Filling the illusion of lack with the fullness of who you are


We are approaching the full moon on the 17th
You can already feel the intensity
You may be feeling emotional,
confused, uneasy.
Find your center
so much has come up for review recently
it can no longer be neglected.
Within all of it lies your Truth
This is your chance to uncover it
and choose to fully embrace it
Spend some quiet time alone
And search within
Re-discover You
fully embrace the truth of who you are
no more half truths
no more hiding
no more cover ups.
The pure naked truth of who you are
is hiding beneath the chaos
beneath all that has camouflaged it
its time to come out
with all your power and beauty.
Thank your soul for showing you
All that is not true
All that is not love
All that has shown up for you has come to clean out all your fears and self doubts
And bring you back home
To self
To truth
To pure love
Are you willing to release anything and anyone that dishonors you to become the best version of yourself
and attract to you those who will celebrate with you ?
All the joy
All the abundance
All the love
is waiting for you
on the flip side.
Value yourself more than any lack offered to you
you lack nothing
you are full of richness, of light, of wisdom and of love
you offer yourself fully and honestly to yourself and to others
as you reach this place
this state of being
in fullness
as you acknowledge this
you shall invite the same into your life
no more lack
for you have Filled the illusion of lack
with the Fullness of Yourself
from this place
you are full
you are rich
you are powerful
you are free
you are love
In being in the full truth of who you are
you attract towards you those who wish to celebrate and co-create with you
This full moon supports the release of all that is not your truth
Allowing you to embrace the Full Truth of who you are
Its time to make choices that honor who you are
look deep within and fall in love with you
see your beauty
cherish your uniqueness
your integrity
and act upon it without delay
its time to stand in the fullness of who you are and carry your truth in all that you do, manifesting the best version of who you truly ARE ❤️
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.


Breaking the chain


If you find yourself
In a same old, same old kind of challenging scenario
Wondering how you are here
After all youve been through
And all the conscious work
Youve done on yourself
Consider this to be your opportunity
To master non attachment and forgiveness.
The road to self discovery
Is the most precious, sacred road you can take
All your experiences
All your challenges
Are to bring you back to self
Knowing that your source is within you
No matter what comes and goes in your life,
Is liberating
Knowing all you need is within
Your strength, your wisdom, your light, your love
All replenishment is within directly connected to source
We are social beings and interactions are important,
But there is no need for attachment.
Attachment diminishes our own sense of power, our own connection to source.
Further more, Attachment to those who play out abusive patterns are a red alert to heal our old wounds
If we had caretakers who could not offer us stable nurturing, we will repeat this pattern in an attempt to heal this, for this is the only template of love we have ever known.
A total release of attachment of any kind and forgiveness of all those who have wronged us, offers a sense of liberation from the entrapment we have created for ourselves, knowing that deep within we have all we ever need, we can rely on ourselves, we can be replenished by source and the love that we are.
We can allow ourselves to invite true respectful, caring relationships that offer beneficial interactions of positive growth and light.
There is no need anymore to replay the dark and disfunctional in order to heal.
There is no more need to replay in our heads any of the who,what, why, when, details of what happened.
Understand the role of those who came to replay this for you.
See the importance and the purpose.
Let it go
Let it all go
You have come back to you
You have found you
This is all that is important
Anchor yourself within
Find your inner peace
Your inner power
Your inner love
Develop even more your connection with self and with Divine source.
This is where its all at
All of it
From this place
Of purity, of confidence and of self love
You can recreate your life
One of honesty, integrity, respect and love
Knowing you carry within
A beautiful source of richness.
Much love



You may be going through a storm
you may be feeling overwhelmed
with too much coming at you
from different angles
you may feel in the midst of chaos
nothing makes sense
that which you have known
and adhered to for your source of stability and sense of identity
may be shaken to the core
or taken out from underneath your feet
now what, you ask
you may be feeling lost
not knowing where, what or who to trust or turn to
this again has a sacred purpose
to lead you back to yourself
to your center
to your heart
to your soul
to your light
for this is and shall always be your source
of nourishment
of rebalancing
of calm
of resourcefulness
and of wisdom
no matter what is going on
no matter where you are
find yourself a moment
of some private time
release all that is troubling you
all the chaos
and all the confusion
and decision making
let it all go
offer all your troubles to the Divine
and release
focus on your peace
focus on relaxing
focus on your well-being
in this precise moment
make a conscious decision
to show yourself unconditional love
as top priority
whatever has been happening
was soul-ly designed
to bring you
to this-
love yourself
totally firstly and unconditionally.
whoever or whatever
has thrown you off balance
has brought you
the most important lesson
you will ever learn
and that is to love yourself.
Within you, you will find all that you need
you carry within you a spark of the Divine
when you are connected to your soul
you are connected to source
within this connection
all your answers shall be found
within this connection
your peace shall be found
within this connection
your light shall be found
look within
take the time for you
you will find your peace
you will find your answers
you will find your light
light up once again from your source
shine for yourself
shine from within onto us
so that we too
shall find our light
Release and forgive all wrong doing done to you
Allow others to find their way towards the light
Gift yourself with the peace and liberation that comes with total release
whatever quest is left unanswered
just know
that as long as you follow
your own light
you will know where your true path leads you.
Much love

