Who are you ?

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We are within the full moon energy
You have been through so much recently
And it just seems to keep going on
You realise by now this is all serving a higher purpose
But you are just looking for some respite and some clarity by now
So much has arised for you lately
Can you see the connection of it all?
You are on a journey of self fulfillment
All that does not align with your highest good and purpose needs to be released.
There have been actors that came into your life to show you where you do not hold yourself in high esteem,
Where you are not standing fully in your light
Where you still hold fears and doubts.
These actors may have hurt you
But they have come to serve you.
Understanding this, understanding their roles, you can forgive their misbehaviors and release them for they have already served their purpose in your awakening.
They too need to continue their journey to find their own light.
This full moon encourages you to let go
Of all that does not serve you anymore.
You have awakened
You know you wish more for yourself in your life than what you have allowed yourself to experience.
Take a moment to fully put your intentions into releasing what is not good for you at this time.
Ask for Divine assistance to cut energetic cords of any attachments you may have to negative associations.
Even your anger maintains an attachment which blocks your flow forward.
Pay attention to your emotions
Give them space, acknowledge them.
Understand that all is occuring for your highest good and that it is essential for you to give into your forward flow towards the light.
You can ask Archangel Michael to cut the energetic cords to anything and anyone that does not align with your highest good.
It is equally important for you to do all you can to release repetitive thoughts linking to past hurts or abusive/negative people who have mistreated you.
You are so much more than all of this
This understanding is where it was designed to bring you to
So make a point in not staying in this energy.
You are the creator of your life
Spend some precious time on your own
To rediscover who you truly are
What do you wish to create in your life?
What to you wish to cultivate?
What do you support in your actions and way of life?
What are your values?
Who are you?
Deep inside
The real you
Not the you that tried to adapt and please others
Do you really know?
Now is a great time to get to know yourself better
Ask yourself all the right questions
See how you may have given into habits that do not serve you or represent the real you.
Now is a great time to look at all that which you have entertained in your life
That actually does not represent who you are.
Do some sacred inner research
Re Align with your True self
Find your Truth, your Beauty
Take better care of yourself
Show yourself some love
Nurture yourself, your needs, your well being
See what it is you wish to create
In your world
Nurture that
Put your all into all that you truly are
Nurture all that is truly you
And watch that grow
As you blossom into the Creation you are truly meant to Be ❤
Much love
*Image taken from.Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inpirations’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.




You may be going through a storm
you may be feeling overwhelmed
with too much coming at you
from different angles
you may feel in the midst of chaos
nothing makes sense
that which you have known
and adhered to for your source of stability and sense of identity
may be shaken to the core
or taken out from underneath your feet
now what, you ask
you may be feeling lost
not knowing where, what or who to trust or turn to
this again has a sacred purpose
to lead you back to yourself
to your center
to your heart
to your soul
to your light
for this is and shall always be your source
of nourishment
of rebalancing
of calm
of resourcefulness
and of wisdom
no matter what is going on
no matter where you are
find yourself a moment
of some private time
release all that is troubling you
all the chaos
and all the confusion
and decision making
let it all go
offer all your troubles to the Divine
and release
focus on your peace
focus on relaxing
focus on your well-being
in this precise moment
make a conscious decision
to show yourself unconditional love
as top priority
whatever has been happening
was soul-ly designed
to bring you
to this-
love yourself
totally firstly and unconditionally.
whoever or whatever
has thrown you off balance
has brought you
the most important lesson
you will ever learn
and that is to love yourself.
Within you, you will find all that you need
you carry within you a spark of the Divine
when you are connected to your soul
you are connected to source
within this connection
all your answers shall be found
within this connection
your peace shall be found
within this connection
your light shall be found
look within
take the time for you
you will find your peace
you will find your answers
you will find your light
light up once again from your source
shine for yourself
shine from within onto us
so that we too
shall find our light
Release and forgive all wrong doing done to you
Allow others to find their way towards the light
Gift yourself with the peace and liberation that comes with total release
whatever quest is left unanswered
just know
that as long as you follow
your own light
you will know where your true path leads you.
Much love

Your own light


We are going through some serious energy shifts
You may be feeling stretched out thin dealing with challenge after challenge
Understand that these shifts are important and are designed to bring us all back to our innate state of love
If it has been difficult
Just see how far out of love we have come.
If you are reading this, chances are you are a lightworker, you may not have realised before.
You are here to help hold the light for humanity and bring back more love.
Your journey is not an easy one,
But your soul has signed up for this, and you are doing crucial sacred work.
It is essential at this time to understand your role in all that goes on.
If you feel your light is not accepted, time and time again,do not despair.
Know that you are planting seeds, and no effort of yours is Ever in vain, even if you do not see the effects clearly at this time.
We are all healing in our own pace and some may take longer than others.
Anchor yourself in the light as you focus on self healing.
Sometimes it is possible that you are also absorbing unprocessed emotions of others
This can also explain the intensity you may be feeling.
Your role is to stand by your truth and shine your light.
Your most important lesson at this time is to fully accept what is and what isnt.
No expectations
No judgement
Accept where others are at at this time
This is where you hold the peace for all involved.
In your acceptance you allow others their own process without unnecessary triggering and conflict.
In your acceptance
You grant yourself the gift of peace
Releasing others to make their own choices and allowing yourself the liberty to stay within your light without anything burdening your flow.
Continue to shine your light
Continue to live your truth
Accept all that is
And continue to flow towards more and more light
Understanding the importance of your role is enriching in itself
Fruit of your dedication and labour of love will be seen as you find the peace and gratitude in who you are and what you are here to serve.This is where your personal journey will come full circle to a place of peace within the light
This is where you will begin to see your own light
Much love

