Loving yourself turns everything to Gold


These days may have had you feeling very fragile. We are going through energy shifts that are designed to upgrade our light and as a result a lot of lower energy resurfaces.
If you are an empath and/or a lightworker of any kind there is a tendency to constantly be in the way of lower energies endlessly transmuting them to light.
In any case we all always need to make time on a regular basis to clear and take care of our own energy.
In times like these it is even more needed.
Do not feel discouraged and do not allow yourself to fall back.
If you need more rest , if you need to pause or slow down, be easy on yourself.
Do not be upset feeling your plans are set back.Divine timing is at play and your well being is of utmost importance always, especially for anything to work out well.
Your new beginnings for which you have been working hard are definitely on the way.
You just need to be strong and have faith in yourself and in the Divine as well as in your path.
You have a soul purpose and that cannot be taken away from you.
Your resilience and faith are needed.
Remain positive in what you wish to create.
Show yourself much tender loving care
Be gentle with yourself
If you feel the need to sleep more, do so.
Allow yourself some quiet alone time to heal, rest & meditate.
Being in Nature can also help you re-balance your energy.
Do something nice for you.
Hold so much Love in your heart for yourself
This is so important, the most important component of your life for you to create anything that you honor and respect.
The more love you hold for yourself, the more you heal and the more you can turn this or any energy into Gold for you and for others ❤
Sending you much love & light
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Claim your Creation

IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

Whatever you have been going through recently,
Know that you are Growing through this.
Whatever disrupted your peace, whatever changes have occured, whatever pain has surfaced
Know that these are Divinely designed shifts that are created to change your life as you know it and release all that is limiting your True self to shine.
Understand you can no longer be complacent.
You have a magnificent Divine spark within you and you have a Divine part to play in Creation.Expressing your full light is what will bring you and others full joy.
Its time to release all that limits this expression.
During these changes, old deep wounds that you have been holding onto, surface and in order to shift into who you truly are, you go through experiencing this pain in order to more fully release it.
Every time you feel youre hitting rock bottom
Every time you face the intensity of your pain head on
You have the incredible opportunity to breakthrough the veil of illusion
Into more light
Peeling back yet another layer of smoke
Hiding the magnitude of Divine presence in your existence.
The more you peel
The more you are present
The more light shines through
The closer you are to the omnipresence shining through you.
Devote yourself to cleaning, clearing, purifying your vessel,your home,your life and your being
From anything that attempts to hide the light
And you will find yourself in God
You will find yourself Aligning with your Higher self
You will find yourself holding your power
Claiming your Creation
And your Sacred Purpose.
What can you do today
To recover your Divine connection
And ignite your spark?
How can you clean your life?
What can you release today that brings in negative energy and clouds your purity and your brightest vision?
How can you start to commit
To your Divine connection
To start unveiling the truth of your existence
And the part you play in Creation?
Its time to stop hiding
Its time to start clearing all the fog
Thats keeping you from your brilliance and from having a more exciting, abundant and meaningful experience of life.
Its time to Claim your Creation
For what it is truly meant to Be.❤
Thank every experience you went through for all has taught you something
All has brought you closer to God.
Much love
Mia 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Huge Transformation part II – video

You may be feeling low, but this is mostly due to mourning the loss of the old limited version of self you can no longer hold onto.
Gently move through this phase with awareness and compassion and walk towards
your higher path celebrating who you truly are!
Much love

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These days you may be feeling up and down and all around
Emotions rise out of nowhere
And you cant seem to be able to understand fully or to deal with them.
Allow them through.
Dont fight them.
We are going through massive shifts
So much is changing around us and within us
It can be overwhelming.
We are evolving more rapidly and we dont even know how to deal with that.
The more we grow
The more we need to shed our old wounds and shadows,our old fears
The new you that is becoming does not want to be held back any longer by these old fears and limitations
But to move forward past them
They evidently need to come up to be cleared
Along with whatever caused them in the first place
Be compassionate with yourself
Allow this to resurface
You understand so much better now
See how you had thought all this was protecting you till now
And see how it is now blocking your moving forward
Gently heal these emotions and release all these experiences.
If you are currently dealing with painful situations
Allow yourself to Feel in order to Heal and move on.
We tend to think being vulnerabile is a weakness but being able to move through life while remaining vulnerable is actually an amazing strength not many develop.
Covering up our emotions or blocking them leads to all that is disfunctional in our society today.Being Authentic, Being in our Truth and allowing ourselves to Heal is what allows us to Evolve and be in our Highest vibration of our Existence.
This also delivers a message to others inspiring them to do the same.
Instead of covering up your emotions, sit with them. Allow your inner wounded child who is frightened and perhaps has never been listened to, the space to be heard to be nurtured and healed, so you can continue to grow and evolve becoming more of the Magnificent being that you are!
Much love & Healing Blessings
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Maintaining High Performance


