Huge Transformation





Many are going through a pivotal moment of transformation right now
You may be feeling low
You are at somewhat of a crossroad
You know who you are
You know you have been hiding until now
You also know that whatever has currently brought you down
Represents a certain energy in your life that you have been carrying around for a long time,a burdensome energy, a limiting energy which corresponds to a limited version of you
Every time you attract to yourself those who fit into this version
You know it well
It feels comfortable in a way
And then it doesnt
Thats when parts of you wake up
And say
Wait a minute
This isnt who I truly Am
Im sufficating here
I cant express my Truth
And then you realise
Once again you are not creating the life you wish for
That is adapted to who you truly are
At this pivotal moment
The universe has pushed you to see
That you are not fully living your truth
Youre feeling down
Because there is a ‘death’ occuring within you
A death of this limited version of yourself
You are being asked to finally let go of
This might entail letting go of certain people or situations that are connected to this version of you, and so the mourning is amplified, but essentially the true mourning
Is the ‘death’ of this old you
You are beginning to see this
You may have begun to see the light of the true you lately
You may have even begun to take steps towards implementing your higher purpose
And now
With this rude awakening
Within this mourning
You feel pulled between the comfort of the old
And the truth of your higher path
That which represents the true you
It may be a difficult phase
Be gentle on yourself
This is a crucial moment in your evolution
It is also natural not to be able to jump through the passage of transformation
Its normal to go through a feeling of loss
And fear and sadness
Letting go of parts of you that do not represent who you truly are but have served you as a hiding place you have grown accustomed to
You know where you need to go
You know you can hide no longer
You know that you are dedicated to the light
And your time has come
Having learned the lessons
To move into your higher path
You know you can no longer play small
And let others limit you as well
It is your time
To own your light
To own your power
To own your glory
You are an essential part of creation
And you are to own your part
And serve creation with your light
Stepping onto your path and leaving the old restrictive reality behind seems exciting and scary at the same time
You know what you have to do
You owe this to yourself and to creation
To Your creation
Take the time needed in gentleness to acknowledge the shift and the mourning of the old, but dont stay there
There is so much more of life waiting for you to give and to receive
Remember that by adhering to your commitment to your higher path the path given to you by the creator, others can only be inspired
Remember too
That all those that do not align with your higher path and values will fade away
And those that do will appear
Step up
Acknowledge your light
And shine through
The universe awaits you
We await you
Your new life awaits you 😊
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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