Golden Opportunity

We have just moved through the energetic portal of 11.11And are still within it, gearing towards the very important 12.12 gateway.
Major Major transformation is afoot
Though it is totally up to us if we heed the call and open to the Immense opportunity being offered to us.
At a moment you feel lemons being thrown at you, not only can you make lemonade but an Elixir of Love. Look to whatever and whoever disturbs you the most at this moment and open your whole being to send it/ them your purest love and light.
Look into your deepest pain and pour light into it.
Watch yourself tune into your highest state of being, tap into the most magical power you never realized you had within your fingertips,
Your innate golden power that can not only transform you but help transform others. Right this minute, Look to what repeatedly comes your way and once again triggers your deepest most raw emotions and turn the whole situation on its head.
Move through the pain, withholding your habitual knee jerk reaction of anger, frustration and despair. Look to transform your own negativity with brutal honesty and overwhelming self-love and choose to rise higher than you’ve ever allowed yourself. Break down those self imposed barriers that held you in an endless loop, trapped time and time again, not knowing how to exit your misfortune.
You hold the key.
To those who send you harm, send them back your very best intentions and energy of love, transmuting the energy to light for all involved. Elevate any harsh emotions harbored to wishes for all to find their way to the Light for the greater good of all.
Look deep within and pull out absolutely each and any possible drop of negativity and throw them into the fire of your light. Beam with all your being into the light and watch yourself transform into the highest version of yourself, leaving behind all those trappings that kept you small and suffocated. Move into full partnership with the Divine as you connect with your spark, transcending your prior limitations, celebrating life And move into who you are meant to be.
Blessings Mia

Your Garden


If possible read this while listening to this :

Today is an important energetic portal
It is also a full moon tomorrow
Which makes it all the more powerful
The energy is intense
Today even if just for a moment
Let go of all your thoughts
All the would of, could of, should of…
Breathe deeply
And empty your mind
Listen to some calming music

Like this one or any other:

And surrender to all that is
You dont have to control anything
Let go
Move back into your safe space within
There is Peace there
There is Love there
Close your eyes
Let go of the past
All that has played out
All the different players
Wish them well and allow them to continue their journey
Visualise yourself waving to them and watch them wave back to you as they walk off into the meadows of far away land
If you feel tears flow
Let them
You are clearing the energy
Come back to yourself
To your garden
To your flowers
To your peace
To your love
Your self love
The love of the Creator
Your love for Creation
And for your Life,your Creation
The peace you seek
Is in your Self Truth
Come within
Rest there for a while
Within the quiet
Listen to your soul
It will speak to you
Of all the flowers you still wish to plant
Of the garden you wish to nourish and grow
This garden is you
Your Life
Your Creation
It is time
To release all that has come in the way of your Dream,
Of your Soul’s creation and fullfilment
Now, after all the lessons,mishaps and detours
Now, is your time
Let the tears flow
Let the density go
Let others go on their way
And take care of you and your garden
Let go
And start planting your flowers
Of love you have within you ❤

Much love
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