Recent challenges may have you feeling exhausted,frustrated and perhaps even anxious
You have been brave and strong
You may be still left hurting and lacking clarity
Its imperative to give yourself some much needed rest
Whether it be a complete physical rest or just slow down and do something relaxing for yourself
You will not reach the clarity you need by being in your head
You need to let go of all your thoughts
Allow the process of it all to come together
There is so much going on, on the surface and behind the scenes.
You, yourself are going through transformation and important shifts and changes
You will not see your world in the same way as before
There is a void that is created between the old and the new as you go through these changes
It may bring up some panic
As you leave behind your comfort zone.
Breathe deeply
And understand that eventhough not all is clear to you, your Higher Self and the Divine realm are pushing you forward to a reality that corresponds to your soul’s yearning
You must allow the process
Fears are understandable
But you dont really want to get into your own way
Allow healing to occur after recent events and shifts
You have in you all the tools to handle and take good care of yourself
You know the things that bring you to calm
Allow stillness for more clarity to come about
Take good care of your bodily needs to ensure your health,well being and open flow of your energy centers
Drink water, eat healthy, do some gentle stretches or excercise.
If you feel the need for professional help
Do not hesitate.
Otherwise just make sure you are taking very good care of your Being emotionally, spiritually and physically, no matter what is going on around you.
This is crucial to know and maintain Self Care
This gives you the strength and power to Heal,to procceed and create your best life
At best performance
No matter what is thrown at you
You matter
You hold within a seed of the Divine
You are precious
And your worth does not depend on another
You must see yourself as precious to yourself first and always before engaging with others.
Taking care of your Divine vessel ensures you are manifesting your Higher self in best form of productivity, you are able to carry through your soul mission and only at your best can you serve others as well.
Make your well being and self worth your top priority!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Rise Higher

20180427_103252 sind

This is a message for all those going through break ups at this time
Mainly of romantic nature but can apply to any relationship.
Its not easy to go through this at a time of festivities, holidays and upcoming celebrations of a New Year.
Actually its never easy at all, of course.
You invest your Heart , you put in so much Hope and you open your Vulnerability.
For many this will not be the first time these were crashed.
In fact some may have stayed away from relationships for a while as they invested all they had in them to Heal from prior ones,
Amazed they finally did open up again to find once again things didnt work out.
You may be feeling overwhelmed
But here’s the deal
Even though you may be wrapped in pain at the moment
You are totally capable of understanding this
We are All here to Evolve towards the LIGHT
Towards the Truth of Our Being, of our Creation.
Each and every one of us.
No one is essentially bad.
Some of us are lost in this challenging process and take much more time than others.
We go through energy shifts created for us to boost us to Grow to our next level of Awareness
Those of us who are very much dedicated to this path accept upon each shift to continue to Grow despite the difficulties.
Some have a very hard time accepting and cling very strongly to their old selves.
When you join together with others who are not as dedicated as you are to the path,
A strong disharmony may occur.
Those who cannot devote themselves as the other, are afraid of the path and of their partner who stands firmly by a Truth they cannot devote to at this time.
They Will in their own time come to understand and evolve.
But this is at their own free will.
Their time may not be your time.
Sometimes they may wake up to be able to join you and sometimes you just have to let go.
You cannot fall back, you must be fully dedicated to your LIGHT, to your Growth.
Its taken a lot of work and time yourself.
You are ready to Evolve further, to Expand into your Magnificent self.
You cannot hold back your Truth
You are here on a Soul Purpose for yourself and the for the service of others.
You cannot halt your process
You will not be serving, not yourself nor the other who cannot see at the moment.
They need to reach their own timing,their own awareness
Let them go through whatever they need to go through.
If you can truly truly see this
You will have achieved Peace.
Honor Yourself and your Path
Honor your Creation and Creator
by Adhering to your Commitment to the LIGHT
Honor the other
By allowing them their journey
Honor what you did share
For you have learned much more about yourself with them
And Bless them on the continuation of their journey.
When you are able to reach this,
You will have stepped into your own next step of Evolution,
Understanding the wrong doings to you of all others that came before them,
Releasing them all to their own path of Evolution.
See their actions as representative of their fears and chaos within themselves and their inability to cope with what is needed from them.
Forgive them.
Release them from your expectations.
Free them
And Free yourself
To becoming more Aligned with your Higher self and attract to you that which Aligns with you and with your dedication to Growth.
If you can see all this
Not only will you be able to find more Peace
You will be a Crucial part in Creating more Peace in the world♡
So much Love to you
And Sincere Blessings of Healing ♡

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