Finding peace in this moment, in this journey

We are within the culmination of the 5.5 portal=change (23.5-2+3=5) We are within the change/The change is within/We are the change

We are clearing deep difficult emotions to create anew without debris



We are limitless, we are infinite

These days the energies are very intense 

Much of our shadow is surfacing on a personal and collective level 

There are also energies that are pushing to nourish low vibe tendencies

Therefore it is imperative at this time to pay close attention, to discern what energy within you are you nurturing and not give into temptations of any kind of negativity even if you feel it is ‘justified’. 

For example nurturing anger and/or hate for whoever you perceive as a ‘villain’ whether it be in your personal life, a character in a movie, or a person in the global scene, is very toxic to your own energy and to what you transmit onwards into our shared world. 

It is counterproductive to the peace we all wish to experience and create. 

At this time in which we are to build anew on better values 

We must be fully aware of our participation and what we are harboring and expressing/creating. 

In times of exhaustion after many challenges and uncertainty, our old habits may seem tempting. 

Now is not the time to fall back asleep 

It is the time, more than ever, to continue taking the high road so that others will be inspired and will follow. 

Anything coming up for you now, coming ‘at you’ and/or triggers you

Use this time wisely to take a good look at it and see if it fits any longer in your life and how you can go about doing things differently on a higher vibrational level 

You have signed up to transmute the low vibe energies you have been encountering in your life and

You are doing an honorable job

You can be very proud of yourself 

For your role is very important 

The vicious cycles

Stop with you

Just imagine for a minute

What that means 

How significant 

How profound

How pivotal

Which is why it has been so challenging 

Knowing the importance 

Can make it easier 

Knowing that you are teamed up with spirit who has your back at all times

You are safe, protected and loved more than you know. 

Working on strengthening your bond with your Celestial team is the game changer

Giving you so much more insight and comfort feeling their presence and acknowledging the signs and messages. 

Try to take time on a regular basis to cultivate your inner quiet and allow your spiritual family to come through. 

Now is a time in which 

We are being asked to make important choices moving forward

Assessing what exactly you want to nurture, express and create in your life and with others 

All your hard work and dedication is precious and has brought you to this point marking history for the evolution of humanity

You are a part of an important shift taking place

We are ever expanding consciousness

We are limitless

Nothing can stop you 

But yourself 

Dont allow doubt, fear or any other negativity get in the way of your beautiful expansion,
Our beautiful expansion

Thank you for being here 



Finding peace-our hidden anger is counterproductive

This may be an eye opener for certainly has been for myself..

These days you may be dealing with uncertainty and even frustration. You are invited to take a good look at your reactions and see if there may be deep hidden anger issues triggered to be healed and released so we can build a new peaceful existence for us all ūüôŹ

Creation loves you

Today is valentine’s day
While it is obviously commercial
It is still a day in which a large collective focuses on however they perceive love.
I would like to use this moment
To wish you
To remember the creation’s love for you
To remember to love yourself
So much so
That you appreciate and respect yourself
And choose to no longer carry with you
Any false perceptions of you
Or any misconduct towards you
That you remember
That you are worthy
And beautiful
In your unique way
And that you fall in love with yourself so much that you share with us all your astonishment of God’s creation that is called You.
We are blessed to have you with us
We appreciate and celebrate you
And I wish for you
To invite into your life
Nothing less than
That same celebration 
For you are
God’s child
Created in love

When the penny drops..

Some situations need to take you to your deepest wounds in order to heal them

Sometimes you need to go through several rounds within the situation for you to reach peace with all that it revealed until you suddenly find youve transformed your greatest ‘weakness’ into your greatest strength.

Then you know you can release for it has served it’s purpose. 

Thus is the beauty of this sometimes heartwrenching but extremely gratifying journey

Once you open yourself to all its twists and turns always with an open heart ready to be humbled

To grow and serve creation. 

Grace favors the brave

May you know

The mysteries of the light

And shine upon us all




You may be feeling very emotional
Seemingly out of nowhere 
Perhaps you are being called 
To process a recent disappointment in order to find resolution and peace
And this may have triggered other disappointments and left you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.
It’s ok
It’s totally ok to allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise¬†
In fact.. It’s recommended¬†
It’s so important to be totally true
Especially and firstly with yourself 
It’s one thing to work on trying to transmute your pain into positive building blocks to move forward
Which is great and what is required at this time
But it is equally important 
To process your emotions 
And heal them
For you to get a better understanding of yourself
Of your past
And of your journey ahead
Allow yourself to be vulnerable 
Allow yourself to cry
To experience sorrow
And yearning
The sorrow of things that did not work out, 
That did not live up to their expectations 
The yearnings for that which fills your heart with warmth and joy
Yes, you deserve that
We all deserve that
Spend some quality, quiet time alone
Allow that which disappointed you  to surface
What do you see? 
In many cases
Your expectations, your needs were not met and your boundaries were trespassed
In many cases
It’s really no one’s fault¬†
For mostly there were no ill intentions
Just inability to meet you where you are and grow with you
Even in those where there were bad intentions
They did not know better from within their state of consciousness 
The important point now
Is how and why you attracted these situations
Which unhealed parts of yourself needed to be expressed in these situations for you to learn more about them and heal
What did you need to experience and learn about your self worth through these experiences 
All of what you have experienced
Was designed to bring you back to self
To honoring your self, your strength, your truth and your value
The sadness you feel and the yearning in your heart 
Is bringing you back in touch with the truth and depth of your being 
And respecting that
No more settling for less than what you deserve 
If you yearn for connections of depth and integrity, healthy communication and other values that are important to you
Whether it be in emotional, social or work interactions 
Then it is time you honor your soul by accepting nothing less than what it needs to exist and co-create in dignity and joy
So we can all continue to grow towards the light in a healthy manner, beneficial to all. 
There were no missed opportunities 
All has carved you into who you are today
Knowing more fully who you are and what you wish for. 
Release past engagements with your full forgiveness and peace for they have taught you so much about yourself 
Wish them all well on their journey 
Look into your heart stirrings and yearnings that come up at the moment 
Look at what they show you
For they are your key to your future
Take note of what is important to you
And search for that in your future interactions 
By now you know the signs
Take heed
And invest only where you are fully mutually respected and appreciated 
In order to celebrate and grow together


