The gift of the passing ~

When a loved one passes

Our hearts crack open

Everything stops

And yet something within us

Opens up

To the greater vastness of it all

Our so meticulously conditioned worlds

Inevitably burst and lose hold

When someone near

In our old world

Leaves it

In this physical dimension

Allowing for deeper understandings

More freedom

More expansion

And more love

Even with that soul

The bond strengthens and deepens

If we allow it to

Once the armors are cast away

And all that is left

Is pure love

Something of this shedding

And gaining new perspective

Affects all they have left behind

And all you look at as a result

All that is left of it all

Is pure love
That is their gift to us
In their passing

May we all be blessed

With cracking open our hearts

Shedding our armors

And knowing

The truth of our creation


My Mom just passed

May she shine bright in the light

Thank you for your prayers

And understanding

I may or may not take a break

Im not sure yet

Blessings to you all


You were created to fly ~

DSC_1292 crp fly sind

I Rise above all challenges
For I was created to fly ~

Caring for my well being becomes an art
An act of beauty
Touching upon this truth, this knowing
I feel the bliss of Creation
This sensation may come and go
But I know where my true home is
Awaiting me with open arms
Whenever I please
To tap into the embrace
With whatever I face
And drink from the Nectar
Of pure Grace
All is not what it seems
Beauty is always ours to behold
When we release the grasp
Of what the blind have sold
We are free
We are to eternally see
The beauty within thee
And scatter pearls of
The gift
For all to uplift
We are here to adhere
And make all clear
There is nothing more to fear
For home is so near

The more you devote yourself
To your connection with your higherself and the Divine
The more you are able to see the beauty of your existence
And pay less attention to any challenges in your way
They lose importance in face of the magnificence you are able to touch upon when you meet Grace
You are reminded each time
Of your true power and freedom
Invest yourself in this bond
In your truth
And you will come to know
That you are unbound
Rise above
And fly
Become who you are meant to be
And make each moment that you breathe
Become the bliss that you deserve.
Much love

Hold much love for yourself

Energies may have you feeling fragile.Please do not be discouraged.Hold lots of Love for yourself and treat yourself with much gentle care.If you need to pause a bit from moving towards your goals don’t worry, everything is in Divine timing and your well being is of utmost importance. ❤️
I hope you receive the light transmission I send you at the end of the video ❤
Let me know if you did and if you would like me to continue to do more of that 🙂
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Much Love

Seeing more clearly


You may be feeling very emotional.
We are still with the energy of the new moon and going through an important energy shift.
Lots of important clearing
It may have been very intense,very deep for you.
You may suddenly feel emotional with or with no reason
Some emotions just feel like surfacing
And are triggered by just about anything that touches you at the moment.
Its ok
If you feel tears , let them flow
Dont feel embarassed
If you feel the need, take some quiet time alone to try and process your feelings
Perhaps you will understand the underlying reason, perhaps not
That too is ok
Density is clearing from your energy field
All that was said and done
That touched you deeply
Is clearing from its debris
It doesnt hold the same importance anymore
Your values are shifting
You are gaining clarity
To what is truly important
To how we all have been struggling
And how much unnecessary suffering we are going through
Not everyone will or can be on the same page as you
We are all at different phases on our path
We also have convened before arriving here to meet in these ways
So that we can remember to stick to what is important and let all else go
When you raise your vibration and perspective,You return to the truth of Creation
All obstacles on our path are merely shadows to the truth
When we adhere to the truth, they dissolve
For Love is who we are
And Light is the Path of our Creation
Whatever attempts to cast shadow on this
To deter us from our path can merely cause delays,for nothing can take us away from who we truly are
There may have been times where we got caught up in these illusions and allowed the expression of our essence and our path to be delayed
But now with the massive clearing at foot aswell as our own learning from all our experiences
We are able to see again more clearly
Into the secrets of creation and how we might of been caught up in so much drama to forget our truth
Our eyes are being opened once again to who we are and our souls are breaking free from so much self sabotage
Nothing is lost
All is to gain
Rejoice in us all being here trying our very best
Do not be hindered anymore by misgivings of yourselves or of others
Live and let live
And above all do not focus on any misgivings of anyone
Focus on your new found truth
For yourself
Focus on your light
Focus on that immense well you have inside you waiting and wishing to burst out in joyous expression and appreciation
Be who you are
Be the Amazing light that you are
For yourself and for others to see
Allow others to go through whatever they need to go through to once again find their own light and the truth of their own creation
Dont spend your time or energy criticizing others or harboring pain done to you
Be not the judge of no one
Be the creator of your own journey and destiny
Fine tune who you are and what you are creating
Find silence and tune into your higher self and the Divine as frequently as you can and especially when in doubt or worry
Have solid faith you are here for a Divine purpose and you are heavenly guided and protected
Open up to this guidance and establish and nourish the sacred bond with the Divine
To maintain your adherence to the light in all that you do
Honor your precious part in Creation
And act accordingly
All those who have errored in their ways towards you will meet you back in the light
We shall all be able to see eventually
Allow the path for all to enfold
Walk proudly on your own
And know you will reap the benefits of your efforts
Spend not a minute more in contemplating that which seems to obstruct your light
For your light
Is eternal and unstoppable
Step up today
And own your own Creation
Rejoice, celebrate and continue to create
Thank you for being here ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Your Light shall Heal Humanity


