Radical self acceptance

You may be feeling very agitated and tense.
We are going through a clearing of another deeper level of density.
Agitation within, lack of patience, lack of compassion for oneself first and foremost, as for others, lack of acceptance of self All this is playing out at the moment for you to see what has been lingering within, creating blockages to your blossoming.
If you look carefully into this energy and what it brings up for you, you will be able to see the origins of why you are holding this energy.
You can now also see how harmful it is and how it disturbs your alignment with your higher self and your natural, healthy, harmonious, creative flow.Use this time wisely 
Do a lot of deep breathing 
Anything and everything
That calms you
Soft mild bodywork, stretches, walk 
To release stored tension in the body
Inner connecting
Asking for higher guidance 
And allowing clarity
This too shall pass
But make it worth it
Make it work for you
Delve more into self 
And your makings
Radical acceptance, compassion 
For all that you are
And all your efforts on your path
This kind of total acceptance
That you may have not received 
From anyone else
That you are able to grant 
Yourself today
Will help you achieve the peace
You’re looking for
Losing all the criticism
That was not yours to begin with
You came here pure
With the best intentions 
And that is where
You want to be
Leaving behind
Unnecessary baggage 
Acquired from others
You are returning 
To your purity
And to your truth, Your individuality, 
Your personal unique 
And letting go of this restrictive energy
Will free you
And give you more courage and confidence 
To become who you truly are
And allow others to do the same 

Loss-turning pain into gain

You may be experiencing separations, souls who have crossed over and/or who are about to.
Soul contracts are ending at this time. 
The pain you feel shows the depths of your sensitivity
It is inevitable and important to move through your emotions 
There were shared experiences 
Some of which may even have been bitter but some joyful
Some contracts were full of struggle 
And now you see more of the beauty
That was also present
And tend to hold on
For as difficult as it may have been 
It became your world
The way you knew it
And as much as you wished to break free
And fly higher
You felt bound
These contracts seemed to have designed who you are
But that is exactly the point of their ending 
For this state of who you are
Is not the real you
But a limiting version
And as long as you kept interacting
Within these relationships 
The dynamics have held you down
Unable to accomplish
The higher version of yourself
You are meant to fly so much higher
And expand to your full potential
As you enter a higher dimension
These souls were not meant nor ready
To enter at this time
This is where the contracts end
And new ones will take place for you
To co-create within the heights of your innate capacities.
These limitations in which you were held
Were part of soul lessons 
But you hold within you so much more
Bursting to be activated 
So you can fully express 
Who you truly are
As you stand at the gate
You feel bitter sweet 
You can’t wait to finally fly higher
You’ve been waiting for this moment 
For so long
But at the same time
You can’t help but feel bad 
For those you feel You are leaving behind 
The truth is
They too will be moving onwards
In their own journey
Towards their own enlightenment
And freedom. 
Their pace and journey
Are designed according to their own needs, willingness and capabilities
We all come from the same creation
And we are all headed towards the light 
We are all headed the same way
There is no real loss
We have shared experiences. 
This is the moment
To find and express
Appreciation and gratitude 
For all we’ve shared and learned
The good and the bad
For all of it served us in so many ways
All of it made you Into what you are today
Carrying treasures
You can now offer to others
On the continuation
Of your journey
Cherish it all
This is a moment 
You have waited for
Your life is about to change Upside down
Or rather
Downside up! 
Everything is about to shift
To accommodate and enable
Your full Divine expression. 
Your past
Is a gift
Treat it as such
But free it
So it too
Can shift and expand
Just like you
Dont hold on so tight
To the version of these souls as well
Allow them
To find their way
To grow and become better,
More authentic Versions of themselves. 
Our existence Is fluid, ever changing and evolving. 
Perhaps this chapter seemed long
And seemed to accustom you to stagnancy
But life is about expansion 
And even within this time 
There have been so many
Subtle changes occurring in you
That have enabled in fact
Your growth and readiness 
For this bigger change 
Bless your experiences 
Bless all souls involved
Free them and free yourself
To become who you were meant to be
And blossom 