We live in a fast paced, quick fix, trigger and temptation filled lifestyle nowadays that has sadly furthered us from our deep meaningful connection to self, nature, loved ones and spirit.
We allow constant distraction to come and go, leaving us stripped of our crucial personal boundaries maintaining our well-being, and important development of our fullest potential. We are being muted and numbed down by streaming disturbances, all with our consent.
Take back your time, your space, your energy, rediscover who you are re determine what you invest in and what holds real value for you.
Start by taking small pockets of time a day, close your phone for 5 min,
Breathe, connect with self, with spirit.
Start creating barriers to your energy in which you intentionally decide where it goes to.
Be fully present with loved ones for deep meaningful interactions.
Shut off distractions when choosing to connect with self, others, nature and spirit.
Begin to be aware of all the ways you allow and even escape depth, towards shallow distractions that are sometimes even troubling to your energy. Instead of endlessly adding on stimuli, try substracting to reach what is really important for your well-being and growth.
We speak so much about wanting changes in our lives, but it’s time we reevaluate where and how we invest our energy and redirect our intentions towards our true goals.


It is time to take a pause.

So much has happened this last year

So much is still occurring

Much more beneath the surface

And is yet to be revealed.

It is time to pause

It is time to stop looking at things for face value

It is time to stop following the crowd

It is time to stop blindly trusting anyone who seems or claims to be in the know.

It is time to stop



Overriding your truth, your values

Disregarding your well being, your health, your soul, nature, humanity, creation, spirit.

It is time to listen to your own inner guidance

Value who you are as part of this Beautiful Creation called life

It is time to value all of Creation and your part in it, respectfully, harmoniously.

It is time to see all that is gradually being revealed

All that has been done to disrupt the balance within all of creation.

It is time to see where you have allowed yourself to separate from self,

From respecting your own creation and from all of creation.

So much more is yet to be revealed

Which may create shock

We Are Awakening

Nothing will be the same

Not in the way you may think, or may have been told.

We are forced by the Universe to stop all that has gone against the true harmony of  Creation.

There may be much more than you have realised.

There will be no more hiding or denial.

Creation is demanding its restoration.

This is the time in which we ponder upon how we got here. Much more information will be gradually presented to you to understand,

But we must all look within to see what is our part and what we can do to start healing, mending, restoring replenishing and creating ANEW

For our own selves and loved ones as well as for the whole.

We are being asked to review our ways

And find our way back to source, creating lifestyles, relationships, businesses etc that respect our souls and creation in all ways possible.

Start today

By taking a



Take a good look at it ALL

Do you like what you see?

Is it your Truth

Are you just going through the motions of what is being asked of you?

Have you forgotten something?

The Universe is putting all of it’s support in favor of you stepping into your Authenticity as a Seed of the Divine

It is your time to shed off all that is not is not you

And Re create a life true to you and your higher purpose.

At this time of global chaos in which  everything we are used to seems to be shattering

Our Divine selves are being reborn to our purpose

We are to awaken now from all that attempted to silence us.

We awaken now to our Higher Mission as part of the Divine plan.

You may need time to recover from the sense of loss, deception, disillusionment

But hold your head up high

And know

Nothing is ever lost

Just transformed

We are all Eternal

We go through our unique journeys

We learn, we heal

And we evolve

To create together




Than before

You are here at this time

To ReCreate Together

A better world





Your Mission.



Rise with your own Truth

On your journey You will find individuals who will not be willing to hear the truth. As important as they may be and/or that truth is to you, they just may not be ready. They are on their own journey, at their own pace and we all have been given free will.
Although you may be feeling very frustrated as though you are betraying your own integrity, there are situations in which you must let go and let others find their way to their own evolution and light.
It is not your responsibility, they are not your responsibility.
Your responsibility is your own evolution and awareness.
Being aware of other’s unwillingness is part of it.
Know to protect your own energy and well-being by allowing others their own choices and not letting them affect you by moving away as needed, for you to continue to evolve on your own path in your full truth.
Accept that with some people you might not be able to find the closure you would like.
With some you will and with some you wont.
It depends on their willingness to learn and evolve.
Your closure is to be found within yourself, in seeing this, understanding, learning from situations, rising higher and not allowing others affect you.
This is where you find your peace,
This is where you find your growth.
Your journey to truth is to be found within, aided sometimes by interactions with others, triggering your Awakening, regardless of their readiness to grow with you.
They will in their own way and time.