Golden Opportunity

We have just moved through the energetic portal of 11.11And are still within it, gearing towards the very important 12.12 gateway.
Major Major transformation is afoot
Though it is totally up to us if we heed the call and open to the Immense opportunity being offered to us.
At a moment you feel lemons being thrown at you, not only can you make lemonade but an Elixir of Love. Look to whatever and whoever disturbs you the most at this moment and open your whole being to send it/ them your purest love and light.
Look into your deepest pain and pour light into it.
Watch yourself tune into your highest state of being, tap into the most magical power you never realized you had within your fingertips,
Your innate golden power that can not only transform you but help transform others. Right this minute, Look to what repeatedly comes your way and once again triggers your deepest most raw emotions and turn the whole situation on its head.
Move through the pain, withholding your habitual knee jerk reaction of anger, frustration and despair. Look to transform your own negativity with brutal honesty and overwhelming self-love and choose to rise higher than you’ve ever allowed yourself. Break down those self imposed barriers that held you in an endless loop, trapped time and time again, not knowing how to exit your misfortune.
You hold the key.
To those who send you harm, send them back your very best intentions and energy of love, transmuting the energy to light for all involved. Elevate any harsh emotions harbored to wishes for all to find their way to the Light for the greater good of all.
Look deep within and pull out absolutely each and any possible drop of negativity and throw them into the fire of your light. Beam with all your being into the light and watch yourself transform into the highest version of yourself, leaving behind all those trappings that kept you small and suffocated. Move into full partnership with the Divine as you connect with your spark, transcending your prior limitations, celebrating life And move into who you are meant to be.
Blessings Mia

Stand in your power


Tommorow is the Full moon
And also the 12.12 Energetic portal
Which amplifies each other
Very potent energies are at hand.
We are also approaching the end of the year
Closing karmic chapters
And heading
Towards a New beginning, a New Chapter.
You may have been through a very challenging test these days
Surprising you and shaking you
Putting all you have learned to the test.
You may have been shaken
But found your ground
Quite quickly
Knowing who you are, your worth,
You are remembering quicker and stronger than ever before, how much love you have for yourself and how important that is.
At this point in life, you know
Absolutely nothing will take your power away.
If you have been through disappointment,
Nuturing yourself back to balance and calm stable footing is what is required
By now you have learned so well how to take care of yourself
And it is so gratifying
In fact, you have learned to appreciate your quality time alone with your higher self and with the Divine.
Remember, in the silence
You are able to release all the ‘noise’
Inner and outer
And listen to Divine guidance
While you also bring yourself back to healing and balance.
The Silence brings so much promise
It is a true gift in such a hectic world
Bringing us back to our Divine self.
The full moon and energetic portal asks you to release all that is not you, not in your highest good and not in truth and in the light, so you can continue to rise on your highest path towards the light and the manifestation of who you truly are and your higher purpose.
Remember too the intense chaotic energies surrounding the holidays at this time , affecting everyone as a collective ,whether you celebrate or not.
Try to find quiet alone time
Try to do some soul searching.
There may be a troubling situation, conflict or confusion and the only way to deal is through quiet.
Detaching emotionally from the situation.
Not rushing for conclusion or action.
Resting, healing, releasing and detaching.
Focusing on self nurturing.
Breathe deeply and exhale 3 times
Nice and slow.
In times of stress we tend to breathe in a shallow manner, while our cells and brains need more oxygen rather than less.
Remember also as you inhale deeply, you are inviting the Divine into your Being, and releasing the tension that is leaving you closed to higher guidance and positive flow.
Allow emotions, thoughts, fears,doubts and confusion to rise to your consciousness.
Allow the situation to untangle before you as you tend to each emotion and thought that is causing the clutter.
Look to the origins of these emotions, where they stem from.
What are your fears and what are your aspirations.
You will find an opportunity to learn much more about who you are. Enjoy the process.Do this lovingly.
Appreciate who you are, all you’ve gone through and what you are striving to create.
Understand that all that the Universe has put into your path is and is meant to be solvable.
If you still feel confused
Collect all that comes up
Wrap it all in a bundle
And offer it , as is, to the Divine
Asking for assistance in this situation.
Asking for guidance and solutions for the highest good of all involved
And Release
Know it is solved
And let the weight be lifted from your shoulders
Your release
Will allow new wisdom
As well as solutions to come in.
Tend to your own well being
Love who you are and who you are becoming ❤
Much love
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12.12 Shift



If you have been through a difficult experience recently
Know that you are not alone
Many of us are going through a much needed shift to put us on the right track for our Highest good
Even if you cannot see it at the moment
It IS a Blessing
And you will understand this in due course.
For the time being tend to your own well being with tender loving care
Show yourself some love
And do all you can to put the experience behind you , dont dwell on it even though you cant understand why it happened.
Remember the Divine always has a plan for your good.
Have Faith
And do your part
To be good to yourself
To Nurture a Positive outlook
Absolutely anything can come your way
At any given moment
Be open to receive
Be open to Life
Be open to the Divine sending you Blessings
Put your best foot forward and do something today for your good
And for the benefit of your petsonal dreams
Which may have been left behind lately
Reconnect with your soul
Nourish your relationship withself and your Divine connection
Talk to your Angels and Guides
They are here for you
They wish to help you
But they can only if you ask
For they must respect your free will
Today anything can happen
Start the ball rolling towards your good
On your own
And watch what happens..
Have a Great Week!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Life Force


Lets talk about worthiness
Do yo feel yourself deserving of all the Good this Life has to offer?
Do you feel worthy of Manifesting who you Truly Are?
Do you understand that you have been created
Therefore there is Purpose in your Creation.
That you are part of this magnificent abundant universe and linked to all that is?
When you release all that comes in the way of that connection you begin to see the wonder and the magic of creation,
And how you and your Creative Energy plays an Important part in the web of Life..Wow..
Why on Earth would you want to miss out on that?
Peel off all that does not allow you to see the magnificence of your own BEing.
When you tune into your own Life Force, your Life Force just takes you away into your True Destiny, not needing anymore to block your own way or to pay attention to anyone who does not understand.
You are a Seed of Creation
You are here to Carry Forth something Amazing that will Benefit us All.
Holding that from us
Will withold a part of the evolution of Humanity

Do you still think youre unworthy?
Think again
Infact..dont think at all
Feel your Worthiness
Feel our Worthiness for what you Have to Offer
We are approaching the 12.12 Energetic Gateway encouraging us to connect to our True Source and our Life Force.
Feel your Life Force pulsating through your veins.
Feel Life
Act Now
Give us what youve Got 😊
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop