We Are Awakening

DSC_1651rszcrp awakening signed

You may be feeling very emotional
Perhaps at times overwhelmed.
Energies are chaotic at this time
Pushing us out of our comfort zone.
There is also the collective energy that may be impacting you as we all try to navigate best we can into this new reality and try to move forward
Most of all
It is our hearts that are being cracked open at this time
Immense light is being ushered in to uplift us and change our course to the better.
This in itself may cause chaos and confusion as we are being pushed in so many ways to let go of the old.
There is a clinging to what we have grown accustomed to, even if we know we need to evolve.There is also an unconscious sort of ‘grieving process’ linked to letting go of our old world as we know it and this is causing a lot of emotions to surface.
Cherish the presence of your emotions
It is what makes you enriched,deep,compassionate and beautiful.
It is the source from which you shall create more depth,more beauty and more richness for you and for the world.
Take the time to understand and thank your old world and the many lessons these experiences have given you.Everyone in it did the best they could in their understanding in the moment,including you.
There is also a growing understanding and acknowledgement of TRUTH
False truths and hidden agendas can no longer hide and are being exposed for we are being encouraged to return to live more in our TRUTH and our LIGHT.
Listen to your heart and know you are Divinely guided.
At any given moment,if you slow down and create a quiet space,you can receive your guidance and make more sense of whatever may be causing you confusion.
There’s a lot to take in all at once.
Just begin by understanding that your well being is of utmost importance at all times and should be your top priority,especially when you feel overwhelmed or out of balance.
It may feel uncomfortable and put us on edge, but the Universe is making it loud and clear that we can no longer continue in our old ways.
Amidst the fear and confusion, deep down we know we are to grow out of this outworn cocoon and awaken to the beauty of who We Truly Are.
We are actually living in an exciting era in which we get to witness and participate in a Grand Awakening .
Just look around you and see how many people are suddenly changing their way of thought and realizing their true innate power of Creation.
You are also here to lead by example merely by being your True self, shedding away all that attempted to limit you.
Your smile, your joy, your integrity will shine up the whole world.
Pay attention to your own changes, even if they are in the making.Take your time to re asses old thoughts and ways you believed to have represented your truth and allow yourself to shift into those that define who you truly are.Our experience here on earth is a short one, make it count, make it be one you were able to express the fullness of who you are in joy as you inspire others along the way.
Much love

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