Higher values


You may have encountered a challenge recently that has brought up a lot of similar memories and pains.
Understand there is a higher purpose in this as we approach the end of this year you are being encouraged to fully purify yourself from old recurrent issues.An old chapter in your life is about to end.Take a good look at that which has occured and what it really symbolises for you on several different levels.
Interactions that do not honor your values, your worth and your integrity are a part of the past.
They are no longer welcome in a life in which you honor yourself.
Whatever you have needed to learn you have learned and you know now that you no longer invite or engage in anything that is of any lower nature.
A lot may be coming up for you at this time
A lot of dissapointment, pain and old memories.This may have also touched upon your longing for experiences that are deep, honest, sincere and enriching for all involved.
You wish to create on a whole different level and interact with people who feel the same.
You will.
Your like minded soul tribe is coming closer for they need the same.
We are coming closer together to be able to create that new world based on Higher values
Look around
They’ve been at work at it
And you’ve been at work at it
And weve been planting seeds of our hope everywhere
Nothing is lost
On the contrary it has all been germinating all over the place,
Even if we dont see it.
Its time to come together to create more productively
And its about to happen
In the meantime
You are clearing out that which is Not what youre about
Detach, disengage,release.
Do not dance with lower energies, period.
This is somewhat of a test
To see if you are clear
On what are your values
As well as clearing your energy from anything lingering within you that lowers your vibration and feelings of self worth.
Take the time right now to allow healing
Its ok if things slow down a bit
Dont worry about that
This is such an important phase
And you need this to be thoroughly cleared
To be fully prepared for the next important phase in your life.
If things come up, let them show you the link between all that needs to go, and release.
Be thankful for your ability to discern between whats right and wrong
Knowing all the more clearer
What you do wish to invite into your life to create the life you dream of.
Much love
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Full Moon Mission

Ok Guys, were approaching that time of the month again..the full moon on June 20..we still have time..
If we want to shine bright and carry out our true mission..Β guess what were going to do? Clean House! πŸ™‚ And I mean that in more ways than one.. πŸ™‚
First of all , literally, were going to Cleannnn our space..our home..and our space of work.
Cleaning not only cleans dirt and makes things nice..but it also refreshes stuck and old energy, and we dont want anymore of that..we are preparing ourselves for a renewal..and the full moon is a great time for letting go of the old and of that which does not serve our highest good, hence stuck or old energy is a no no if we have great plans for ourselves, and if we cant understand why we still feel stuck.
Ive mentioned in a recent post about decorating our space with objects that uplift and bring memories of beauty..well now is the time to let go of anything in our space that brings us down or that carries painful memories..were not going there πŸ™‚
Also anything that we really dont use and is taking up space creates stagnant energy , clearing all of that makes room for the new.
After cleaning and clearing, a nice smudge with dried sage or any other preferred incense to purify the air more thoroughly from stagnant energy. While we do that, it would be nice to light a candle and say a small prayer or setting of intentions to clear our space and life of the past and our willingness to open to our higher good with the new that comes forth.
Now, if were already up to setting intentions and cleaning ‘house’, lets go further into cleaning our tendency of negative thoughts as we know by now they hinder our progress.
It takes some mental discipline, but setting our intentions and willingness is a good start, making a promise to ourselves to start checking on ourselves every time we find ourselves
wanting to move forward with our life but coming up with all kinds of negative inner chit chat..anything that pushes our progress to the sidelines..we dont want to do that to ourselves anymore..do we? πŸ™‚
Remember also that focused energy can bring manifestation and dispersed energy, a mixed bag of our intention together with fears and doubts, cannot carry out the task ..
This does not disregard the need to honor what comes up for us, especially at this time , or any other, the emotions that come up are to be respected and given space, for us to see , understand and clear the way for new ways and new days πŸ™‚
Ceremonies are a lovely way to set intentions.Creating a scared space with a candle and tuning in to the Divine or our Higher selves and making an agreement to serve the true mission of our souls by letting go of that which does not serve our higher good and inviting all that supports what we wish to create is a beautiful thing to do ❀
Much Love