How do we turn hate into LOVE ?

Dont be fooled

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We are dealing with dense energies at the moment
This is coming up from within us on a personal and a collective level.
Dont be disheartened and dont let this veil of smoke illusion you
For beyond it lays your truth,your freedom and your LIGHT
This veil is created by our wounds,our self doubts and our fears
If we breathe through them
We shall remember what is true
And what is false
Dont be discouraged
Rather see it for what it is
It comes to show you what you are carrying inside that is holding you back
We are headed towards a full moon lunar eclipse this week
There are elements of your past resurfacing
To be healed
You may have vivid dreams of past issues you have thought to have forgotten but play an important role in your emotions and your energy flow
Fragments of the past come up in ways that give you more clarity and bring missing pieces of the puzzle to your awareness
So you can apprehend why you may be stuck and how you need to look at all this with a new understanding to break free .
Spirit guidance is very much available for you at this time
It is up to you to open yourself up to see hear and sense the messages that come through in so many different forms sometimes very subtle.
People from your past may also show up for you at this time
Hidden Truths revealed,perhaps apologies,
All for the purpose of healing.
Pay close attention and use discernment as to who you you let back into your life beyond the act of forgiving which will be very beneficial for your healing and evolution process.
Forgive and release these energies for they will help you flow forward with your life into more of your light.
We are stronger and wiser
Dont let the current dense energies fool you
You have come a long way
You are evolving
And becoming
Keep True to self
Keep clearing
Keep Rising
You are Beautiful
You got this
Much love
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