Beyond your story


There is not a soul on this planet that has not or is not going through some kind of challenge.Not one.
We all have our stories, our set of challenges that we are to face.
The question is, how we deal with them, what we learn from them and how we continue on from them.
Some stay stuck in their energy, failing to see the intention of these challenges, the purpose,the lesson, the opportunity, the gift.
Staying stuck in this energy, unable to move on from there causes a lot of damage to themselves and to others.
You all know the saying hurt people hurt people.
Some may seem to have it harder than others.Perhaps because they are stronger (whether they realise it or not) and will be able to shine their light even brighter throughout, so the lesson for themselves and for others to learn from is so Powerful.
No matter who we are, where we’re at, what we’re given, everything we go through serves as lessons and opportunities to grow and to shine brighter than ever before.
Some have to shine their light through very dark places, but if that’s what they’re given,
then the Divine knows they can and they will for a higher purpose of benefitting us all.
Be proud of every experience you have gone through, for it has shaped you, it has taught you so much.You are richer today in depth, in insight, in compassion, in understanding and in wisdom.No one can take that away from you.It is your diploma of life, well earned, well deserved.
Your resilience, your capacity to shine through everything and anything that has come your way, even if you feel you may have stumbled a few times, has made you into who you are today and has taught you more than a bit about what we are all going through and how we are really all in this together.
The light you have managed to shine through your difficulties is also the light that will save another, for you are showing them the way, sometimes without you even knowing it.Sometimes it is even an adversary or one who has hurt you along the way , that has secretly learned from your unwavering light despite their darkness thrown at you.
You cannot know just how much you affect others on your path.
Be Grateful, Be Graceful, see others with compassion as they struggle on their path, whether they choose the light at that moment or not, whether you need to stay away from their energy and presence or not, send them light and bless them to find their way.
Tend to your energy, your purpose , your lessons to be learned, your light , your evolution.
Focusing on how you can do better, how you can grow so you can be a better person
A healthier person, a more joyful person holding more and more light so you can shine bright for yourself and for others, helping where and how you can
For you are so much more than your story
Your story is a chapter, a stepping stone to move on from and to learn from,
You have so much to experience and to offer the world
Allow yourself to live to your highest potential and use your story as only one part of what has made you as magnificent as you are today.
Much love
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Listen to special vibrational music designed to help you let go :

High Vibration


Lets talk about maintaining high vibration
Youve been through some challenges lately
Perhaps even harsh energy was involved
It is imperative that you clear yourself of all this energy and any residue of the difficult emotions surrounding this as well.
As you continue to heal and move forward
Even if you still deal with processing your emotions which is totally ok
But you need to give yourself the best possible conditions to clear away residue of toxicity and trauma
Keep clearing and keep moving forwards
Keep raising your vibration so as not to get stuck there or be absorbed by negative energies of others or stagnant within your hurt reaction.
Cleaning and clearing your physical space is very important
If you can clean your floors with salt water as well would be great.
Burning some dried sage or pure incense making sure you put the intention out to clear the space of lower vibration and Heal the space from trauma.
You can also smudge yourself.
Make sure you are eating healthy and vital high vibration foods that will include fresh veggies and fruits.
Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and flush the stress and stagnant energy from your body.
Your physical body also stores trauma
So as much as it is important to get extra rest at this time, it is also very important to get your body moving to clear your body of stagnant energy, keeping your flow and raising your vibration.
Anything gentle will do it
It could even just be gentle stretches, yoga, a gentle walk or a bike ride
But do get your body moving
It will also make you feel much better.
If you can go outside get some fresh air some sun and some nature thats a great plus for your overall energy and well being.
Take the time to heal shift your energy and raise your vibration
This will help your efforts of moving forward and you will see better results.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Shining through the darkness


You may be going through a difficult challenge right now..perhaps even a dark night of the soul
A challenge you thought you were healing has reappeared leaving you once again overwhelmed and lost, not knowing what decision to make
Please try to find Calm within
Settle down and Breathe
The difficulty is very understandable
But dont lose hope of yourself and your journey
Dont forget the tools you have learned recently to find your Calm and to find yourself
Do that first
Deep Breathing
Detaching yourself from the situation is Imperative
As you cannot see clearly within it.
Try and do anything pleasing and Healing to distract yourself.
Light a candle
Or meet the Sun
Ask for Assistance from your Guides and Angels
They are always there for you but need your permission to intervene.
Hand over your burden to them.
Wrap it up in a bundle and just hand it over to them.
Ask them to intervene for your Highest Good
And let it go for now
Focus everything you have in you to Heal.
Breathe deeply and exhale letting the issue go for now
Calm your nerves
Heal any aches and pains this may have caused
Tend to your Health and Well Being first and foremost.
Do not let anything or anyone disrupt your Peace and Well Being
Get back into yourself
Pray to the Divine to help with this situation, to help you Heal, to help show you Clarity and to help show you the Light.
If you need to reach out to friends or even to professional help dont hesitate to do so.
Make sure you do everything to take care of You, to Raise your Vibration and to find your own Light
Remember who you Are and the Importance of your Path.
Remember the all the Amazing steps you have been taking as well as your recent Revelations.
What if whatever you are facing right now as difficult as it seems is to take you back into yourself and to your Divine connection?
Think about that
Everything has a Sacred Reason
Find You again within all of this
Find your center, find your light
Breathe fresh air
Tune into Nature
Listen to the Birds
Air your space and smudge to clear negative energies
Find YOU in all this
Find your connection with the Divine
Find quiet and meditate
Feel the Divine giving you a great big hug supporting you at this moment.
Be open to see signs that show you Divine presence and support like the appearance of 1111 or 2222 etc
Stay true to You, To your Soul and to your Divine connection
And your Light will shine through
To Heal you and to Guide you to the next step
The Divine says
You will find Clarity
Just relax and Heal first ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Your Soul Knows