Use your creative power

The structures which we have known
Which our lives have been built upon
Are now crumbling
This has been a gradual process
One that has brought discomfort 
But that is essential for us to rebuild
On healthier values 
And solid ground 
All that we have known Needs to be questioned 
And re evaluated
Nothing is to remain the same 
We must also question ourselves 
And see
What needs to go
And what needs to be rebuilt anew
These days as we review our past
We have the opportunity to see how certain thoughts and acts have created realities we wish we could erase. 
Look to your thoughts as tools of power 
Check yourself out when you complain criticize, hold resentment or any other negative energy. Is this the energy you wish to nurture and propel forward into your life and into the world? 
Think and act wisely Weigh your every word Your every thought
Your every action and reaction 
For your initial thought
Carries energy You have the power 
To choose and create
The energy You wish to direct
And if negative energy 
Has been directed towards you
Or you may have absorbed it
In any way
You have the power
To stop it right then and there
And transmute it
Into better energy 
For the benefit of all
Stopping it from affecting you
And stopping it from further affecting us all
Through you. 
You have that power 
We all have that power 
And if we have learned 
Anything From all the hurt we all have gone through It should be to
Take serious responsibility
For our energy 
And that starts
With our thoughts. 
You also have the power To choose 
The energies You absorb
By choosing wisely 
To the best of your ability 
The company you keep 
The people you interact and create with
As well as interactions and information 
You absorb through media and social platforms. 
Pay attention to your energy 
Every time you have, 
Even and especially, 
Absorbed negativity
Through other sources. 
Leave nothing to chance. 
Be the powerful creator
You were created to be
Use discernment and healthy boundaries 
To enable you to nurture that which you wish to create For yourself 
And for us all

Cleaning the slate

More visions from the past come up for review.
What could of, would of, should of been. 
A different perspective on certain situations is offered to you. 
Insights on how things occurred How others have acted, how you have acted, how Perhaps they or/and you could have acted better. 
It may cause some discomfort knowing you cannot go back and fix things. 
But there is still great importance to these new revelations in understanding better about others, about yourself, about your past and what you needed to learn, what needed to change, what has already changed, how much you’ve grown from then and what still may need to change.
If we give into the flow, if we are dedicated to the path, we are eternally learning, growing, evolving.
Stopping to review
Seeing things with compassion
For ourselves and others
Expressing regret 
Even if within
Understand that perhaps some people are also expressing regret to you within
Forgiving others
And ourselves 
For with
Sincere Intentions
Our energy brings
Growth to all
Send gratitude and love
To situations 
To be sealed
In healing for all involved
These are important moments For us to be able to Clean the past
Move forward Without any uncomfortable weight
And recreate ourselves and our future Based on all we’ve learned
For the highest benefit of all. 

Your gifts returning to you

We have been shaken
Our worlds turned upside down
All to release that which is false. 
We searched
For answers 
New understandings
New grounding, grip, control 
But Alas 
Even though
We have begun to understand 
A bit about what is going on
We remain very unclear about
What will be
And when.. 
We scurry
For answers 
And more evidence 
Yet Now
We are being asked 
To let go 
Of the frenzy
The panic
The need to know 
And control outcomes. 
We are being asked 
To move within
Into our innate
Sense of peace
And oneness 
With spirit
And our higher selves 
We will have more 
Of our gifts and abilities 
Return to us
As we dedicate
To the path
The more we realize 
The more we release-
The more we acquire
But we need to let go of the yearning
The pulling and pushing
We are to find peace
With what is
Peace within
Connect with the knowing
And the trust
That all is
As it should be
And within this peace
You will begin
To find more understanding 
More becoming
Shift your accustomed Way of searching for answers
And you will begin
To sense more and more
From within your peace. 
Dedicate yourself To this
Bonding within Your higher self
And you will
Find more
Of who you truly are
And what you are here to do. 