You may be feeling the intense energy of the full moon lunar eclipse
It is pushing us to clear much of the old that does not serve us and our higher path.
It may feel like we are going backwards after all the hard work weve put in to progress and to rising higher.
The Truth is we are going through what is lingering deep within unconsciously
All the lower vibrational thoughts and emotions mainly about ourselves.
Take a good look at what comes up
But do not lose yourself in the emotions that arise.
Allow the clearing to occur and RELEASE
Release the past and those who have hurt you.Do not delve in this any longer.
This is not who you are.
Keep the vision of all your recent efforts and accomplishments aswell as your goals and dreams.They are not at all lost nor are you.
Do not give into negativity of any kind.
Forgive yourself and others for whatever you have gone through and whatever emotions this has created.
See that this is all to be released for there is no place for this disfunctionality on your path to manifesting more of your higher self .
You are incorporating more light in your life.
You are accepting, embracing, nourishing more of your own light.
Anything that does not Align with you shining your light needs to be released.
Be gentle with yourself at this time
Be kind to yourself
Think kindly of others and whatever hurtful things they may have done
Your path is in the Light
Resource yourself in the light in any way you know to.
Light a candle inviting spirit guidance and assistance.
Ask them to intervene for your highest good
Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords with anyone who does not align with your highest good.
Burn some sage or pure incense to clear your space and your aura of any negative energies.
Listen to high frequency vibrational music to help soothe you and raise your vibration to the light of your being.
Sniff some Lavender essential oil and rest or go out to nature.
Take a walk or do some other mild physical activity.
Resolve to send LIGHT to those who hurt you. This is the best you can do for yourself and for others, Allowing them to find their way to the light as soon as possible,to avoid causing more harm to themselves or others.
Its time to break the cycle of returning harmful energy to harmful energy
Our world is desperate to HEAL
We All wish to return to the Light
And we All will eventually
Yet there are those that get lost along the way.
The best we can wish to Anyone, is to return to the Light.
Let us act today with love towards ourselves and all of humankind, even those who have wronged us.
Let us be an active part of Healing to All.
Let us turn All Darkness into Light.
Harness this intense energy
And choose to direct it within you to bask in your Light and to send Light outwards
Especially to any source of darkness.
This is how we Rise,Transform & Heal.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Accept Peace


