We Are Awakening

DSC_1651rszcrp awakening signed

You may be feeling very emotional
Perhaps at times overwhelmed.
Energies are chaotic at this time
Pushing us out of our comfort zone.
There is also the collective energy that may be impacting you as we all try to navigate best we can into this new reality and try to move forward
Most of all
It is our hearts that are being cracked open at this time
Immense light is being ushered in to uplift us and change our course to the better.
This in itself may cause chaos and confusion as we are being pushed in so many ways to let go of the old.
There is a clinging to what we have grown accustomed to, even if we know we need to evolve.There is also an unconscious sort of ‘grieving process’ linked to letting go of our old world as we know it and this is causing a lot of emotions to surface.
Cherish the presence of your emotions
It is what makes you enriched,deep,compassionate and beautiful.
It is the source from which you shall create more depth,more beauty and more richness for you and for the world.
Take the time to understand and thank your old world and the many lessons these experiences have given you.Everyone in it did the best they could in their understanding in the moment,including you.
There is also a growing understanding and acknowledgement of TRUTH
False truths and hidden agendas can no longer hide and are being exposed for we are being encouraged to return to live more in our TRUTH and our LIGHT.
Listen to your heart and know you are Divinely guided.
At any given moment,if you slow down and create a quiet space,you can receive your guidance and make more sense of whatever may be causing you confusion.
There’s a lot to take in all at once.
Just begin by understanding that your well being is of utmost importance at all times and should be your top priority,especially when you feel overwhelmed or out of balance.
It may feel uncomfortable and put us on edge, but the Universe is making it loud and clear that we can no longer continue in our old ways.
Amidst the fear and confusion, deep down we know we are to grow out of this outworn cocoon and awaken to the beauty of who We Truly Are.
We are actually living in an exciting era in which we get to witness and participate in a Grand Awakening .
Just look around you and see how many people are suddenly changing their way of thought and realizing their true innate power of Creation.
You are also here to lead by example merely by being your True self, shedding away all that attempted to limit you.
Your smile, your joy, your integrity will shine up the whole world.
Pay attention to your own changes, even if they are in the making.Take your time to re asses old thoughts and ways you believed to have represented your truth and allow yourself to shift into those that define who you truly are.Our experience here on earth is a short one, make it count, make it be one you were able to express the fullness of who you are in joy as you inspire others along the way.
Much love

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Give yourself this moment


You may be feeling very emotional
Recent events may have brought up so much
For you
In fact, it is Divine intention for all this to come up for you at this time.
Much light is coming in for us and we are pushed to review our lives carefully
It may seem like a stream of different parts of your life passing through you these days.
You may be trying to ask questions about your life, about certain incidents, people and about yourself, wondering if at times you could have or should have acted or reacted differently.
You may be feeling a bit confused as you swim through all this coming up for you.
You are searching for some sense, some depth, some value.
Pain comes up as well
But you know you dont want to feel the pain in the same way anymore
You know you want so much more out of your life
You dont want to be doing things the same way anymore
You wish to transform your painful experiences into light for yourselves and others
You want to find more meaning in your life and even in your pain
And there is in fact meaning in all that you have lived and all that you are experiencing
Absolutely nothing is in vain, to be shunned or ashamed of.It’s all a part of you and has made you such a beautiful and enriched soul.
Weave your experiences and your emotions into a work of art which is your life.
Stand tall and beam with every fiber of your being, proud of every experience and challenge you have gone through for they have allowed you to be the beautiful compassionate being you are today.
Take some time out for you, take things a bit slow as you allow this important process of reviewing and going through the emotions that come up for you.
Be in your emotions, in your vulnerability
Dont let it bring you to despair but rather to appreciation of yourself, see your own beauty and see how you actually need to see more value in yourself, in what youve been through and have surmounted and in what you are trying to create.
Allow this time to take you deeper into your soul, into your values, your truth and aspirations.
Be gentle with yourself and stay away from any negative energy.
Try to find some quiet alone time to be able to connect with your soul, to allow your emotions some space and perhaps take you to some new truth you may have not payed attention to before.
Honor yourself
You are a Divine Creation
Honor all of you
Honor your efforts
Find value in all of who you are and what you are trying to do.
Take the time to cherish and nurture yourself and whatever comes up for you
Let this state of being lead you to more love and compassion for yourself
This in turn will open your heart to more compassion for the world as well.
We need to fully be there for ourselves first
We need to care, appreciate, love and heal ourselves throughout all stages of our lives to be able to build the solid foundation we wish for ourselves to walk into the world and create something of importance for others as well.
This is one of those moments
Be fully present for yourself
You deserve it
There will be much creation and forward movement this year and you will be thankful for the time you take now for yourself.
Much love