You are ascending The Universe responds


Exciting New beginnings are on the horizon
You may already begin to feel the excitement in the air
You have been doing a lot of purging, a lot of healing and a lot of realisation as to what in your life needed to go and what you needed to do to transform your life into one that is Aligned with who you truly are
You have been tuning in and Aligning with your higher self, ready to dive into your soul purpose.
You have also learned that at the root of your alignement is the appreciation and love you have for yourself
This is the direct link to Aligning with your higher self and inviting into your life all that Aligns with your higher self as well.
You have come through full circle after having to go through interactions and events that have made you understand quite clearly who you are not and what you wish not to have in your life.
You are ascending to a higher level of awareness, love and light.
You are ready to step up.
The universe can feel your readiness
And complies
Continue to show yourself love, make sure your choices come from a place of honoring yourself.
Continuing to act from this foundation creates a vibrant energy to serve the world and attracts the same to you
Continue to nourish that which excites you and you will see fruit for your labour.
Your life is becoming a ball of light in which you are cherishing who you are as life itself.
You are serving and creating from this beautiful space and the world responds in return.
Thank you for Being here
Thank you for all your intention to rise towards the light so we to can rise with you.
Much Love and Light ❤
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Huge Transformation part II – video

You may be feeling low, but this is mostly due to mourning the loss of the old limited version of self you can no longer hold onto.
Gently move through this phase with awareness and compassion and walk towards
your higher path celebrating who you truly are!
Much love

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Gentle ‘tug a war’ but you already know who wins


You may be feeling a bit chaotic, a bit confused, irritable and tired.
Chances are you have either taken a step forward on your journey to manifest your dreams or you have been contemplating and planning to do so.
This energy that had you push forward after dissapointing events is a blessing
But has taken a lot out of you.
Remember you are still healing from recent events and all that it brought out of you.
Despite your great willingness to move forward you may still be harboring old set limitations and the need to push through them is what is fatiguing you.
Just as long as you are aware and pay attention, you are totally capable of navigating through these waters to your benefit.
Balance is needed in integrating your new found self which is unveiling itself to you as you fully release the old limiting self .
Be easy on yourself
Its a bit of a tug a war
But at this point its more of a gentle battle than before
Inwhich you already know who wins 😊
You just have to ease in to this new world you are creating for yourself.
Make sure to get enough rest as all this may be playing on your nerves.
Eat well, drink enough water,rest enough and get some gentle exercise to get rid of excess nerves.
Keep a positive attitude even and especially when the fatigue kicks in and wants to call in the past
Its a no no
Youre not going there anymore
Theres a new brilliant you in the works
And you need all your energy to create your magic
Envision the new you and your new world
Believe it is true because it is
Because it was only in hiding for as long as you let it
And now is when you come out of your hiding
Take it nice and slow
Balancing your nerves, your fear and your excitement
But keep taking it forward
Thats where youre heading
The Sun is already waiting 😉

Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Higher Purpose


If youve been through a bit of a startling upheaval, take a deep Breath.
Take a few deep Breaths.
You may have thought things were finally starting to smooth out, even if you still felt a bit stuck and impatient, but the challenges seemed to have subsided only raise their head again out if nowhere.
But alas, look closely
Can you look at this differently this time?
Perhaps this is just some more spring cleaning just before you start moving straight ahead.
Perhaps you needed to revisit an issue
Even if you dont currently understand why.
If youre feeling confused
And release the thinking mind
Understand that your purpose here in this Existence is much Higher than what may seem troubling at this time.
This is not to say its not important, just that YOU are much more important than your confusion.
Trust that everything will sort out how it should.
Trust and Allow your Angels to give you Clarity.
Ask your Angels and guides to intervene for your Highest Good and let go.
Trust there is a Higher Purpose for Everything
Do not get caught up in the details of the situation
And certainly not in any negative thoughts of any kind.
Relax any stress this may have caused.
Rest and be gentle with yourself
Take good care of your well being first and foremost.
Leave your thoughts and any decisions for later.Restore your balance .
Drink plenty of water, eat heathy and find calm in Nature or in a restorative spot.
As you release, you will receive small gifts of Guidance for your path, perhaps sensations as to how you are guided to feel to reach once again your personal sense of power.
Allow yourself to be guided as you relax.
The pieces of the puzzle will come together.
The only focus you need to have is to raise your vibration and to remember your Higher Purpose, that which you are guided to do here on earth to serve others, and then you will have gained your Higher Perspective.
Breathe in your Source of Creation
You are an essential part of all of Creation
Connect to your Essence
That which connects to All that Is
Thank you for Being here
You are Love
You are Light
And you are a part of the Divine ❤
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
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