Rebuild your trust in the Universe


Energies have been intense
Take advantage of the weekend to rest up
And do something nice for yourself
Be gentle
Bask in gentleness
Soothe your soul and comfort it
You have been through a lot
And yet you have been so diligent
Recently you may have uncovered very deep hidden wounds and that might not have been easy
But going through it you can see how important it is to finally clear, heal and let go of this
Its important for you to understand that despite all youve been through
There is still so much good in the world waiting for you to discover
Please understand that your past deceptions were part of experiences you had to go through for soul growth
These experiences should not be something for you to hang on to and color your whole experience of life with
There is so much more than that
You are so much more
It is imperative for you to do your utmost best to let go of the past and open up to the good that is to come
Rebuild your trust in the universe that has created you and so much beauty in the world
Open your heart to the sun to the beauty
Do what you can to switch things around in your surroundings and habits to allow a whole new perspective on life to take place
Make a point to see the beauty
And you shall see more beauty
Connect to your inner joy in any way you feel like
Find things that make you smile and enjoy your life again
This raises your vibration and invites more joyous situations that align with your vibration to come into your life.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Accept Peace


Slow down
You may have found yourself running around trying to achieve
In an attempt not to deal with some pain
And slow down
You may have made some progress
It is likely you have done yourself some good trying to turn a painful situation into creating more positive in your life
But there is also a need
To allow that which needs to come up.
Not the rehashing of what has occurred
But the deeper meanings
If you allow yourself some quiet time
You allow for processing
You may have been through quite a lot of scenarios by now in your life and you have a lot of life experience to look back to.
You may also begin to connect the dots
Especially if you have been doing your conscious inner work of growth.
We are heading towards a solar eclipse
Energies at the moment together with your increasing dedication and awareness are creating a wider opening of the veil for you to understand events more clearly.
Allow your depths to open up to you
Allow all that is coming up for you
See the connection of events
See all the characters in your life for who they were/are and what they had/have to deal with in themselves.
See all that you had to deal with and what was difficult to release along the way and why.
See what you did learn from all of that and what you are currently learning.
Open up to the bigger picture of it all
Of us all
See how we are all trying to do what we can with where we are in our awareness
See how so many people live to regret their hurtful actions and some only gain clarity after they pass.
Look back at it all
Look at our vulnerability
Of yours, of others
See how some become bullies and then one day life makes them so weak.
No one is immune
These are our monsters
Is it all worth carrying the pain to self destruct the rest of our lives?
Can we finally rise above it all and see we are all part of the process of coming back home to the light
All of creation.
Peace is the place of acceptance
Acceptance of the pain
And the sorrow
Acceptance that there will be misgivings
And there will be grievances and loss
That not everyone will be able to join you on your path and sometimes you may have to walk alone
Perhaps even many times
Your dedication to your truth and to the light
Is the only thing that will shine through and help you see you are on the right path.
Acceptance that there will be those that touch us on our path and insist on staying in the dark a while longer
Acceptance that there will be those that need to find their light in their own way at their own pace
Acceptance that you must do what you need to do to continue to grow, evolve and shine
Acceptance that wherever there is death and destruction there is alway light and life if you open your heart to see
Life is always occurring around you
Look especially to Nature to see
And even those who have hurt you, have taught you a thing or two for the continuation of your journey.
There is beauty in it all
There is sacred soul healing in it all
Even if in tiny fragments
Its all precious
And its all movement towards the light
Accept your beauty and light
Continue to devote yourself to the journey
For in your dedication you inspire others and in your light you shine upon us all.
Thank you
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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This Full Moon’s energy may have you feeling emotional and vulnerable
That is not necessarily a bad thing
Though we are not accustomed to being in this space, we are not just practical productive machines
We are far more than that
Within us is a Depth as Rich as Creation itself
We will do good to be much more in touch with our emotions
And in doing so we will influence others who have blocked their own.
Being in touch with your emotions and your vulnerability reminds you of your Heart and Soul, of your Dreams, of your Feelings, of your Passions…
It connects you to Compassion for yourself and others remembering how Fragile we all are.
It also connects us with ability to see the finer nuances of Beauty in Life that we tend to rush by in our daily lives as we tend to our Responsabilities.
Dont let this energy get you down, use it to your benefit.
Yes ofcourse old issues surface for further review to be able to Heal and Release.
Perhaps even deeper hidden issues which youve pushed further down and thought you were over with,have now suddenly come up for you to finally deal with and release for until now you were not ready.
Do go through this important process and clear yourself more thoroughly to be more receptive for the good to come.
Use this deep emotional state of being to stop and enjoy the finer things, listen to some good music, appreciate Art or better yet, put yourself into some creativity of your own, expressing those emotions into material or into writing.
Tending to plants help us nurture our emotions as plants represent our emotions.
Choose to take moments out of your daily grind to tune in to your inner self, just allow yourself to take a moment for you no matter what is going on, You are well worth it and this shows your appreciation and support for yourself.
Rose quartz, Selenite and Green Calcite are great supportive crystals to soothe and Heal emotions.
Rose, Geranium & Lavender essential oils are great soothers and nurturers
Chamomile or Geranium herbal tea are good too.
Sending you so much Love
Allow yourself to BE ♡
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Choose Right ~




With world events coming up to clear our global belly`s turmoil or our own inner stuff coming up, it is essential to remember the Beauty in our creation, the Beauty that we All carry, the Beauty that is there right besides us in our daily existence.
It is our choice to focus on the beauty , cherish and nourish it.
I know sometimes it can be very difficult, but crucial all the same..especially if you can see how in doing so we take an important part in changing the game for us all.
Every time we focus on the beauty found , we are paying respect to our creation and existence, we are appreciating and immersing ourselves in this Beauty`s  high vibration, carrying us upwards towards creating more beauty in our world for ourselves and for others.Can you see how one moment of appreciation can change the game in a magical way?
Take a deep breath..release all tension stored in your body..
If you can do this in a spot of nature, you can be easily reminded by the beauty of creation all around you..breathing fresh air..sounds of trees..water..birds..tuning into the the rhythm of nature brings us back to how we were all created..the Beauty of our Essence..
If you are in your own sacred space indoors, look around you for souvenirs that you cherish, their beauty and personal significance to you.Have you chosen symbols that have meaning to you to decorate your space? Focus on them and what they are there to remind you of..
Look at other certain objects in your possession..that certain chair..remember the funny moment you got it..fill yourself with appreciation for those little moments in which things just seemed to roll that brought fun and smiles to everyone involved..or that moment where youve had a certain instinct and followed it and things just worked out in a funny miraculous way..or those chance meetings with souls that brought us joy even if it was for a moment..there are oh so many beautiful things that occur on a daily level..sometimes we allow them to flee too quickly and fall underneath the weight of the heavier occurrences..but once again..our choice..what do we choose?What do we choose to focus upon and nourish to be able to stay in an elevated vibration..creating a better life for ourselves and others..Choose Right..choose the Light ❤
Blessings on your journey
Much Love