You may be feeling very emotional
Seemingly out of nowhere 
Perhaps you are being called 
To process a recent disappointment in order to find resolution and peace
And this may have triggered other disappointments and left you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.
It’s ok
It’s totally ok to allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise 
In fact.. It’s recommended 
It’s so important to be totally true
Especially and firstly with yourself 
It’s one thing to work on trying to transmute your pain into positive building blocks to move forward
Which is great and what is required at this time
But it is equally important 
To process your emotions 
And heal them
For you to get a better understanding of yourself
Of your past
And of your journey ahead
Allow yourself to be vulnerable 
Allow yourself to cry
To experience sorrow
And yearning
The sorrow of things that did not work out, 
That did not live up to their expectations 
The yearnings for that which fills your heart with warmth and joy
Yes, you deserve that
We all deserve that
Spend some quality, quiet time alone
Allow that which disappointed you  to surface
What do you see? 
In many cases
Your expectations, your needs were not met and your boundaries were trespassed
In many cases
It’s really no one’s fault 
For mostly there were no ill intentions
Just inability to meet you where you are and grow with you
Even in those where there were bad intentions
They did not know better from within their state of consciousness 
The important point now
Is how and why you attracted these situations
Which unhealed parts of yourself needed to be expressed in these situations for you to learn more about them and heal
What did you need to experience and learn about your self worth through these experiences 
All of what you have experienced
Was designed to bring you back to self
To honoring your self, your strength, your truth and your value
The sadness you feel and the yearning in your heart 
Is bringing you back in touch with the truth and depth of your being 
And respecting that
No more settling for less than what you deserve 
If you yearn for connections of depth and integrity, healthy communication and other values that are important to you
Whether it be in emotional, social or work interactions 
Then it is time you honor your soul by accepting nothing less than what it needs to exist and co-create in dignity and joy
So we can all continue to grow towards the light in a healthy manner, beneficial to all. 
There were no missed opportunities 
All has carved you into who you are today
Knowing more fully who you are and what you wish for. 
Release past engagements with your full forgiveness and peace for they have taught you so much about yourself 
Wish them all well on their journey 
Look into your heart stirrings and yearnings that come up at the moment 
Look at what they show you
For they are your key to your future
Take note of what is important to you
And search for that in your future interactions 
By now you know the signs
Take heed
And invest only where you are fully mutually respected and appreciated 
In order to celebrate and grow together

Pure energy

At this time we are clearing that which does not serve our highest good and aligning with our higher selves and destiny
Moving into your truth is the highest energy of all and is truly extremely powerful
Don’t let fears and doubts hold you back
Your unique light is needed

Your True Power

We are within the energy of the full Moon 
A very powerful and emotional energy
Focusing on your values, emotions relationships and what home means for you. 
You are being asked to release all that has disappointed you and does not align with your highest good. 
You may be receiving more clarity through your dreams as to what your challenges may have triggered from your past wounds, showing you what still needed to be cleared and healed. 
These days you are being asked to move forward towards your highest path by leaving behind all that does not serve you and connecting fully with your truth. 
When you overcome your fears and self doubts and take leaps, even small ones towards what you really want to do, what you feel guided and passionate about
You are aligning with your truth, your true power Your higher self
That alignment gives you power
It is your ultimate power
It gives you energy
High vibrational energy
As you move forward You may be slipping in and out
Of this heightened energy 
Forwarding on your path
Taking the right steps 
Slipping back to old comfortable patterns 
Even when you know they’re not right for you
Now is the time 
To anchor your movement forward 
No one can make this crucial change 
For yourself 
But yourself
Dont slip back 
You dont need to move fast
Move in a balanced manner 
You can take baby steps 
But it is your energy 
And intentions 
That you need to level up
And keep them up
And aligned with your higher self
Work on affirmations and mantras
If it helps you
Anything that reminds you
Of your true being and direction


It’s been a long stretch of many challenges, especially for lightworkers/chosen ones. Absolutely all of it was designed to reconnect you with your inner truth and power, preparing you for your higher purpose 🌹🙏❤️