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Your emotions are valid


You may be feeling very tender..emotional
We are headed towards a New moon and in the meantime we are within a whole lot of water energy=emotions
Dont fear your emotions,rather sit with them
They are an important part of your existence.
You may be reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future.
Try to stay in a place of just feeling your emotions and desires,knowing they are valid and important.They are real and they are YOU.They make up who you Are.
Were you forced to hide them or shut them down in the past?
Have you felt there is no place for them to be accepted?
If they arise it means they need to be accepted,first and foremost by you.
You need to recognise and accept them ,give them space and validation.
Accepting oneself fully is the first step towards attracting interactions that mutually accept,respect and nourish each other.
Start today by being very gentle,kind and nurturing to yourself.
Pamper yourself with favorite music,essential oils, comforting food, a good book a favorite hobby and/or Nature.
Be there for yourself.Hear yourself out.
Listen carefully to all your emotions being expressed.Give yourself a warm loving embrace and feel your Angels there with you too.Talk to them and ask for their assistance.They need your request to intervene for your highest good.
Develop a bond with them through writing or talking.Rest on their shoulders knowing your emotional needs will be met.
Understand the past does not define you nor does it imply that there is no validity to your emotional expression just because others have failed to embrace you due to their own emotional blockages.
Flow freely with who you are today
Even if it means to let tears flow, let them flow while dancing and smiling for your emotions are beautiful,caring and loving and your open heart is what the world needs more of today.
Be proud of who you are
Do not hide
Keep your heart open
Love all of you
Nurture your emotions and express the whole truth of who you are without holding back
And allow the universe to reciprocate ❤

Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Heart opening to the New


You may be feeling as if on a roller coaster
One moment you see yourself moving on with a positive attitude and then suddenly youre feeling very vulnerable.
Know that this is a normal part of any process of healing and progress.
Youve been moving forward and then old parts of yourself come up.
Fears and doubts that you are truly able to create the life you so desire.
Old habits that bring you back into lack of confidence.
Feelings of loss as you shed what you have known, to move into a better, truer version of yourself.
Give your emotions space as they are all a part of you.
But remember you have been created
You Are worth your dreams
You have a higher purpose
And you are to value yourself highly
You are a precious sacred part of creation
You were created on purpose with a purpose
Dont let your fears get the best of you
Honor what you have known
Everything has taught you so much
Without which you would not be the person you are today.
Honor old parts of you, old situations and people as part of your path
But you are wiser today
And you cannot look back for too long
Dont be dragged back down and out of manifesting the best version of yourself.
The best is yet to come
And you are here ready to claim who you are.
No one and nothing will pull you out of your destiny now.
You have not gone through all youve gone through for nothing.
There may be some anxiety as you move towards a future unknown.
All you need to do is continue putting your best foot forward and keep connecting with who you really are and expressing that in little ways.
Feeling your emotions is ofcourse one of the ways
Remember that is not a weakness or something to flee from
Your vulnerability is what makes you also compassionate to yourself and others
It also makes you sensitive to beauty.
Embrace all of you as you take small steps towards your horizon.
Be gentle with yourself as you tend to more healing
But keep your golden vision alive
You are here to create something beautiful
Dont forget that
Dont rob yourself from doing just that
Keep your dreams alive
They are on their way to come true 💗
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Beautiful Capacity