Clearing every inch

We are within the energy of the full Moon.
Any unrest you are feeling is guiding you towards unfinished business within you.
More bits and ends, memories, attachments, traumatic experiences, wounds come up to surface and ask for you to see what needs your attention to learn heal and release.
Whatever comes up now means you are ready to better understand and deal with certain aspects you could not have until now.
The time is crucial to look into these things and move them out of your life completely to be able to be fully open to receive the new
Your energy needs to be cleared Every inch of lower vibration needs to be gone
So that you can align with your true self, your original authentic light print and be ready to accommodate the higher levels of light coming our way to walk into your higher path and interact with like minded souls to re create our world. 
Remember that any judgment you hold towards yourself is also a barrier to this important flow
And any judgment you hold towards others is in fact the judgment you hold towards yourself 
Take a good look at any remaining barriers you are holding up blocking you.
The extent in which you love yourself is the extent in which you allow yourself to offer and receive love from others.
It is the extent in which you allow yourself to align with your creation and life force.
Practicing discernment and healthy boundaries is an essential part of self love
All you have gone through has taught you this lesson well
Yet do not stay stiff and rigid to life or to yourself 
Open and soften your heart
Offer yourself much compassion 
For all you had to endure. 
As you
Many of us had to go through heavy battles and challenges
We are all weary and wary
We are here
We are meant to be here
We were meant to go through all this
To reach this point
Releasing the past
And all that Taught us
What love is not
We collect ourselves
We know who we are
And we step forward Towards
 A future
That we shall build together
On true heartfelt values
Helping each other up
To embrace our full light
And Create Beauty That aligns
With our Higher creation

Finding Truth

There have been so many discoveries and deceptions on a global and personal level
At this point you may feel you don’t know who or what to trust, if at all.
That’s understandable
But know that there is nothing that escapes the universe, and as absolutely everything else, this too was specifically designed for you to be pushed to return to self, to rebuild your own intuition, to strengthen your own bond with self and with your Divine guidance.
You will not have to go solo for long , but at this time it’s really important to let go of blindly relying and trusting any ‘acceptable’ social flow and check in with what resonates with your truth and values. You may be shocked to see yet how many more situations and people are not reliable, but don’t be discouraged. This is a time of all truths and ‘non truths’ to be revealed. No stone will go unturned and no falsehood will be kept secret for long.
You are meant to see the whole truth at this time, we all are.
All deceits will be revoked as we are to build a new world based on true honorable values.
Rest assured that as you discontinue to invest your energy in that which is corrupt, you will find a fair and just answer to your needs.
It is important that you make correct choices, the Universe will provide the rest. If you feel this leading to isolation, don’t worry, you will be sent exactly the right people and situations that align with your highest good.
You may need first to work a bit on figuring out, mastering and anchoring your dedication to your truth and the rest will align in your reality.

The building blocks are turning into the Real You

More and more symbols of your old life are fading away
Some of them show up or stay awaiting your release
Pay close attention at this time to what you are not releasing
Reminiscing, nostalgia, regrets, Thoughts of how things could have been if only.. All these are not beneficial to you at this time .
Things happen for a reason
We all play our parts in this game called evolution
No regrets needed
We’re all learning
We’re all evolving
And we were all created in the light,
Returning to the light
And growing towards more light.
Each in his own pace,
On his own path.
There is no real loss.
Those who may have done you wrong
Or you may have struggled to find understanding with,
When they pass over back home to the light
They become your biggest cheerleaders.
Whatever major life lessons you had to go through have been accomplished.
That chapter of your life is done.
You have become so identified with it
That it’s difficult for you to release
But you need to
As this persona you identify with
Is not the real you
It is a mold
You have scrunched yourself into
To adapt to your surroundings with the least confrontation possible so you can live in some kind of ‘peace’.
You have been planted around others that were not a vibratory match to you
So that you can bring your light to situations and through the challenges you can learn more of who you are.
You have learned and grown
You can be extra proud of how you held yourself through it all
But now you need to let it all go
Don’t be distracted by the chaos around you
Your path is unfolding before you
But you can only see and sense it if you remain focused, centered, quiet and in close connection with your spirit guidance.
Focus on the light
Focus on your light
Focus on what you already know lifts you up and puts you back into the light
Release the old image of yourself
The ‘scrunched’ one
The one that adapted
Reconnect with who you truly are
Find your truth
Your lost parts
Get back into your authentic self
Do whatever it takes for you to become the real you
Now is the time to invest, nurture and express that and only that
Stand tall
Walk on the new path of light
Being presented to you
Once you release the rest
And put all your focus on that.
The past will turn into the beautiful building blocks you have created to turn into the beautiful creator that is you.

