Special Encounter

We are within the energy of a very important portal of 10.10
We are in the last trimester of the year
And also currently within mercury retrograde. 
Though this has been an ongoing theme for a while, at the moment this may be further accentuated. 
You may be experiencing dreams and/or visions in which you get to review your life and see all kinds of situations that did not work out for you. 
Interactions in which you may have felt you gave your all whole heartedly and yet others could not respond the same and perhaps some situations in which you yourself might not have acted in ways you would expect of yourself. 
All these were to teach you lessons and bring you back to alignment with the truth of your creation, with your true self. 
Bit by bit as you work out these pieces of your puzzle and what each piece meant to you, you are given the opportunity to Align back to self. If you have been doing this work diligently you now have reached the possibility to encounter and align with your higher self.
Hopefully, by now you will have acknowledged and even worked in some way with your spiritual team of angels and guides and they will always escort and support you as they have been assigned to do so, but now that you have reached a new level of awareness, understanding and mastering of your lessons, you are able to ‘meet’ your higher self and work to gradually align with your highest form of creation and your divine purpose here on earth.
This is very exciting, for you have reached an important milestone.
This is also such an important era in which you planned to be here and assist with the major evolution of this planet. This is why you had to go through so many hard lessons. They were all designed to carve and prepare you for your upcoming role. 
Every single bit of it had meaning and higher purpose and you are beginning to see how it all fits in.
With that awareness 
Stretch taller, higher, deeper
Reach the highest version of you
The person
You always wished you could be
Your higher self
It is the inner knowing
Of your creation’s truth
Bring in all those glimpses
Of visions
And aspirations
All those insights, dreams
Hopes and visions
Look within
Create some sacred, quiet, quality time
In which you Get to encounterY
our higher version
Of self
Make the encounter, the connection 
Interact with that higher version of self
Allow space to envision
Connect the parts that you know and sense
And allow
The other parts to fill in
Release prior fears and doubts
And allow this process
For it is precious
And crucial
For your higher purpose
In fact
What is highly important at this time
Is to release all your old baggage
Of these past experiences 
And any residue of negative feelings and energies
For this sacred process to take place
This is why it has taken so long 
To the extent you are willing to release 
This will be the extent you will be able to move into your new role and life. 
Be gentle and have compassion 
For some things take time
It is a complex process
But as you release
All the density and negativity 
From your surroundings 
And from within
You are able
To open your petals To the soft glistening sun
And Rise to
The essence and role
Of who you are meant to BE


IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

Today is the 2.2.2020
Energetic portal
You may be feeling emotional, vulnerable, anxious and/or excited
The New is definitely moving in
And cannot be dismissed, even if you do not see it yet in a tangible way, you can already sense the energies shifting.
Your emotions are caused by the void and a sense of anticipation, not knowing quite what to expect and when exactly.
They are also caused because you have done your work and released that which no longer serves your highest good.
You know what you dont want anymore, you know what you do want and theres the transition, the void, leaving you emotional.
Lower energies leaving and higher energies building up
This is a precious moment for you as you are about to create more beauty and more magic into your life.
Dont take this time lightly.
Savor it.
Savor yourself,your existence here
All youve gone through
And what you are about to create.
This portal highlights the numbers 2 and favors unions, partnerships aswell as balance and harmony
These can be romantic,family,friendship or work related
Higher level of unions are supported
Though the first most important union is with one’s higher self and the Divine
The quality of this union is as the dedication and importance you put into it
With much diligence and loyalty, it is to be very gratifying, as with all unions.
The more you dedicate to this bond the greater the level of clarity and guidance you will receive.
The work you do spending quiet time connecting regularly will help you improve all you do aswell as your other partnerships.
The number 2’s added up become the number 8
The symbol of infinity
As we are all eternal souls
There is an emphasis on your Alignment with your source creation
Evolving into alignment with source towards eternity ❤
Much love
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You have been going through so much recently
It has been intense
But all of it was held within your energy in one way or another
So now that youve seen all this
You can definitely understand why it needed to go
If you have been doing your work
You have been Clearing, Healing and Building better steps to Sustain Yourself, your Energy and your Connection with the Divine.
Even if not everything is yet clear to you
You are clear on heading for a new page and you do eagerly want more out of your life and out of yourself.
You are beginning to see yourself differently
Stronger, Wiser, Deeper
Than what you have thought
You are Awakening
You can see so much more how you wish to Evolve towards the Light and how you wish no longer to entertain any disturbances.
You are here on a Sacred Mission.
Anything that does not Align is lowering your Energy and holding you back.
By no means do you wish to be held back any longer !
Its time to Anchor yourself, your Energy and your Mission in an unwavering way.
When in doubt or in the presence of any disturbance
STILLNESS while Deep Breathing
Is the absolute most precious tool we have
To reconnect with our Higher Self and our Divine Assistance.
You are Mastering your Existence here on Planet Earth.
You are Mastering your Presence of Light.
This is not to be taken lightly.
By now you have learned how Important and Sacred this is.
There can be no interferences
Continue to learn your tools of Centering, Calming, Grounding and Connecting with the Divine.
If you need to explore and learn some more do so
Do not compare yourself to others
We are all unique individuals on a unique journey.
Sometimes this learning process is a very personal path in which the individual unveils his own inner wisdom and tools on his own.
Make sure to be True to the unique Truth of your Being and how you are to develop yourself.
Some of us have come here to deliver our Unique light which not many around us are capable of understanding, resulting in isolation.
Do not fear your isolation.
You have Gifts to share that you have needed to Protect
The time has come to begin to unveil them
To yourself and to others.
Those who Align and are meant to Co Create with you shall Arrive.
It has not been an easy path but you have been so Brave!
You have not always understood it all, just glimpses, enough to persuade you to keep moving towards the Light.
The knowing Deep inside
That one day you will be able to offer Fruits of your Labor
Has helped you through the weight of the Journey.
You have Arrived.
You still have fine tuning to do
The journey is far from over
But you have shed so much of the falsehood that has attempted to overcome you
And you have won the battle
You can see more clearly what is Not who you are or what you wish for on this Journey.
You can begin to see or sense more clearly
What are the Gifts you wish to offer
Even if this is not yet perfectly clear at this time, you are swimming in the Deep waters of your Soul and you know the importance of continuing to do so
As you Protect your Energy very carefully.
You will soon begin to offer us all Great Pearls only you can Produce.
Thank you for Being Here
Thank you for Persevering
Thank you for Shining your Light
We await your Gifts with open arms as we All need them for the Evolution of our Human Family
Thank you ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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20171122_145739 sind

Are you feeling stressed these days?
Pushing forward to achieve your goals is good but remember balance is so important.
Remaining centered and aligned with your higher self enables peak performance
When you start running out of balance you cannot think or function properly nor can you get your best shot at your desired results
Remember to Breathe deeply
In and out
Give this a moment
Wherever you are
This helps you immediately link better to yourself and to your inner guidance.
Drink lots of water
Eat healthy and balanced
And get as much rest as you can.
If you can get even 5 minutes in the sunlight do so, soak in the light and receive instant regeneration.
This Crystal
Try to get yourself one
If not, look at the photo and absorb its essence
Takes you straight to the water
To the Sea
Feel the waves
Pushing and pulling
Teasing you playfully to let go a little
Let it Soothe you
Let go of the stress
And just
BE ♡
Much love