Aligning with your Higher Destiny

We are heading towards the full moon on the 17th
With whatever has been occurring recently, it has become clearer to you that certain energies, habits, patterns, dynamics must change for you to reach your highest potential
Something is not quite cutting it
Something does not feel right
You are not here to give your energy away
For it to be misused
And for you to end up
Drained and depleted
You are here to create 
And co create
On a high vibrational level
Respectful of yourself and others
In ways
That energize all concerned
Your light energy
Is a gift, a blessing 
First to yourself 
Which is to be protected, nourished and celebrated
Then to others 
Who interact and co-create with you
In a healthy manner
You have learned so much about this
You are about to master this important lesson 
You may be feeling low at the moment 
You may have been through such a long stretch 
And perhaps this last blow
Has caught you completely off guard 
You may feel confused about where to go from here
But Alas you’ve been through it all before 
You know time heals and clarifies
Just make sure you are gently healing and nurturing yourself 
And asking for Divine assistance and guidance
Do all you can to release all lower vibrations and situations 
Regardless if you understand all the details or not
Your main concern
Is your own vibration, health and well-being 
Make that top priority no matter what
Without which you are not beneficial to any situation, most importantly to yourself 
When you re-establish your vibration 
You regain stability and clarity
This full moon You can say a prayer
To the Divine:
Please help me Release
All that does not Align
With my Highest Good
Please help me Align
With my Higher Destiny

We are here to become the best version of ourselves 
Whatever may have served for a lesson 
May not serve for a lifetime
Do not stop where your energy is drained
Nourish yourself, regain balance 
And keep striding towards your higher destiny
Keep doing anything and everything that nourishes you and raises your vibration
And whatever is meant to meet you there
You will attract towards you. 
You are unique 
You are special
There is no other like you
Please treat yourself kindly
Honor who you are
You are a blessing 
As soon as you honor yourself 
You become that blessing for yourself and others
When you live in doubt
Or lack of confidence 
You are mistrusting
God’s creation
And you are not living in Truth
Trusting your intuition
And honoring your unique expressions of light
Is honoring your contract with the Divine
To bring forward Your Own Divine Light print for all to be blessed 
Dont knock that
Thats what you’re here to do
Create your own magic
And leave behind any interferences
Dont wait for support
Be so trusting in your own voice and mission
That the energy of that conviction 
Will create magic. 


You may be facing a very confusing situation and you may find it hard to believe what’s true and what’s not.
Indeed there is a lot of truth hidden from you.
Rest assured that spirit always allows the truth to surface. 
The most important lesson for you at this time is to know to make decisions for your highest good even if you don’t know all of the facts. 
This is calling for your intuition to take control because, only you know what’s good for you.
We are currently living in a time in which all hidden truths will be revealed but on the way there we are witnessing much confusion.
You may not know at this point who or what to trust 
Hang in there
This is Divinely designed for you to trust yourself first and foremost
Especially for your important decisions 
Do not rely on anything or anyone. 
You can do this
You need to strengthen your bond with your inner self and spirit. 
Spend more time in quiet
Looking inwards
And you will find your answers
We are Divine beings
Our lives here involve a lot of distractions but they are an essential part of the journey 
If anything, they teach us to become more of who we are and more focused on what is truly important .
Clarity and confirmations will arrive in due time but you will be grateful and pleased you learned the lesson of listening to yourself
That inner voice that just knows what is good and healthy for you.
Stick to what makes you feel healthy, vibrant, inspired, motivated, aligned and full of light. 
Stay away from anything that makes you doubt in yourself, lowers your energy and doesn’t feel right.
You’ve been through so much
All of it was to teach you to trust yourself 
And now, you get to master the lesson 
Show yourself and the universe 
That you are truly devoted to the highest path of light and nothing will deter you from it.