1655707_765180180173994_1491136042_o fina sndl

The energies are pretty intense building up to Monday’s very powerful Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.
Take this into consideration as you may be feeling an array of overwhelming emotions coming up once again right as you thought you started to regain a bit of control.
You may also be confused about a situation and a decision to make and this may put you again in some anxiety.
Breathe Deeply
Practice Stillness.
Recenter and reconnect with your Divine guidance.
Find your way out of the overwhelm and back into some calm in any healthy way youve learned recently.
Remember you have been reconnecting with your inner tools.
Dont let these energies get the best of you.
They are here for a reason and you are capable by now to see yourself through them and not lose your way.
You have been building yourself making such important steps for your Growth, do not lose sight of your path.
You may need to take a breather and step out of your mind for a bit. Gain distance from the intense focus on something that may be troubling you.The detachment will allow the space for Healing and eventual Clarity.Trust.
Ask for Divine assistance and hand over your inner debates for your Guides and Angels to help lighten your load.
Ask them simply to intervene for your Highest Good and/or to guide you sending you signs and let go.
There is only one thing you should be focusing on at the moment and that is your Wellbeing and High Vibration.
If sadness comes up allow it to.
Let the tears wash away your sorrows
Let your Soul be cleansed
Remember who you Are and all the efforts you put in to trying to better yourself everyday.
This does not go unnoticed.
Whatever comes up is for more clearing and Healing.You are Strengthening and Growing everyday even if sometimes you dont see it.
Feeling sad and Healing emotions does not mean you are not Strong or not Growing, quite the contrary, it is part of your
Growth while remaining in your Heart.
You grow while you hold space for that which touches you.
That is a beautiful capacity.
It may not be easy so be gentle with yourself
But understand you Can do this.
You Are doing this
Give yourself the space and tenderness to handle it all.
Take good care of yourself and rest if you need to
But do not lose hold of your Vision and Goals and what you have accomplished this far. These are your beautiful stepping stones towards your Blossoming.
Do not worry about decisions you need to take or about actions of others.know that you have recently learned that much more about the Depth of who you Are.You have been Strengthening your connection with the Divine as well.There is no going back on that.
Keep that going and know that as long as you stand in the Truth of who you Are
Whatever cannot Align with you will fade away and hinder you no longer.
Continue to move forward into unveiling more of who you are and whatever Aligns with you will be here to stay.
Be extra gentle with yourself these days as you shed some more old self limitations and fears and see yourself fly on the other side of this eclipse ♡
Much love & Healing Blessings
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These days you may be feeling up and down and all around
Emotions rise out of nowhere
And you cant seem to be able to understand fully or to deal with them.
Allow them through.
Dont fight them.
We are going through massive shifts
So much is changing around us and within us
It can be overwhelming.
We are evolving more rapidly and we dont even know how to deal with that.
The more we grow
The more we need to shed our old wounds and shadows,our old fears
The new you that is becoming does not want to be held back any longer by these old fears and limitations
But to move forward past them
They evidently need to come up to be cleared
Along with whatever caused them in the first place
Be compassionate with yourself
Allow this to resurface
You understand so much better now
See how you had thought all this was protecting you till now
And see how it is now blocking your moving forward
Gently heal these emotions and release all these experiences.
If you are currently dealing with painful situations
Allow yourself to Feel in order to Heal and move on.
We tend to think being vulnerabile is a weakness but being able to move through life while remaining vulnerable is actually an amazing strength not many develop.
Covering up our emotions or blocking them leads to all that is disfunctional in our society today.Being Authentic, Being in our Truth and allowing ourselves to Heal is what allows us to Evolve and be in our Highest vibration of our Existence.
This also delivers a message to others inspiring them to do the same.
Instead of covering up your emotions, sit with them. Allow your inner wounded child who is frightened and perhaps has never been listened to, the space to be heard to be nurtured and healed, so you can continue to grow and evolve becoming more of the Magnificent being that you are!
Much love & Healing Blessings
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Gift of Love