Slow down
You may have found yourself running around trying to achieve
In an attempt not to deal with some pain
And slow down
You may have made some progress
It is likely you have done yourself some good trying to turn a painful situation into creating more positive in your life
But there is also a need
To allow that which needs to come up.
Not the rehashing of what has occurred
But the deeper meanings
If you allow yourself some quiet time
You allow for processing
You may have been through quite a lot of scenarios by now in your life and you have a lot of life experience to look back to.
You may also begin to connect the dots
Especially if you have been doing your conscious inner work of growth.
We are heading towards a solar eclipse
Energies at the moment together with your increasing dedication and awareness are creating a wider opening of the veil for you to understand events more clearly.
Allow your depths to open up to you
Allow all that is coming up for you
See the connection of events
See all the characters in your life for who they were/are and what they had/have to deal with in themselves.
See all that you had to deal with and what was difficult to release along the way and why.
See what you did learn from all of that and what you are currently learning.
Open up to the bigger picture of it all
Of us all
See how we are all trying to do what we can with where we are in our awareness
See how so many people live to regret their hurtful actions and some only gain clarity after they pass.
Look back at it all
Look at our vulnerability
Of yours, of others
See how some become bullies and then one day life makes them so weak.
No one is immune
These are our monsters
Is it all worth carrying the pain to self destruct the rest of our lives?
Can we finally rise above it all and see we are all part of the process of coming back home to the light
All of creation.
Peace is the place of acceptance
Acceptance of the pain
And the sorrow
Acceptance that there will be misgivings
And there will be grievances and loss
That not everyone will be able to join you on your path and sometimes you may have to walk alone
Perhaps even many times
Your dedication to your truth and to the light
Is the only thing that will shine through and help you see you are on the right path.
Acceptance that there will be those that touch us on our path and insist on staying in the dark a while longer
Acceptance that there will be those that need to find their light in their own way at their own pace
Acceptance that you must do what you need to do to continue to grow, evolve and shine
Acceptance that wherever there is death and destruction there is alway light and life if you open your heart to see
Life is always occurring around you
Look especially to Nature to see
And even those who have hurt you, have taught you a thing or two for the continuation of your journey.
There is beauty in it all
There is sacred soul healing in it all
Even if in tiny fragments
Its all precious
And its all movement towards the light
Accept your beauty and light
Continue to devote yourself to the journey
For in your dedication you inspire others and in your light you shine upon us all.
Thank you
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Here comes the sun


Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere is here
Energies are sooo potent
If you have been doing your profound inner work to clear out that which does not serve you and heal, you will be feeling this energy.
There is a powerful energy shift supporting your transformation.There are new opportunities opening up for you
As you Align with who you truly are, people and situations are coming in, that mirror your values.
This is so exciting
If you still feel yourself clinging to toxic people,situations, memories or habits, now is the time to totally let it all go.
So much good is in store for you , you do Not want to miss out.
You have been doing so much work and you have been dedicated and resilient, while acting in integrity no matter what was thrown at you.
You have seen it all and every mountain you have climbed, and every additional challenge you went through after you thought you were done, merely showed you how strong you are beyond your belief. All that you have gone through has also brought you full circle back home to self, understanding that all you ever needed is within and finding so much appreciation for who you are.
All that you have encountered that has showed you the flip side of your values, has emphasised even more how much you cherish your truth and your connection to the Divine which has never left your side throughout it all.
Now, more than ever Stand true to you
Nourish your connection with self and with the Divine.
Stay balanced and invest in your well being.
Spend regular alone time to pay attention to intuition and guidance
Stand tall and enjoy your renewed joy you find within yourself.
Enjoy your being, your existence
Try doing new things, talk to new people
Fall in love with life and life will fall in love with you
Let go of your prior deceptions so as not to cloud the sun coming your way.
Dont worry, you have gained so much wisdom, you will know to discern what is good for you and what isnt.
Move forward lightly, gently, joyfully with confidence and love for creation.
All you have gone through was not in vain
Everything has made you into the amazing person that you are becoming
Be proud of all the richness that is you
Be proud of all that was and all that is to come
Open your arms wide open
And embrace the Sun coming your way 🌞
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Claim your Creation

IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

Whatever you have been going through recently,
Know that you are Growing through this.
Whatever disrupted your peace, whatever changes have occured, whatever pain has surfaced
Know that these are Divinely designed shifts that are created to change your life as you know it and release all that is limiting your True self to shine.
Understand you can no longer be complacent.
You have a magnificent Divine spark within you and you have a Divine part to play in Creation.Expressing your full light is what will bring you and others full joy.
Its time to release all that limits this expression.
During these changes, old deep wounds that you have been holding onto, surface and in order to shift into who you truly are, you go through experiencing this pain in order to more fully release it.
Every time you feel youre hitting rock bottom
Every time you face the intensity of your pain head on
You have the incredible opportunity to breakthrough the veil of illusion
Into more light
Peeling back yet another layer of smoke
Hiding the magnitude of Divine presence in your existence.
The more you peel
The more you are present
The more light shines through
The closer you are to the omnipresence shining through you.
Devote yourself to cleaning, clearing, purifying your vessel,your home,your life and your being
From anything that attempts to hide the light
And you will find yourself in God
You will find yourself Aligning with your Higher self
You will find yourself holding your power
Claiming your Creation
And your Sacred Purpose.
What can you do today
To recover your Divine connection
And ignite your spark?
How can you clean your life?
What can you release today that brings in negative energy and clouds your purity and your brightest vision?
How can you start to commit
To your Divine connection
To start unveiling the truth of your existence
And the part you play in Creation?
Its time to stop hiding
Its time to start clearing all the fog
Thats keeping you from your brilliance and from having a more exciting, abundant and meaningful experience of life.
Its time to Claim your Creation
For what it is truly meant to Be.❤
Thank every experience you went through for all has taught you something
All has brought you closer to God.
Much love
Mia 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Self love first

These days we are faced once again with deep inner wounds and feelings of unworthiness
It is imperative we understand that what is needed to transform and create the lives we wish for is to love ourself.In understanding this we honor our creation, we tune into our life force and align with our higher self, shining the light we have unto others as we celebrate ourselves and life ❤
Much Love

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Aligning with your Light *


We are experiencing the intense energy of a New Moon today.
This New Moon announces huge changes in the makings
Before these huge changes are to ‘occur’ in our lives
There is a huge change being asked of us
We are moving through some deep pain triggered by recent events but that originate from long before.
These old wounds we have still been carrying with us despite years of clearing
There’s still something there within
Holding us back from shining our true light.
Whatever we went through recently
Has stepped all over that
And yes
It hurts
As you look deep within and see what this represents
You can see how youve held yourself back
You can see how you still harbor lack of self worth, fears and doubts about your magnificence and your ability to shine in this world.
Whoever or whatever has made you feel lack or unworthy once again has showed you what needs to go.
These illusions of self limitations are to go.
Release the experience that has hurt you
Understand its purpose
Forgive and bless those involved for the continuation of their journey
For they were messengers
And you needed to reach your depths to release this illusion and understand you were CREATED to SHINE
At your Core Being
You are Love
Your first and eternal love is for your own Creation without which you would not be here
The love you have for yourself emanates and vibrates into your existence into all you do and come in contact with
It is in fact the love you have within you to create something of purpose in your existence.
Through this Self Love you Shine
Through this Self Love you connect to your Higher Self and Align with your Creator
Through this Self Love , you can but BE fully tuned into your Life Force
Because the Love of self IS the Love of Your Creation and the Love of Creation itself
And through this Love
You can but SHINE your light ever so brightly
So release all that does not Align
Release all that attempts to dim your shine
Within as without
Devote yourself to the Love of your own Magnificent Creation
And allow that Love to emanate from you
To All of us
This will be your huge change
Your huge transformation
From within
And from this pivotal point of transformation
You will have created changes in your outer world as a direct result.
Your energy will attract that which Aligns with you.
Much love and Many Many Blessings to you ❤
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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