The energy of the new moon is upon us
The energy has become lighter
You may be feeling fatigued
A bit up in the air, fuzzy, dreamy
Thats ok
Allow yourself to be in that state for a bit
There is a softness and openness about it
Anything can happen
Your guards are down, there’s less resistance
Get some extra rest if you can
Let go a little
Allow magic to occur
Allow your soft dreaminess guide you to your dreams
Have you forgotten all about them?
Fantasize a bit
See what comes to surface..without controlling with your mind
This is another layer of yourself trying to express itself..allow it to
Be free..even if for a moment..be light
Do something nice and light
Or spend some quiet time alone in your sacred space or in nature
Allow your world to be re-colored in new colors
Be a child in wonderland
Imagine and dream
Or take a nap
Take note of these dreams
And allow the magic to unfold..
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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You have been going through so much recently
It has been intense
But all of it was held within your energy in one way or another
So now that youve seen all this
You can definitely understand why it needed to go
If you have been doing your work
You have been Clearing, Healing and Building better steps to Sustain Yourself, your Energy and your Connection with the Divine.
Even if not everything is yet clear to you
You are clear on heading for a new page and you do eagerly want more out of your life and out of yourself.
You are beginning to see yourself differently
Stronger, Wiser, Deeper
Than what you have thought
You are Awakening
You can see so much more how you wish to Evolve towards the Light and how you wish no longer to entertain any disturbances.
You are here on a Sacred Mission.
Anything that does not Align is lowering your Energy and holding you back.
By no means do you wish to be held back any longer !
Its time to Anchor yourself, your Energy and your Mission in an unwavering way.
When in doubt or in the presence of any disturbance
STILLNESS while Deep Breathing
Is the absolute most precious tool we have
To reconnect with our Higher Self and our Divine Assistance.
You are Mastering your Existence here on Planet Earth.
You are Mastering your Presence of Light.
This is not to be taken lightly.
By now you have learned how Important and Sacred this is.
There can be no interferences
Continue to learn your tools of Centering, Calming, Grounding and Connecting with the Divine.
If you need to explore and learn some more do so
Do not compare yourself to others
We are all unique individuals on a unique journey.
Sometimes this learning process is a very personal path in which the individual unveils his own inner wisdom and tools on his own.
Make sure to be True to the unique Truth of your Being and how you are to develop yourself.
Some of us have come here to deliver our Unique light which not many around us are capable of understanding, resulting in isolation.
Do not fear your isolation.
You have Gifts to share that you have needed to Protect
The time has come to begin to unveil them
To yourself and to others.
Those who Align and are meant to Co Create with you shall Arrive.
It has not been an easy path but you have been so Brave!
You have not always understood it all, just glimpses, enough to persuade you to keep moving towards the Light.
The knowing Deep inside
That one day you will be able to offer Fruits of your Labor
Has helped you through the weight of the Journey.
You have Arrived.
You still have fine tuning to do
The journey is far from over
But you have shed so much of the falsehood that has attempted to overcome you
And you have won the battle
You can see more clearly what is Not who you are or what you wish for on this Journey.
You can begin to see or sense more clearly
What are the Gifts you wish to offer
Even if this is not yet perfectly clear at this time, you are swimming in the Deep waters of your Soul and you know the importance of continuing to do so
As you Protect your Energy very carefully.
You will soon begin to offer us all Great Pearls only you can Produce.
Thank you for Being Here
Thank you for Persevering
Thank you for Shining your Light
We await your Gifts with open arms as we All need them for the Evolution of our Human Family
Thank you β™‘
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ oracle Cards
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Your Dream


You may be feeling a bit shaky after this Full Moon’s intense clearing energy
You may be asking yourself a lot of questions about your life.
Looking back up to where you are now you may be feeling frustrated you are not where you would like to be..
Youve been through a lot
You may have wished you have done certain things otherwise
But absolutely everything you went through has made you who you are today
Wiser, more humble and therefor kinder and
Definitely richer in experience
There should be no regret nor frustration
You are unique and your experiences are an important part of you..you have learned so much
Regardless of what you think you have or havent ‘achieved’, You have Grown immensely
You stand at a point where you would like to see yourself move closer towards your dreams but you may feel you have lost your confidence
Be easy on yourself
Be proud of who you are and all you went through
You have not lost a thing
You have built blocks upon blocks of richness
Your wisdom today enables you to be a kinder person to yourself and others
Understanding how everyone has gone through a lot as well and is doing the best they can from where they are coming from.
The most important dream to hold onto is the unfoldment of your true self
Discovering more of your soul and manifesting its purpose.
To do that you have been shedding layers and layers of what you have aquired but is not truly you
Now you can begin to see through all this.
You are at an important point
There is need for focus and simplicity
Simplify your path by removing that which no longer serves your higher good
Take a good look at your thought patterns and habits
You are the creator of your life
Make sure all you create and surround yourself with supports the life you wish for.
Stay focused and take small steps towards your goals
You are here to Shine
And in doing so
You will be gifting us All
With your light.
Stand Tall
And be Confident
In who you Truly Areβ™‘
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

A step in the direction of Dreams ~


Today is a Good Day to remember who we are πŸ™‚
The Collective energies lately have enabled a lot of clearing of the old..allowing for old emotional wounds to surface for us to process and heal.. also a lot of feelings of inadequacy as I posted recently.. resulting in a bit of a mishmash of feelings, not knowing if were in or if were out!
A lot of us are dancing back and forth with new ideas, ventures projects and with all this clearing going on , it seems a bit tough to find the courage to get it started πŸ™‚
So be gentle with yourself as you peak out the window of your vulnerability..take it nice and slow..but Do put one step in front of the other and decide to put your full intention into that which is truly you and the path that you wish to create..even if you dont have the full clear picture yet..thats ok..you do know the essence of who you are and what you wish to bring out into the world..thats a real good start!
Hang on to that Essence..focus on the feel of it..Devote a certain amount of time each day to that feeling..nurturing it in a Dreamlike state..perhaps you would like to do that in Nature..or maybe you would like to Create a cozy little sitting area just for you and your Dreamland..just like children do.. a Safe Space for Dreams..and Creativity to occur..your favorite Music..Crayons? Clay? Magazines? Writing? Dancing?
First step in manifesting Dreams is to allow them the space to be Created πŸ™‚
Today decide to honor a small part of each day to that space..and see what happens!
Otherwise, make one small focused step towards your dreams in a practical manner..one tiny step in the direction..no pressure..no major decisions..just one small step and you will be in the game creating a new world for yourself..
Remember..You were Created with a mission..Honor your own Creation..Honor your Mission..by taking one step in the Direction..
Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s “Soul Inspiration” Message cards