It’s been a long stretch of many challenges, especially for lightworkers/chosen ones. Absolutely all of it was designed to reconnect you with your inner truth and power, preparing you for your higher purpose ūüĆĻūüôŹ‚̧ԳŹ

Nothing less than light at this point

You may come into a surprising disillusionment at this time
Brace yourself for a bit of a shaky ride. 
You may have thought you had it all figured out after going through so much and doing the necessary work to heal and evolve.
You may definitely not have seen this coming and may ask yourself why is this still going on.
Things may not be clear but rest assured there is always a higher purpose to even the most painful confusing moments.
It’s hard to grasp within the moment,
But if you look back to other similar shocking situations that seemed to ‘end’ your world, you know that clarity comes as the shock effect subsides and you see another ending of whatever represented a certain aspect of yourself that needed to be released and transformed into a higher version of yourself.
Hold yourself 
Nurture yourself 
Heal yourself 
Love yourself 
Ask for Divine assistance and clarity 
Breathe deeply 
And release
Do your best to avoid the temptation to focus on the shock and pain
Rather move your focus on anything and everything that can bring you a comforting feeling
Even if for a brief moment 
Even just a nice song
Soothing vibrational music
That uplifts your vibration 
Lavender essential oil
Take your mind off of the hurt
And back to the light
And repeat
Let these glimpses of light build back up for you
Comfort yourself 
Allow yourself to gently heal
And regain perspective 
Try even for moments 
To detach emotionally 
Enough to see the bigger picture
Of who you truly are
Where you are destined to be and create
And how this situation does not serve and align 
It is time to own your energy 
Your unique expression of creation 
And your higher purpose 
You can no longer
Allow yourself to stay in situations that lower your vibration and limit the expression of your Divine self
You have restricted yourself 
For so long 
You have already learned those lessons
Some situations are painful to leave behind
But you have done so much work to approach your alignment 
You cannot be dragged backwards for others that are not prepared to do their own work and learn their own lessons. 
It may seem like a lonely confusing journey at the moment, but not for much longer, for it is when you are clear on who you are and what your energy is
That the universe sends you that which matches your vibe to create and grow. 
Know and appreciate your value and contribution and accept nothing less than that same respect and willingness 

What we’re waiting for

On a global level we are waiting for a higher percentage of the population to awaken for us to see major changes in the physical. 
On a personal level, the Universe waits for a higher percentage of yourself to awaken for you to manifest the important changes you are wishing for in the physical. 
We have made so much progress and we are so close 
We are receiving massive assistance from the powers of light
And those of us who are open to it are anchoring this light for ourselves and others more than ever before. 
What we need now is to look deep within and see what part of ourselves is still not fully open, allowing
What part of us is still hanging on to the blockage, the fear, the doubt..?
It is understandable that after going through so many challenges, you may have much of your guards up, disbelieving in any possible goodness to come out of people, situations, or even of yourself.
Open your arms and stretch them wide Open
Work on your body and spirit to re-open to life, to the magic of the universe, to the wonderful path of your own creation. 
You may have gone through hardships, but they had a purpose of chiseling away the debris and recovering the jewel that is your sacred creation to become the wonderful expression and contribution to the world that you are. 
You are needed
Here and now
You were called to be here at this time and your path is about to unfold if you let go of whatever disbeliefs you have and allow it to. 
At this time, work diligently on detecting and releasing any negativity to your own beautiful life flow and expression. 
Check your self talk
Check your reactions
Check your blockages
Resolve to color your day with a positive flow, no matter what seems to be going on. 
Cut out negative influences
Put on your favorite music
Sing, dance, shake your body a bit
And release stagnant, blocked energy.
Find your groove again 
Only you know what gets you going
Find your passions
Re-open those boxes
Find what makes you smile, laugh chuckle
Beauty is all around 
It never left
After a whole lot of deception, hiding, releasing and healing
¬†It’s time to reconnect¬†
To what makes you feel alive again
Tune into that spark of yours
Let it help you burst out of any negative energy
This is what the universe wants to see from you so it can respond tenfold
Tune into your life-force 
And life will respond to you

