David Bowie

David Bowie represented for so many of us a liberty which enabled him to express his creative magnificence.
To many of us this was a dream we dreamed for a large part of our lives,working so hard at trying to release the blockages that were holding back our own freedom of expression..of existence.
In his passing what hits hard is the feeling that those dreams are gone with his departure..
But what if I were to tell you theyre not.
He left us with a legacy.
He pierced through and paved the way.
He asks us to continue and Shine our True Brilliance.
He will be watching..cheering..
Shall we Stand up and honor him and ourselves?
No matter what our age or what our situation is, it is Time.We Can do it.We Owe it to our Souls to Shine our Light into the World which Awaits us.
Each and every one of us is a Star with a Truly Unique gift to share with the world. It is our Obligation to free ourselves and express all our whimsical creative ideas ,for in doing so we Free Others.
Do we not wish to Free the World?
Then let us Start Today
To Free Ourselves
And BE ❤
Rest in Peace David Bowie
Thank you for showing us the way..
Much Love,