Solstice-Remembering why you are here

Evil is a result of those who have fallen from their own light of Creation and have strayed from the path.

We have come here to do our very best to counteract this and restore light, love & faith as much as we can.

There have been moments on the path that we ourselves may have been influenced and erred losing our way for a minute, but we knew to come back to our true purpose. 

Part of this mission entails enduring dark energies, some of which are even directed at us in an attempt to stop our mission, though absolutely nothing escapes the divine and whatever is enabled is part of the purpose.

Some moments, days, are more difficult than others and when it gets rough, we are to remember who we are and why we are here.

Every minute you endure and transmute low vibrational energy, every minute you hold the light, every time you break old cycles and patterns and create new ones based on higher values of light, you are shifting the energy and creating more light here on earth, even and especially for the very ones that feel to oppose you, your light, their own light =The Light of Creation.

YOU are a part in their salvation, our Salvation.

You can be so very proud of yourself

Bless you and your journey

Thank you


Harness new energies to begin to create your new chapter

Yesterday the 12 April we had a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune and today the 13 of April is the culmination of the 4.4. portal.4.4.2022=5=change
Intense turbulent energies are bringing change and inviting us to harness the energy in a positive way

Anchoring your presence

The energies at the moment are supercharged.

Much light is being ushered in and it may feel destabilizing.

Settle in, ground and Nurture yourself.

As you embody more light, you are opening, your heart is opening and you are being prepared to blossom.

You may feel sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. Stay with this vulnerability, dont rush to close up. It is a result of your heart opening and it is opening you to share more of your depth and create deeper and richer experiences and connections.

You may also encounter distractions

Dont let them deter you from your higher path. 

You have come a long way and gone through a lot to get where you are on your journey and you are being asked to master your lessons as you close a huge chapter of your life.

Trust your intuition above anything else and discern what is not aligned with your higher path and dont hesitate to weed it out. 

There is a very strong energy asking you to anchor your existence, your stand, your decisions and choices

All you have learned until now has helped you reach them

Knowing who you are



To walk your higher path

You have reached a spiritual maturity

A higher consciousness 

You will be moving into a position in which you can aid others through the wisdom you have gained. 

Honor your past for what it has given you

Cherish the gifts you have discovered within you and polished as a result of your experiences 

Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the table

As you move forward co-creating with like minded something better for us all.




We are in the energy of the new moon and have entered the portal 2.2.22 through to 2.22.22
The energies are INTENSE
They are energizing and depleting at the same time. 
An amazing shift is occurring with a surge of lots of light to shake us out of our old conditionings and onto our true higher path of Light.
We have gone through so so much
But we are so privileged to be part of the change for all of humanity. 
It is in our faith, endurance, dedication and determination that we have been a huge part of the shift that is occurring for us now and the amazing changes we will gradually begin to witness during the course of this year.
Our world will no longer be the same, it is in the process of changing for the better and that is a lot because of each and every one of you doing such hard work on yourselves, clearing lower energies, healing old situations, breaking vicious cycles, holding the light no matter what the circumstances and continuously raising your vibration 
So much has been going on beneath the surface that you may or may not be aware of
So Many have contributed to creating this change 
It is important for you to know and be proud of your
crucial contribution as well. 
Keep raising your vibration, keep your thoughts and intentions positive
Remember self care and your well-being top priority at all times
Even in the ‘high’ moments
Cultivate, anchor and strengthen your true core being
And aim to establish a healthy balance at all times, for the benefit of your health, your well-being, your communications/relationships and functioning. 
You may need extra rest at this time because of all you went through plus this huge shifting energy. 
Give yourself that rest 
Eat healthy 
Drink more water
Cultivate your inner peace
Release your past
However you are used/conditioned to perceive yourself 
Kiss away all the booboos
Wish well 
To all those who weren’t able to see your light
And say bye-bye 
Move into your greatness 
Move into the truth of who you are
Celebrate your light
On us All
Thank you for being a part of this change
A personal Thank you
To each and every one of you 
That has joined, followed and supported 
My journey on any of the platforms 
We are all one
And we grow together 
Infinite blessings 
To you all ‚̧ԳŹūüôŹ

Moving to a Higher Dimension

You may be feeling up and down and all around ūüôā
We are transitioning into a higher vibration and that’s understandable.
keep your laser beam focus on your goals and don’t let distractions get the best of you.
All in a balanced manner, of-course Get all the rest you need.


You may be feeling anxious
Waiting for signs, answers, clarity
Things to occur from the outside
But your focus should be inwards
When you quiet down
You know exactly what your next step should be
And that alone should be where your focus should be
You may need some rest, some self care and healing, restoring your energy
From recent emotional upheavals 
After which, or parallel
There are most probably steps you are already aware of that you can do to move yourself in the direction of your dreams.
Whatever your soul yearns for
IS your higher destiny
Move forward with laser beam focus towards that and you will get there.
Disregard all disturbances around you that sway you from that path
Whether they are your own fears and doubts, or thoughts about whatever that pulls down your energy 
Or if it is any other lower vibrations going on around you. 
On bettering yourself, your health, your well-being and your goals
Only when you’re well invested and showing the universe and yourself¬†
That you’re serious¬†
That energy
Will begin to show you signs
And will begin to pull in opportunities 
That match your intentions 


You may be feeling very emotional
Seemingly out of nowhere 
Perhaps you are being called 
To process a recent disappointment in order to find resolution and peace
And this may have triggered other disappointments and left you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.
It’s ok
It’s totally ok to allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise¬†
In fact.. It’s recommended¬†
It’s so important to be totally true
Especially and firstly with yourself 
It’s one thing to work on trying to transmute your pain into positive building blocks to move forward
Which is great and what is required at this time
But it is equally important 
To process your emotions 
And heal them
For you to get a better understanding of yourself
Of your past
And of your journey ahead
Allow yourself to be vulnerable 
Allow yourself to cry
To experience sorrow
And yearning
The sorrow of things that did not work out, 
That did not live up to their expectations 
The yearnings for that which fills your heart with warmth and joy
Yes, you deserve that
We all deserve that
Spend some quality, quiet time alone
Allow that which disappointed you  to surface
What do you see? 
In many cases
Your expectations, your needs were not met and your boundaries were trespassed
In many cases
It’s really no one’s fault¬†
For mostly there were no ill intentions
Just inability to meet you where you are and grow with you
Even in those where there were bad intentions
They did not know better from within their state of consciousness 
The important point now
Is how and why you attracted these situations
Which unhealed parts of yourself needed to be expressed in these situations for you to learn more about them and heal
What did you need to experience and learn about your self worth through these experiences 
All of what you have experienced
Was designed to bring you back to self
To honoring your self, your strength, your truth and your value
The sadness you feel and the yearning in your heart 
Is bringing you back in touch with the truth and depth of your being 
And respecting that
No more settling for less than what you deserve 
If you yearn for connections of depth and integrity, healthy communication and other values that are important to you
Whether it be in emotional, social or work interactions 
Then it is time you honor your soul by accepting nothing less than what it needs to exist and co-create in dignity and joy
So we can all continue to grow towards the light in a healthy manner, beneficial to all. 
There were no missed opportunities 
All has carved you into who you are today
Knowing more fully who you are and what you wish for. 
Release past engagements with your full forgiveness and peace for they have taught you so much about yourself 
Wish them all well on their journey 
Look into your heart stirrings and yearnings that come up at the moment 
Look at what they show you
For they are your key to your future
Take note of what is important to you
And search for that in your future interactions 
By now you know the signs
Take heed
And invest only where you are fully mutually respected and appreciated 
In order to celebrate and grow together