Change course

We are within the energy of the New Moon and heading towards a very important portal on the 10.10.
Now is the time we get to master our vibration and keep it high in order to be able to pass into the 5th dimension world upon us.
You may be triggered to feel discouraged and or any sort of negativity.
But if you tune in carefully, after all you’ve gone through and learned, you will see that you are totally capable of harnessing your energy and directing it as you choose.¬†It is tempting to fall back into old comfortable patterns, but we already know they don’t lead us anywhere good, definitely not exciting.
The adventure at the moment is to finally see what we’re truly made of, and with the boost of new assistance coming in, we get to discover so much more about our power and capabilities.¬†The choice then becomes clearer,¬†Either to continue to act and respond to challenging energies in the same old way of defeat, or we become aware of our creative power and life force, pushing beyond whatever seems to pull us down
Towards whatever lifts us UP. 
The million and one ways how to do this Is where your unique divinity comes into play. 
You can always ask for guidance and assistance from your Celestial team and of course helpers in the physical¬†But your Angels are also leaving you a bit to find your resources, using your own ‘light print’.¬†
Keep yourself based in nurturing your well being and from there you can find it. 

8.8 Evolving towards Eternity

We are moving towards the Lion’s Gate portal on the 8.8
8 also symbolizes eternity
As we are eternal souls on the path of evolution
There is a magical opening and energy boost at the moment.
There is also a need on our part for more focus, dedication and commitment.

There is a gradual separation of realities occurring at this time.
An old world based on distorted truth and values
Is fading away
A new world based on light and True values of Creation is in the process of taking it’s place
You have probably been shifting with the energies to join this new reality.
The old may be pulling at you, trying to get back your attention, your energy, in any way it can, using tactics like temptation, drama, control, fear and others.
You yourself, old parts of you, may arise and try to stay in the picture, clinging to feelings like guilt and fear etc
This is yet another test of your faith, determination and commitment to your higher path, our higher path, the path of Creation.
Stay focused
Now is a good time to work on your ability to release distractions
Something you may have been working on and have almost mastered.
Perhaps now will be that mastering.
Anything and anyone that deters you from your higher consciousness is a distraction, that, by now you know too well how far away from yourself and your goals it takes you.
Done that..been there.. right?
Today, you have come too far, worked too hard, to go astray and you can feel too well the fruits of your labor, the fruits of our labor, on the horizon.
Take a good look at what and who you   invest your attention and energy in anyway.
If anyone is trying to pull you back into old negative unproductive energies, just wish them well and move on, focus your energy on what you are Creating.
If you yourself, find yourself falling into old patterns of behavior, look at it,
Stop it in its tracks
See what exactly this has served for you until now
Barriers of some kind of perceived need of defense, or coping mechanisms perhaps.
Understand that all these behaviors, including addictions of any kind are an¬† escape from yourself and your higher path. If you’re escaping yourself because you can’t deal with pain, don’t hesitate to get professional help if you feel you can’t cope, there’s no shame in that, that’s owning your power to upgrade your life and well being. Otherwise take an honest look at what you may still be doing that is not aligned with your higher path and taking your focus and energy away.
It can be spending your precious time and attention on endlessly scrolling on social media
It could also be falling into complaining and gossip as a means of ‘social interaction’ without realizing it.
Some habits are so ingrained, we dont even realize we do them, but if you think about it, how productive are they? Are they even our own? Or are we just continuing social codes without stopping to think if they are in our values and truth?
These are just examples
But it is the Time
In which we take full responsibility
Of every choice we make
Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others
But start paying deeper Attention.
Shift your focus, energy, intention and attention to that which you really wish to Create for yourself and for us All.
Thank you for your efforts and contribution.