If you have been through heartbreak of any kind at this time
This message is for you
Its not easy to feel heartbroken in the midst of festivities full of joy and love going on all around you
But let us not forget the symbolism of celebrating the birth of Jesus is honoring the Pure love he stands for and that resides in us All regardless of our religion of choice.
Its very important to take crucial down time in order to heal but do not wallow in self pity
For you are a child of God full of love and you have shared of that love
Be so very proud of that
The love you shared is never lost
It helps heal others even if they show no or little appreciation and continues onwards to Heal the world.
If anything, take a good look at what you shared and see that Beauty that resides in you !
How Rich Are you !
You are not in need
Offer it to yourself in order to heal and recover and eventually you will be able to continue to share with others who can appreciate and cocreate
This is definitely a time of Birth – Rebirth of your God self
A time when you acknowledge who you are and how rich and powerful you are full of light and love
Dont deprive of offering this to yourself or of contuining to offer it to others.
Understand you have offered of your gift to another in need on their journey towards the light.
Obviously do not stay around any toxic situation for you honor and love yourself and that is of utmost importance
But as you heal, do not give into resentment
Understand the journey of others
Allow them to continue their path toward the light in their own pace and manner.
Wish them well.
While it is understandable that pain tends to lead to resentment
This is the true point in which full healing and evolution can occur
If you are able to recognise the pain and tend to Heal and Release it
Releasing the other from your anger
enables them to find their way and even more so liberates yourself from the weight and toxic energy of anger further attaching you to the situation
Let it all go
Be free to continue your path
Celebrate who you are
Celebrate the love in you
Appreciate all our attempts here on earth to share love even when things dont work out.
Keep the love vibe alive.
May we All Heal
May we All return to the Love that we are
Much love & Healing Blessings
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This Full Moon’s energy may have you feeling emotional and vulnerable
That is not necessarily a bad thing
Though we are not accustomed to being in this space, we are not just practical productive machines
We are far more than that
Within us is a Depth as Rich as Creation itself
We will do good to be much more in touch with our emotions
And in doing so we will influence others who have blocked their own.
Being in touch with your emotions and your vulnerability reminds you of your Heart and Soul, of your Dreams, of your Feelings, of your Passions…
It connects you to Compassion for yourself and others remembering how Fragile we all are.
It also connects us with ability to see the finer nuances of Beauty in Life that we tend to rush by in our daily lives as we tend to our Responsabilities.
Dont let this energy get you down, use it to your benefit.
Yes ofcourse old issues surface for further review to be able to Heal and Release.
Perhaps even deeper hidden issues which youve pushed further down and thought you were over with,have now suddenly come up for you to finally deal with and release for until now you were not ready.
Do go through this important process and clear yourself more thoroughly to be more receptive for the good to come.
Use this deep emotional state of being to stop and enjoy the finer things, listen to some good music, appreciate Art or better yet, put yourself into some creativity of your own, expressing those emotions into material or into writing.
Tending to plants help us nurture our emotions as plants represent our emotions.
Choose to take moments out of your daily grind to tune in to your inner self, just allow yourself to take a moment for you no matter what is going on, You are well worth it and this shows your appreciation and support for yourself.
Rose quartz, Selenite and Green Calcite are great supportive crystals to soothe and Heal emotions.
Rose, Geranium & Lavender essential oils are great soothers and nurturers
Chamomile or Geranium herbal tea are good too.
Sending you so much Love
Allow yourself to BE ♡
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You are welcome to browse prior posts based on these cards for support and inspiration ♡



I Allow myself to Feel
I Allow myself to Heal
I carry with me the wounds of
my Brothers and Sisters
Who walked before me
And who walk beside me
I offer the pain unto the light
For us All to Be Transformed

You may be feeling Sensitive, Emotional, Vulnerable at this time.
If you are a sensitive being it is not easy to try and adapt to a world who has a tendency to numb its emotions in order to deal with life’s challenges.
Know this
You are not here to adapt
Honor your Emotions and your Ability to Feel them
In doing so you allow yourself full Healing
Not only for yourself
But for others that came before you
And those who walk beside you
You carry the Light for all those who cannot See
If you are Sensitive
Chances are you are also absorbing all the withheld emotions of those around you
Not an easy experience at all
But a very honorable one
Do not be ashamed of your Sensitivity
But Be Proud
Compassion and forgiveness is needed
In understanding and accepting that many around you are not able to process their own emotions, therefor may not understand your needs.
Acknowledging this helps the healing process.
You need to be there for You
Be extra Gentle with yourself
Let go of expectations from others
Focus on your needs
Make a point in Tuning into
Your emotions and your body
Take some much needed quiet time
Rest as much as you need
Soak up some sun and fresh air
Take a walk in nature
Do what you need to return to self
Feeling balanced and empowered again.
Ask for Divine guidance and for assistance in Healing
Do something gentle and pleasant for yourself that helps you return to you.
Please do not shun your Sensitivity
The world needs It
The world needs You
Stand True to Who You Are
Even and especially in your vulnerability
For in having the courage to do so
And in knowing to walk in your vulnerability you will be showing us all so much Beauty and Strength that our Souls crave to see
And perhaps finally
You will have pierced through to the walls of our own souls helping us to break free to see the Light as well
Be proud of who you are
Be proud of your emotions
You are among those who are guiding us Home
Bless you♡
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for You.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



Divine Light is being ushered in
This is pushing our shadows to surface
There is intensity in the air
The meeting point between This Powerful Light
And the Potential of the New
With the shadows reappearing
There may be frustration
As weve already seen a glimpse of how things can be and how we wish them to
But Alas they Will
Because they represent our Pure Truth
We are not being blocked
We are merely being shown What we need to clear from our Energy To be able to Manifest this
Pay careful attention to what comes up
There is a need here to be Patient With yourself and with others
As you sift through this
Some stillness
Even between the current celebrations Is required allowing Healing and Release
We are also headed towards the Full Moon in a week
When we are asked to Focus on letting go Of all that does not Align with our Higher Good
So now is a good time to see what is coming up for you to fully release, Forgiving all involved, so that you can start this New Year accomplishing your New Beginning with renewed Confidence and Vital Energy Celebrating the New You.
May you receive the Pure Healing intentions in which this was written for You ♡
Sending much love and Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in online shop