Your own light


We are going through some serious energy shifts
You may be feeling stretched out thin dealing with challenge after challenge
Understand that these shifts are important and are designed to bring us all back to our innate state of love
If it has been difficult
Just see how far out of love we have come.
If you are reading this, chances are you are a lightworker, you may not have realised before.
You are here to help hold the light for humanity and bring back more love.
Your journey is not an easy one,
But your soul has signed up for this, and you are doing crucial sacred work.
It is essential at this time to understand your role in all that goes on.
If you feel your light is not accepted, time and time again,do not despair.
Know that you are planting seeds, and no effort of yours is Ever in vain, even if you do not see the effects clearly at this time.
We are all healing in our own pace and some may take longer than others.
Anchor yourself in the light as you focus on self healing.
Sometimes it is possible that you are also absorbing unprocessed emotions of others
This can also explain the intensity you may be feeling.
Your role is to stand by your truth and shine your light.
Your most important lesson at this time is to fully accept what is and what isnt.
No expectations
No judgement
Accept where others are at at this time
This is where you hold the peace for all involved.
In your acceptance you allow others their own process without unnecessary triggering and conflict.
In your acceptance
You grant yourself the gift of peace
Releasing others to make their own choices and allowing yourself the liberty to stay within your light without anything burdening your flow.
Continue to shine your light
Continue to live your truth
Accept all that is
And continue to flow towards more and more light
Understanding the importance of your role is enriching in itself
Fruit of your dedication and labour of love will be seen as you find the peace and gratitude in who you are and what you are here to serve.This is where your personal journey will come full circle to a place of peace within the light
This is where you will begin to see your own light
Much love

Only love shall reside here

20161025_164224 (1) crp signd

New Moon
New Begining
New Life
No resentment
The past is left way behind
Not even remembered
A light breeze of freshness replaces it
Take a look at all the actors in your scenario
Past and present
See them in their innocence
In their vulnerability
Send them pure love from your heart
Seeing yourself able to do that
Shows how youve grown into the true light of your being
You are love
Only love shall reside here
Nothing else matters
All that is not love shall come and go
With ease
You are a shining example of the beauty of creation
Youve come a long way to reach here
Love has no enemies
For it sees no enemies
Breathing in
You invite your new life to begin
Breathing out
You release all that is no longer needed
Blessings all around
For you have come full circle
With whatever you thought was in your way
Bless all
For they have helped you become
Who you are today
Much love



If you feel dissapointed and hurt
that the love you offered is not appreciated
rest assured that nothing is lost
Be proud your heart is open and connected to source
You are authentic and in the flow of who you truly are
Do not block your energy
if others block their own
You have planted seeds of healing
even if they are not immediately seen
Stand Tall and embrace your beauty
for the universe celebrates you
and so should you
Continue to be your true authentic self
there will be those who await your exuberance
keep your energy flowing
keep creating
keep shining
keep planting seeds
Your energy
Your love
will come around tenfold ❤️
Much love

Meet your Peace


These days you may be once again challenged,triggered
See this as a chance to rise higher
A chance to dig deeper and find the peace within that does not need anymore to be triggered to heal,
That does not depend anymore on anyone to be at peace
There is such a place deep within.
Do not be frustrated with those who cannot join you in the light
Allow and accept all that is
There is always a higher purpose for all that is on our path
Forgive and release resentment
So as not to carry this burden with you to the continuation of your journey and block the manifestation of your wishes.
You have done amazing work and you are rising towards the light.
Release anything and anyone that does not meet you in your light.
Do not let anything or anyone pull you backwards towards the darkness
Some take longer than you on their journey to find their way to the light.
Do not let them drag you down.
If people are meant to be in your life, they will find their way to meet you in the light.
You need to take care of your own vibration.
Tap into your higher self
There is a place of peace
Beyond your suffering
Move through your pain into your higher state of being
All that is not love is an illusion.
In another higher dimension all is love for us all
You can tap into that now
The veil is thinning
In your true state of being you are Peace, you are Love, you are Light.
There are many ways you can tune into your higher state of being
Breathe deep long breathes
Release any tension
Connect with nature
Do anything soothing for yourself
That raises your vibration
Salt bath
Essential oils
Herbal teas
Purify your space with sage or pure essence
Connect wth your angels that are always by your side to help you. Ask them to help you find peace.
Ask them to intervene for your highest good.Ask them to release all that does not align with your higher good.
Breathe into places that have withheld tension in your body, breathe out and release.
Ask your angels to heal these places.
Listen to high frequency (Hz) music specifically designed to heal and raise your vibration.
There are many available on youtube
This is one example

This is a sacred moment in which you can turn to the flip side of any suffering and find your peace
If pain comes up
Allow it to
Breathe deeply into it and release
Allow and release
And keep rising towards your light
Continue to devote yourself to your well being and nurture anything that brings you joy
You have been creating something with your light recently
Turn to that and continue to create
See the reflection of who you truly are
Allow it to continue to bring you joy
Let all else fade away
Rise into your greatness
Rise into your light
And shine on us
We await you
As you move into more of your light
Your soul family moves to meet and embrace you
See yourself strengthen
See yourself anchor yourself into your light
Nothing can shake you
You are Golden
And you have a beautiful mission of creating more light for us all
Adhere to that
And let all else fall away
Thank you for being here
Thank you for your strength, your courage, your determination.
You are piercing through the denseness that has been created here on earth
You are bringing in more light for us all
You are a blessing for us all
Wrap yourself in a bubble of white light
And heal
Transmute any darkness within and any darkness that comes to play with you
Into light.
Peace be with you
Peace be in you
For you Are the Light.
Much love 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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