Deeper knowing

We have just been through the 8.8 portal and are still within it’s energy for another few days.
Many of us may be feeling a bit lost at the moment but this is an essential part of leaving the old behind and making room for the New.
Releasing that which is known to us and has become our comfort, even if it has been uncomfortably comfortable, it was what we knew. Letting go creates a void of unknown territory in order to create anew. This void can have us confused and anxious.
Dont let it get to you. Remember your motives, your vision, your determination for a better way, your drive for a sense of freedom and creation, your light and creativity. Remember who you are,who you you really are. For this is what it’s all about. It’s about losing the grip of all conditionings, programmings, misgivings and wounds. Saving only the lessons and leaving the past behind for it has served its purpose. It is not what defines you, for you are so much more. It was only a passage, a chapter in which you were to experience certain things and master specific skills. No need to linger, no need for any bitterness or resentment, for all have been partners on your journey with whom you’ve had soul contracts.
Let it all go now.
Now is a time of remembering
Of re- aligning,
Of manifesting and attracting your soul tribe, co-creators on this part of your journey, creating together a New world,for yourselves and for us all.
Stay still for a moment
Find the real you
Self care as always is top priority
Hopefully by now you will have learned so much more how to take care of yourself, keep mastering this as it is the most important part of your existence
Honor Yourself
For you are creation
As you honor yourself
You honor your source
And You honor everything and everyone you touch
Take time for inner reflection
As chaos may surround
Take time to hone the skill of detachment
And connection
To your center
To your peace
To source
This is where it all begins
This is where you will find yourself
This is where you shall be reborn
You may find many things, habits, people and situations may no longer interest you
Feel comfortable in letting them go
Trust that which is your true path shall be revealed
Be ok for a moment within the void of the unknown
This will not last for much longer
But your faith and trust are an important part of your rebuilding your power
There is a deeper knowing within you that is your compass
You need to find your way back home
And feel the peace
Nurture all the things that bring you back to your soul
You will be given new opportunities in which you will be able to fulfill your soul’s purpose.
You will be guided and led to the  people and situations that are perfect for the unfolding of your next part of your soul’s journey. You have planned this all before coming here and it will roll out as planned if you allow it to. No need for fear.
Release the past
Self care
Reconnect with self
Have faith and trust
Allow ~

Living in between two realities

The transition into a new reality is not an easy affair.
It takes time and is happening gradually.
The shift towards more light is creating a lot of chaos as the shadow fights to try and not lose control.
This is inevitably creating a lot of fear, panic and conflicts.
Unfortunately there will be those who refuse to see the light and truth and will be able to do so in the continuation of their journey.
In the meantime within this transition we may have to confront, as a meeting of two realities, with very little as common ground, and yet, we still have to interact in our daily lives.
The challenge asks of you much patience, creativity and compassion for yourself and others. In your current uncomfortable situation, you may be once again triggered in order to heal another layer of inner wounds, but you are also being given an opportunity to see yourself overcome self perceived limitations and deal differently in a healthy manner that respects all involved. Make sure you take enough time and attention to take care of yourself within any situation, self care is top priority and will also better support your decisions and dealings.
The tools you acquire at this time will  help you see yourself in a new light, more evolved, manifesting more of your higher capacities and able to deal much better with similar situations on your path and even assist others.
We are all a part of creation and all challenges are designed to fine tune us and help us evolve. Whatever we have mastered will allow us to rise higher towards the light and assist others.