Thank you Note ~



An embroidery I made and offered to The Provence Verte -Tourist Bureau saying “Merci” = Thank you for hosting  presentation of Kahliya`s products

Une Broderie que j`ai fait et offert a La Provence Verte- Bureau de Tourisme pour leur remercier d`avoir accueillir la presentation des produits de Kahliya dans leur etablissement  ❤



In our natural state we are all Peace, deep within our pure souls, we are all Peace. It is within dealing with our every day challenges of this physical existence, and in taking on the energies and influences of those who feel lost and disoriented,  who take upon themselves to ‘educate’ us, that we so frequently get absorbed into this ‘Tornado’ which is not ours to embrace, it is not our ‘home’, nor is it our natural state of being.

It is in these moments , upon looking within, taking the time to reconnect with our innerselves, that we once again find our true state of being ~

As we reconnect to this concious state…we then beam this Peace outwards and influence others to do the same..

Let us begin today..and create ripples of PEACE ~





As we


Everyone else



Turn in…

* This is another embroidered message created by myself to fund and promote project AAKHDA. A lovely soul invested affirmation of who we are at all times, there to remind us in times of need.

This message along with others will be once again offered for sale, as soon as I reopen the online shop, hopefully very soon, stay tuned!

Much Love & Peace


I am Love


*Embroidered message by Kahliya soon available at kahliya`s shop



Sometimes life can be very challenging.. shaking us up a bit..leaving us overwhelmed.
As a result we ask ourselves ..why? What is going on..?
It is then, more than ever for us to remember WHO WE ARE..for despite the attitude of others towards us, their expression of their own loss of self..we must ALWAYS remember our True selves..
WE ARE us, is a seed of love that wraps us up in warmth,purity and beauty…a Graceful power that heals both ourselves and our surroundings..if we only ALLOW it..

So, look into your inner seed today, allow it to heal you, comfort and sooth you, allow it to beam to all those around you from within.Cherish and honor yourself today, for YOU ARE LOVE !

* Small reminder that I am still settling in new location and preparing for the relaunch of Kahliya`s activity and reopening of the shop! Can`t wait! Stay tuned! Hope to be back in full creativity soooooooon!

Much Love,