Kahliya’s ‘Soul inspirations’ message cards


If you have been enjoying Kahliya’s Guidance articles based on Kahliya’s ‘Soul inspirations’ message cards, you can enjoy the set of cards as a source of positive inspiration and upliftment in any time of need.💗🌹🌸
Pull a card for your daily guidance message or choose a card to decorate your space as a positive reminder and affirmation for the day.
These cards are a lovely caring gift, providing soul guidance and positive support for a loved one, Great gift for the holidays🌞
Cards are available in Kahliya’s online shop
Sets of 50 cards and sets of 10 cards.
Messages are Kahliya’s original channelled messages and images are photos I have personally taken in Nature.
Much love 🌸

Kahliya`s New Roll on Oils ~

20170429_123132 fin


Im in love with Kahliya`s New product
‘Celeste’ oil in Roll on form!
Roll on comes in its own little Cotton pouch and you can carry it around wherever you go and use it in any time of need!
100% Natural oil blend with notes of Lavender Bergamot Geranium and more, guaranteed to give you some calm and upliftment, raising your vibration instantly if you are stressed or anxious and helping you to sleep when you are in difficulty.
Instant return to the healing wonders of Nature combined with so much love for your highest good!
This is so precious ♡
Available in Kahliya`s online shop

20170430_165106 fin

How cool is this?
Kahliya’s ‘Rustic’ oil now also in roll on form!
Perfect to take with you on the go..slides into it’s own Cotton pouch ready to use whenever in need ♡
Soothing grounding balancing
An oil blend based in Nourishing Sesame oil with notes of Patchouli and Frankincense brings you back to base when things seems out of control..great for sore muscles after a workout..and an excellent aftershave balm!
Available in shop