Let go of lower vibration period

Certain situations, interactions, relationships come into your life to serve a lesson
When you cling to them longer than needed
You are weakening your energy and blocking your advancement towards your life purpose and abundance
Dont waste precious time and energy trying to over analyze
Clarity will come with time as you detach emotionally and evolve
At this point in time you do not have time or energy to waste to linger in lower vibrational situations 
You have come too far for that 
You have worked too hard
By now you must honor yourself, your creation and your higher purpose more than anything else 
This honoring
Will bless all that you touch
But you have to take care of you first
And always
Do not let any distraction lower your vibration or take away your energy 
Let others do their work and follow their higher guidance 
The world is about to shift and you will be carried into your higher mission to assist others adapt to the changes and confusion 
The long road of challenges you have endured has prepared and initiated you.
Gather and anchor your energy 
Rest, heal and strengthen 
All is well
All is as it should be 
You will soon be called to service 
Make sure you are ready 


Following the eclipse
We have entered an important time of release
You may go through a sudden challenging situation, out of no where.
Don’t take things personally.
People may behave bizarre, but they are merely showing you their true colors
And the universe is doing you a service by removing those who do not align with your highest good from your life.
Dont try to make things that are not meant for you work. 
If dynamics are not in integrity 
Dont try to fit in, dont hold on
Just thank your angels and the situation
For helping you move on and outta there
Towards your higher path
Attracting towards you those who vibe with you
This situation is also an opportunity for you to purify old wounds of not being accepted or embraced, treated badly, abused etc
Leading you to old feelings of not being enough
One last time for you to see very clearly 
That the misconduct of others has absolutely nothing to do with your value and everything to do with their own issues.
You just happened to be the easy nearby scapegoat.
In fact, it is your light that triggers them to react, as they do not feel comfortable in their own skin. 
Today is a point to remember, in which you turn that corner of feeling less, feeling victimized, rather after all your deep hard work and dedication to the path, you can honestly recognize your own integrity and celebrate yourself, while you witness what truly is occurring before you without taking any of it onto yourself, but even feeling some compassion for whoever is acting out of dishonesty, for you realize how removed they are from their own light.
Avoid confrontation and wish them to find their way.
Release the situation and know that this has served a higher purpose and any practical issue this may have created will find its solution if you just stay calm and open for signs. 
Celebrate yourself and the opening this has created for you to modify your life to align even more with your higher path, including more honest people to co create with.

Preparing for your mission

There is a part of you
That is timeless, formless 
Pure light
When you cling to memories, pain, things, situations, people 
You are clinging to fear
And forgetting the essence of who you are
You are in this world 
But not of this world 
You have the possibility 
At any given moment 
To lift yourself 
Above and beyond 
And remember who you are. 
Everything you have ever lived
And are living
Are experiences, lessons 
That mold your understanding 
Of the human experience
And prepare you for your higher mission. 
Emotions are present
But do not attach yourself 
To what is to be passing 
And ever flowing during your time here on planet earth.
See the value of the tools you are acquiring 
To strengthen yourself, to understand and help others. 
You are so much more than all these incidents that occur for you
No one is truly an enemy, but a sister/brother on the journey, who may or may not know his way, but will find it eventually, for we all came from the same creation and we all are headed eventually in the same direction, to the ever expanding light of creation. 
Look within
Find your truth
Find your essence 
Your purpose, your passion, your mission 
Connect with your guides and angels 
They are your most trustworthy allies
Tune in to what you are here to learn and do
Listen for the signs
When you begin to understand
You will see the significance of all your challenges 
Let go
Release your grip
On what you thought was yours
What you thought was right
What you thought Is the way things should be
A big part of what you’re going through
Is for you to release all your conditioning
And rediscover your real inner truth
That of your creation. 
As we adhere to society we tend to please, harmonize and adapt to fit in
But lose ourselves in the process. 
Pulling away from influences that do not align with our highest good, allows us to finally recover our own truth and purpose.
Do not be afraid to be alone for a while
To find yourself, your soul
After which the jewel in you can shine forth brighter than ever before
And become who you are meant to be
Following your vocation. 
Learn to constantly let go
And go with the flow 
Appreciate everything that comes your way for it is always heaven sent
With some kind of purpose 
Appreciate yourself for going through your experiences with your best efforts of carrying the light
Forgive yourself and others for any misgivings
Travel light
Don’t carry any unnecessary weight, burdens or regrets 
Nothing is lost or wasted
All is gained
Move towards your mission 
More polished, more prepared 
Connect inwards to your higher wisdom and with your Celestial team regularly 
Focus on your path
And remember 
Who you are