Anchored in your Soul


You may have been going through a surprising challenge
Whether in regards to an individual or a situation
You are being asked to stay true to the Divine light that you are
Staying true to you in calm and respect to all involved,allows the space for all to fall into balance the way it is divinely intended.
Do not attach to the way things should resolve
Ask for Divine assistance
And allow for Celestial intervention
To sort things out
For the best of all involved.
Take some time out and Find your calm.
Your main lesson
Is to see yourself staying in your Soul
Finding your solace and personal power
This is your victory
This also allows others to do the same
Much love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop



You may be feeling a little fragile at the moment
Thats ok
Weve been going through a major clearing
Leaving us a bit topsy – turvy
We are headed towards the New Moon
Try to rest up a bit and re center
Preparing yourself for the New that is coming
More Clarity will come.
At the moment
Even this fragile state is important
It is important to Honor it
As it also allows you to be more open to emotions and to beauty
Its also important for you to be there for yourself
And supporting
That in itself is Beautiful !
Remember where you come from
And where youre going
Remember your soul
And your connection to the Spirit world
Honor the process of Evolution
You are going through
Feel proud of all the work youve done
Keep heading towards your Dreams
And loving yourself as you progress towards them
You are Amazing
On an Amazing Journey
Honor and Cherish that!

May you Receive the Pure Healing intentions in which this was written for You ♡
Sending Love and Healing Blessings ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Breathe and Release ~


Deep inner emotional wounds arising
If youre experiencing deep pain arising
*Of course if you have any medical issues you should seek medical advice.
Breathe deeply into the pain
Do not panic
Remember there is an important process of transformation happening
Which has deliberately triggered very old hidden pain to surface
For the purpose of healing and clearing
So that you can sail through the New Beautiful beginnings that will soon be presented to you without hindrance.
You are being asked to allow this process
Not to resist
Breathing deeply allows the pain to slowly release itself from you
Think of where you are now
Of what you have established
Your strength
Your determination
Your will power
And your developing connection with the Spirit world which you belong to
You are never deserted
While you release your grip
And breathe deeply
You reconnect
And enable the celestial help to intervene heal and guide you
Especially if you ask them
Be gentle with yourself
You are not alone
You are not going backwards
You are merely releasing that which no longer serves your higher being.
Breathe in Divine light always available to you and let it Transform all darkness into Light ♡
Keep breathing
Keep releasing
Keep the Faith
Hold onto your vision
Keep seeing and nourishing the small glimpses of what you love and what you cant wait to do
You will be there soon
Sending much love and healing blessings ♡

May you receive the pure Healing intentions with which this was written for you ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


20170727_185309 crp final sind

There is this buzz in the air..can you feel it?
We are just before New Beginnings..and yet still within the Energy of the Full moon and Mercury just turned retrogade aha..
Funny moment indeed! But dont let it get to you…Breathe and Allow..
Things may not seem to be going your way …but thats ok
There’s some clumsiness going work..etc may all be going a bit crazy..
Dont let it stress you
See what can wait…or must in some cases..and see what can be done otherwise..
The space is being created to ask you to be rethink..and to turn a bit inwards before some major decisions coming up.
Make sure youre letting go of any self defeating thoughts and all outdated stories and their residues.
Be prepared for the New You to Emerge
And dont let Anything trigger negative thoughts..
Remember..Keeping Positive Welcomes the Positive!
Stay Open and Trust.
Youve come so far
You may feel antsy not seeing any tangible results to your efforts yet, but rest assured nothing has gone unseen by the Universe.
Stay on your path and Have Faith
For Good things ARE on the Way!
Have an Amazing Week ♡
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



Hold onto the Vision


This is an important message for all those who may be feeling extra emotional at this time.
Holiday Season is in the air.. this brings up a lot for many of us.. the weather is getting pretty cold in some places and we are already within the powerful purging Energy of the Full Moon which occurs tommorow.
The Full Moon, as always, gives us that nudge for things to surface for us to Heal and Release and within the Holiday Season it can be extra challenging.
Those of us who are Empaths may be additionally absorbing this Energy from the collective as well.
Please remember to keep your Perspective.. things lately have started to move in a Positive way and this is not the time to lose the Motivation or the Momentum because it’s still here for you. Its always important for us to revisit these emotions to see where we’ve grown and where we wish to grow some more! So allow these feelings to emerge but dont stay there.. be extra kind and gentle with yourself and allow Healing to occur all whilst remembering what’s waiting for you!
Dont forget all your hard work and efforts, they will be taking you Far!
Remember there is so much to be grateful for..remember how far you’ve come and what is yet to come!
Raise your Vibration in any Positive way you can and
Hold onto the Vision ♡

Sending Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop