place.. or personal expression , it is time to release any and all limitations!

Tune into your right to be here. We are all created with love.Each and every one of us has a beautiful soul purpose , and it is our right and Cosmic duty to shine our light.

Visualize yourself anchoring your existence in this Earth, releasing any limitations within and without, and Be ready to shine*

* Note : For a clearer view of the image, click on it to enlarge.

Much Love,





Full Moon Intentions May 2014

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Tonight is a Full Moon

Full moon carry very High Energy

On which we can “ride” in sending out our innermost intention to be fulfilled.

As many of us have had hard times lately, going through yet more rounds of lessons unfinished though very much wanting to move onwards..

Lets put our purest intentions out there! 🙂

* If you cant see the Affirmation message clearly, just click on the image to enlarge!


Much Love,



Ladies & Gents..introducing to you-the full moon!

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yup! Many of you are not there yet..

But this is the full moon of the 15 sept..

pretty magical as allways.

The full moon is a time when emotions

intensify.Any of you feeling nervous;emotional;sad;

angry;depressive;hyperactive..? Any or all of the

above?…Blame it on the moon!

here are the planetary transactions of this month`s

full moon explained by

And here is the sweet katie melua singing

”blaming it on the moon”


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As you might know,on the 16.8 there was a partial lunar eclipse.

During a lunar eclipse the earth comes between the sun and the moon,

casting it`s shadow on the moon.

For those of you who didnt get to see it…Ive brought you the moon!