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This is a Beautiful moment in your own Evolution.
You are coming into your Own.
Pause and Honor this Moment.
Recent events have accentuated even more what you are to release and what to own and pursue.
You now know much better what does not serve you on your Higher path, quickening your acknowledgement and higher response each time something arises.
You may be feeling a bit emotional at this time, but that is because you have been through big challenges and
You are clearing old residue that has been called to surface.
You will still have things to clear as you go along.The Higher you Rise, The Deeper you will Clear, but your road is much clearer now.
You can feel the Real You is up on the Rise attracting all it needs to Manifest Fully.
The work is not done here.
Having reached a new peak you are to up your game.
Devotion and Commitment to your your Higher Path needs to be Stronger now to reach the next level of Manifestation.
Commit to Aligning yourself with your Higher Self in every way.
See in which parts your Dedication is still lacking.
Remember mind body and soul are to be equally nourished for a Performance of Excellence, for you to be fully Aligned in your Existence.
Remember to drink plenty of water to maintain the life flow and eat fresh fruit and veggies full of life force.
Daily quiet time to release lower energies absorbed and to tune into source and its messsages of Guidance to you is crucial to your Development to keep Rising Higher.
Pay close attention to what comes your way and how you respond.
These are exciting times in which you finally get to see how You Create your Life.
Continue to be tuned in, making right choices asking for Higher Guidance.
Fine Tune your Connection with your Higher self and with Spirit.
Stand tall and have Confidence in who you are, pursuing your Dreams knowing they contain a purpose of Higher Service to the whole.
Rise in Pride!
May you Receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


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Many of us cringe just at the sound of the word ‘Discipline’
Perhaps somewhere down the line it was pushed upon us in a way that lacked any life force, any sense of freedom, any creativity.. any love.
So much so that we pushed away from it as far as we possibly can, yearning for the freedom for our unique expression.
What if I were to tell you that what you thought was an enemy was in fact a friend, one you actually need to be able to bring forth and manifest that unique expression of yourself.
Funny how life goes..but sometimes life’s fine tools are misused and misrepresented, so let`s get reaquainted 🙂
As an artist I know all about the need for freedom of expression until I realize there also needs to be some kind of friendly self built structure in order to create something and bring it forth into the world.
Whether you are trying to create your own business, your art, your health , your spirituality, or your life, you need to create some kind of support system that holds you and keeps you going through all the challenges and adventures that daily life brings our way, with the target of building a life you desire.
Energetically you need to form some kind of commitment with your endeavor, without which it has the risk of falling at every challenge.
The great news is that you must remember that you`re the boss, this is not forced upon you by anyone, rather created for your own benefit, and can be modified at any time to meet your own needs, that`s the freedom of creativity and the maintaining of life force and love all along the way.
Create a plan of action that supports all your needs, you are you`re best friend so you know what they are. Start by baby steps, allowing trial and error, breathing , allowing pauses for review and modification and even total breaks in which you let go of any thoughts about your plan, are very healthy for the overall scheme of things, releasing your need for control, allowing for the universe to take its course , while you rest and replenish, enabling you to tune into more guidance for your path.
There is a natural balance for everything just as long as you hold your vision of the essence of what you wish to establish in your life, listen to your own intuition and begin creating that which you wish, within total respect for your unique being.

You Can Do this ! 🙂

Blessings for your Path