20180613_113240 (1) soul signd.jpg

You may be going through some chaos
You may be feeling confused as to which decisions to take
Deep down within you
Your Soul knows the answers you seek
Your Higher self just knows
We allow ourselves to be so encumbered with a surplus of information and influences that do not belong to us
We absorb from others and get lost in the noise
But at our core we are pure light and wisdom
Allow yourself to rest
To rebalance
To return to self
In any and all ways you know how to
Find some gentle quiet time
In your quiet purity you know all you need to know for the continuation of your journey
Even if you dont see it all clearly at this time
You can feel your way through to the next important steps for your Golden path to unfold
You can also ask assistance from your Guides and Angels
They await your request to assist you
Connect with them
Relieve yourself of the confusion, frustration and distress
Offer this to them to be transmuted and resolved
Tend first and foremost to your own peace of mind and well being
Show your self some love and let that love melt you into a warm calmness leading you back home to yourself where all is as it should be and move from there
Let your Angels envelope you with their love and light aswell and sense yourself shift into the peace of who you truly are
Where your light returns to shine bright and all your dreams just unfold naturally ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Devoted to the path



Any anxiety anger or pain you may be feeling at this time
Offer them to the Divine to be Transmuted.
Settle down inside into your God self
Your Peace Haven that resides within you
Breathe deeply and release.
Release your thoughts on these
And refocus them on the good youre trying to create in your life.
Devote yourself fully to your Health
To your Dreams and Projects.
You have been taking beautiful steps to make them happen
Dont let go now
Dont let any disheartenments
Get the better of you
Maintain your High Vibration
Dont look back
Stop replaying events
Your movement is forward now
You are Precious
Treat yourself as such
Take care of your vehicle
Your Energy
Your Health and Wellbeing
Devote yourself to You and your Soul Purpose
This will be totally gratifying for you.
Your soul is ascending
Leaving behind that which does not serve you
To be able to move into your Divine Purpose
Your Happiness
Your Celebration of You and of Life
Dont let anything or anyone stop you now
Keep putting your best foot forward and everything will fall into place
As you dedicate yourself to your Truth
You will manifest the true life you deserve
You are a Blessing to this Earth
Treat yourself as such
Remember at all times
Who you Are
Remain Positive
And dont give into lower energies
Stay on course
On bettering yourself, your life
And aligning with your Higher Self
You came here to learn, to evolve, to serve others as you serve yourself
Moving more and more into the Light of who you truly Are.
Dont get stuck in the lesson
In what is trying to evacuate from your Energy
Move forwards towards manifesting the Full Glowing Light of your being
Dont settle before you get there
Thank you for being here
Thank you for all the effort you put into this journey
Nothing goes unnoticed
All your efforts help the rest of us rise together with you
Dont stop now
We need you
You need you
Creation needs you
You are an essential part of Creation
And the Universe supports you fulfilling your purpose .
Much love & Healing Blessings
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
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Sometimes life seems to push you to a corner
You may find yourself asking “Why This?…Again..?”
Well there you go
You are where you are again
To meet that certain state of being
That doesnt feel too good
That doesnt feel right
And that is because…
It isnt Right…
It isnt… YOU
Past events and influences
Made you feel this way
And Now youre being brought once again to this place
Do you wish to be here?
Surely Not
You Are in Fact Being ‘Pushed’
But look again
You are Being Pushed
Seemingly over the edge
To spread your wings
And Fly
You are being asked to Own your Power
To Release feelings of Helplessness
And Unworthiness
You DO have Power
Over the Creation of your life
And that Power lies in the Belief
In Who you Are
And in the Faith of your Connection with Spirit.
The Stronger your Belief and Faith, The Stronger the Power you have over your own life.
Stand up
And dust yourself off
Right this minute
Release all lower energies and feelings about your situation
You ARE The Creator of Magic in your Life together with Spirit.
Breathe in that feeling
Raise your Vibration
Remember All your hard work
Keep your Perspective on your Vision
SEE only the Best outcome
As you do so you will be CREATING
It as such and Allowing the Divine to assist you.
Now.. Thats better
Stay on Course
And watch all difficulties dissolve and resolve
May you Receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intentions in which this was written for you
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards available in Kahliya’s online shop