Beautiful evolution

These days there is so much support, healing and clarity available for us.
Even though there may be moments in which you may not feel it, it is crucial you keep your faith and trust this journey.
If we are still feeling challenged, we are asked to go more within and pay more attention. This is a learning curve. There are many signs, synchronicities, messages in your daily life, in your dreams, through spirit animals, insects etc
You have a chance to upgrade your connection with spirit at this time.
If you do quiet down, observe and listen more carefully, you will have an exquisite opportunity to understand on a deeper level much of what you have gone through, especially recently and what has been your lesson.
The understanding may probably come about gradually as you add up the signs.
To reach this point you will have to let go of your focus on what is disturbing and frustrating you and do what you can to lighten your energy and focal point to things that please you, thus allowing you to vibrate on a higher level.
In addition, a nice practice to do is to wish well, even and especially to those who wish you harm.
Make it a daily practice, shifting lower energies for all of us.
We are here to transform darkness into light.
Otherwise, take good care of your well-being and health, resting more at this time, drinking more water and eating fresh wholesome food full of vitality.
All this of course in itself is a great part of the higher purpose involved,
But as you do all this you will be more tuned in and receive more easily the clarity offered to you.
Hitting this point will be so liberating, and may involve releasing ego, the need to control, lots of compassion & forgiveness for yourself and others.
This will be a humbling experience
If you allow it to unfold and more peace will overcome you, even if still at moments you will go a bit back and forth from this new found consciousness, you will have ‘seen the light’ and there can be no real going back. Just a bit of adjusting your energy and your conditioned habits.
You will be able to do that and keep rising.

Anchoring yourself in your higher self

You may be facing something right now that is disturbing, frustrating,
To which you can’t figure out a solution.
Know deep in your heart
There is always a higher purpose
And as such
There is always a higher solution
From the Divine.
Look at your emotional reaction
Where does this take you
Can you understand where it stems from?
Is this something you would like to heal, so as not to react again from this same space?
With all the self awareness work you’ve been doing
Can you identify what the best balanced response of your higher self would be?
Detach yourself if only for a minute
From your emotional reaction
Breathe deeply and slowly a few times to regain balance.
Try to meditate, take a walk, be in nature or in your sacred quiet space.
Since you know there is a higher purpose and solution
Ask for higher guidance.
The higher purpose is mainly for you to heal the emotional space within you that is triggered and to find more of a connection with your higher self in which peace overcomes you once you understand there is always a solution, even if at first you don’t see it.
Once a state of peace overcomes you
You will be able to begin to see, sense or be guided to ideas for a solution or at least a general idea or sentiment to begin with.
Now you’re well on your higher path.
The more you let go of any tension around this, and you surrender to peace, the closer you will get to clarity.
A good idea would be to just completely let go and at a certain point it will all be perfectly clear.
Whether it be a solution or perhaps a sudden deeper understanding of the situation and what is needed from you to heal in order to reach completion.
Thus is the magic of faith, growing a bond with your celestial team and anchoring yourself more and more in your higher self.
Suddenly you can see the beauty of this peace in knowing who you truly are.

Awaken all of you

  • Look within
    Which part/s of yourself do you feel you have lost, abandoned?
    What part of you do you feel was not ‘allowed’, accepted, embraced?
    How do you feel you needed to guard yourself and hide?
    This may have stemmed from way back with recurrent experiences along your path.
    Take time out and take a good look at this. In order to move forward in your full authentic self and blossom, you need to recover those parts of you that you have shunned away. Start by making contact. It is possible you are already feeling the stirrings of these, wishing to awaken within you.
    Start by by interacting with your senses. Observe nature more closely, notice the beauty or scent of a magnificent flower. Make contact with a fun loving dog, allow it to coax you into some silliness or allow a little child to lure you into its playfulness. Pick up some physical activity to awaken your body and unblock your energy, even if it’s a mild walk outside to start with.
    Listen to a great piece of music that stirs your passion and creativity.
    Your naivete, creativity and passion are just waiting to come back into your life and make you feel joyful and whole again.
    You are a unique creation of the universe. You have unique qualities and a soul purpose.
    You may feel you were ‘shut down’ in one way or another, but that is not why you’re here.
    You are here to THRIVE and SHINE your unique Beauty and Light unto us all while expressing the Divine Truth of who you Are.
    This experience has served as a lesson to never again shut down who you are. Nothing and No one can take away your Divine ‘light print’.
    We have entered the very powerful ‘Sirius Gate’ open to us until the 7.7
    We are receiving downloads, healing upgrades and much support at this time to recover our true vibrant selves.
    Take time to reconnect with self and feel your soul’s calling.
    Take steps to set yourself free and allow the universe to help you.